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  1. Happy birthday bro!

  2. Looked through them and yours is my favorite anyway, voted! Looks close
  3. Ohh sweet, I like it! Almost has a 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' feeling about it
  4. Just saw this and sounds fun but might not have time to work on one myself- sounds like they'll be needing it pretty swiftly if it's airing in 2 weeks...
  5. Could be something to do with the volume of chat during the Friday night show? 3 hours of constant chat messages would count for something
  6. #32440, pretty happy considering some of the other numbers ive seen!
  7. I'm so glad we got the mystery object vote through finally, it sounds like an awesome way to expand on the Universe lore and I like how the Hadesian Artefact is quite literally a mystery object. Well played CIG.
  8. Nice interview, seems like a great guy! Really looking forward to hearing his music in-game. Also nice background music choices
  9. Lozenger

    DotA 2

    Forgot to mention, i'm going to the International! Managed to get tickets in the brief half-hour before they sold out, so i'm heading to the US in July!!
  10. Ahaha, towel damage states. Love it.
  11. I thought we just hit 42, not 43
  12. I liked the first time the helmet was put on, Chris flew out of the hangar and instantly crashed into an asteroid loved the detail in the environment, game mode reveals, pretty much everything about it! Not bothered about the bugginess as it was kind of to be expected, i'm glad we got to see what we saw.
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