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  1. Death Stranding

    Oh yea, no game launch in 2017. IF IT IS in 2018, it'll be late Q4.
  2. Alita battle angel

    But are you unhappy it exists is the real question...
  3. Alita battle angel

    I am looking forward to the movie. I was a huge fan of the manga way back when and I don't even think I finished it so I will go back and read it again. Personally, if I see exactly what I see in the manga, on the big screen it isn't the same for me. Nor will it make me happier. Exact remakes without twists and without new inspiration are boring to me. Cause I will constantly feel like I have seen it before, and constantly know exactly what will happen next. I know this is a super unpopular decision.. so I will start with saying, I loved Knighs of the old republic. Probably a hell of alot more than I even liked the original trilogy. I like expanded universe(now fanfiction) more than I like the original trilogy. I do like the prequel trilogy less but am I upset any of it exists? Hell no. It is more Star Wars and in the same regard: This is more BA: Alita. I watched all the original Gits, and when I watched the live action movie, I didn't feel like I was watching GITS like I was used to it, but, I am ok with that. Whenever I watch an anime of a manga I have already read, the anime is too slow for me cause I know what's going to happen next, and apart from some really cool scenes that just don't work that well in manga as they do on anime, I just don't get the same level of satisfaction from seeing the anime after reading the manga. In the end I don't judge a GITS live action movie on it's ability to get the story or setting perfect. I judge it as entertainment for the media for which it is intended and it landed squarely in pretty average territory. I don't judge most things based on the "mediums" they originated from. A book, a manga/comic, anime and movies are entirely different mediums. Books have the immersion part down the most, then manga. Anime allow a huge story to be told through the ages, whereas a movie needs a self-contained story. If they make movie length anime episodes with self contained stories but also an overarching story which also makes you read book chapters every 10 mins whilst watching still frame segmented images at the same time.... then what the fuck are we doing? Also I am tired.
  4. Death Stranding

    You played MGS right? Hideo Kojima and fucking weird go hand in hand.
  5. Death Stranding

    I love this game already. Norman reedus, Guillermo del toro, hideo kojima, mikkel madsen? weird ass future punk alternate reality magic nonsense? Fuckin hell yes. Also, the music choices were near perfect for those 2 vids. I have these on my saved youtube playlists from like a year ago.
  6. State of Fleet/Resources I have with SCB Future Dec 2017

    No bengal for me to land? I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!
  7. It’s SNOWING in SCB

    Basically he's saying: We've been looking for the past 45 mins for one that's got snow buildup. Find one for us!
  8. It’s SNOWING in SCB

    Haha some people notice everything!
  9. Happy Hour - Drake Vulture, Drake Corsair, Drake Kraken

    They'll make all 3. It's just a matter of which one first. It's because CIG intends to make all of them. But the illusion of choice creates audience participation. "I was involved in this process"
  10. 8700K & 8600K reviews leaked

  11. Really? OP cared about loss of location? Cause the way I read it. OP was turned off by Chronicles of Elyria which featured aging and death. So I believe OP was asking more about character permeance and less about loss of location. I could be wrong here. But hey, you be the judge.
  12. Like I said before. I understand what you're saying but there is only one definition of permadeath, any other death is just not permadeath. Permadeath is defined as: The permanent death of a defeated character, after which the player of the game cannot continue with the same character. From a tactical and strategic point of view I get you, but I don't think they were OP's concerns.
  13. I think you are mixing up 2 things here. Permadeath as described by death of a spaceman is the loss of a virtual avatar which will be instantly replaced by a new virtual avatar. That is the yes part in your reponse but the no part in your response has nothing to do with permadeath. Death in this game regardless of loss of avatar will "remove you from the location" unless there is a "hospital spawnship nearby". Nothing "perma" about it. Just death. I get what you are saying and your point is valid, just not in regards to permadeath. The reason why I say this is because, if I take what you said at face value, then the perma aspect to you is the removal from that location, whereas if there was no permadeath, you wouldn't be removed from the location? You would stay there? Respawn there? Be unable to die there? No in this case that you're describing, both death and permadeath lead to removal from location. Just to clarify, in EVE if you died, you would respawn in a clone center you had designated but your avatar would never die.(you might lose implants and experience but hey, different story) You would still be "removed from the location". This counts as death, but not "permadeath". Permadeath in games like DayZ just mean respawn naked and try again(Althought experience and knowledge were the real resource in that game) and in SC you will never lose all your gear. You may lose what you had on you just like in DayZ but your hangar is in tact and your bank accounts are still filled. That's less DayZ and more "Escape from tarkov"
  14. Personally I feel we won't be affected by it so much. But I understand your feelings on the matter. I just... wouldn't worry about it too much
  15. As far as I understand it. As long as you don't get your brain splattered you can keep respawning and you may have scars and mechanical augmentations that replace bodyparts and the like. But if your brain does go splat, you "die". Either you get a relative or a clone to replace your char and your "legacy" continues. This "successor" will BE you with all the same assets, just maybe a different look(unless its a clone). Legacy wise they will be different but from a gameplay perspective... they are the same. The only people who will really care about this are roleplayers AFAIK I feel like the REP loss will be minor. And the fee you pay for the loss of a character is the same as if you RESPAWNED at a med center with your current one and perhaps... if they are smart they will give you the option to "customize" the funeral arrangements... if you pay alot for a huge funeral.. you don't incur a REP loss. if you pay none and bury him in an unmarked grave, you might incur more rep loss.. but we don't know about this shit yet