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  1. happy birthday!

  2. bod699

    Aegis Reclaimer

    These 2 on the right just as you exit the cockpit area and along with the other 3 you are referring to in the crew area upstairs makes a total of 5. have seen a few folks wander right past these in walkthroughs without paying much attention to them, I didnt watch noobifiers walkthrough maybe he did the same.
  3. it was a 11minute gamescom interview from Pc Games.. I downloaded this before they made it private.. Its mainly a background interview, there really wasnt anything he hadnt mentioned before other than the schedule / version numbering changing slightly. yes its an image.. dont click it.. just showing what it was lol.
  4. bod699

    2.0.0 Star Citizen Alpha Patch Notes

    Sadly 2.0.0i is still crashing anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.. I agree with you Morgenroete, for stability G was the best. nearly all my sessions were over an over but the performance really dropped. Performance is a little better now but the crashing.. Every new fix they add has the possibility of creating more crashs, they are aware of that and thats exactly what has happened. Maybe it will be stable by 2.0.0 l (ive)
  5. bod699

    2.0.0 Star Citizen Alpha Patch Notes

    There are none server side events that cause FPS drops for all clients, from what Sean Tracy and Zyloh said this should hopefully be alleviated in patch 2.0.0H which hopefully will be the last PTU patch. I cant wait for this to be stable and open for all so that small group events can be performed. Dont get me wrong the large world is amazing, but its hard to do stuff in a group until its fully open. I have had some really interesting meetups at the Security Station
  6. bod699

    2.0.0 Star Citizen Alpha Patch Notes

    Patch 2.0.0g is in QA testing and should be out today, they hope that will fix the login issues. I had good luck with F last night, patched while streaming and was in over 2 hours before I manually quit when I ended the stream, once you actually get to crusader it seems a lot more stable. Release feels like its getting close..
  7. The game looks neat, I backed it in at one of the lower tiers. My concern with games like this that are due to release in 2017, by then Star Citizen will be out or deep into Beta so would I have spare time for another space game
  8. bod699

    PTU 1.3 Going up!

    I wonder what else they patched in that isnt in those notes. No weapon tweaks in the hotfix as yet, although thats fine by me. I am enjoying Missile Commander v4
  9. bod699

    PTU 1.3 Going up!

    The building Trophias was referring to if its any easier is Dumpers Depot, the new are is just to the right of it. I did a quick video of the PTU this morning and in a 15 minute in ArcCorp I saw at least 10 crashed/burning Greycats. The place is starting to look a lot more realistic. As for the balancing, they said long ago real balancing wont happen before beta and what they do before then is going to more general tweaking to make quality of life better. Five minutes on the RSI forums is enough to see a lot of hate towards this patch, some people really take such things a tad to seriously. This is an alpha build of a game where we all agreed to a TOS which does advise that the Alpha phase will include bugs and broken mechanics. Its the same with all games when they run through an alpha process, Star Citizen is just a more public one. People that dont like this should not be playing the game at this point.
  10. And I thought the Connie exploding at Gamescom was frickin cool.. Those effects are just amazeballs..
  11. bod699

    Citizen Con 2015 event schedule

    I'll be thinking of you guys, as long as I havent been drinking to much in Manchester that weekend
  12. bod699

    Genesis Starliner

    I dont need one but I kinda want one. Here's waiting to see more information on friday.
  13. bod699

    ....How about that FPS module...

    I am in total agreement with you Boildown. FPS is a brand new mechanic and one of the last "core" mechanics they are implementing into the game. It is going to bring a whole new group of players into the Alpha who have avoided the game up until now. They also have an amazingly high amount of eyes on them whether it being Backers or Press that they dont want to let down. The game is in early Alpha state and bugs are expected however CIG can not afford to release the FPS with any *Major* bugs, they will get ripped apart. Partly by the press but mostly by the community and backers. Any of you that check out the RSI forum on semi regular basis will know how much crap is thrown at CIG over every little bug that is found. I expect the next patch to be with us on PTU during July and from what they have said its going to be a big one. Not only does the next patch give us the FPS module but also the flyable Scythe, a FULL rebalance on every weapon / piece of equipment, fully rewritten network code / lobby system, updated damage states across the other ships etc. Its a very long list..