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  1. Good luck out there man! I hope you find what you are looking for because we all deserve a life of happiness free from the things that make that difficult. See you out there
  2. Happy Holidays @Imperium Member We’re returning from our hiatus with a brief announcement for this months Game Day, which will be held this next Saturday, December 15th! With the recent explosion of content in the form of patch 3.3, and even more patches in the near future providing exponentially more places and events to explore, we wanted to provide some assistance to those that were looking to enjoy the new additions to the game, but wished to do so with some friends and org-mates. Joining Game Day In pursuit of that goal, as mentioned above, this next Saturday will be the next Game Day, held from 1600 UTC to 0400 UTC. If you are interested in playing Star Citizen with other members of the community, join us on TeamSpeak in the Game Day channel section! If you’re looking to do something specific, such as explore the PU, shoot one another in Battle Royale, or get some flight hours in Arena Commander, follow these steps: Create a sub-channel in the relevant parent channel of the Game Day section of TS Include LFM, or LFG in the title of your sub-channel In the channels description provide an idea of what you’re looking to do Alternatively, you’re welcome to hang out and chat in the Landing Channel should you desire a break from the game! Some minor changes from the format of our last Game Days will be effective for this month. We’re going to omit having hosts present for each hour of the event, opting instead for staff to enjoy the game alongside all of you. We’re looking forward exploring the new content with everyone! With that, we hope to see some of you next weekend, and we wish all of you safe travels and happy holidays! We’ll be back next year with more events in store, so we hope to see you then! Read this post for information on the game and our Game Days:
  3. For those who voted for R6:Siege, I will running a few games.
  4. Oh yea, no game launch in 2017. IF IT IS in 2018, it'll be late Q4.
  5. But are you unhappy it exists is the real question...
  6. I am looking forward to the movie. I was a huge fan of the manga way back when and I don't even think I finished it so I will go back and read it again. Personally, if I see exactly what I see in the manga, on the big screen it isn't the same for me. Nor will it make me happier. Exact remakes without twists and without new inspiration are boring to me. Cause I will constantly feel like I have seen it before, and constantly know exactly what will happen next. I know this is a super unpopular decision.. so I will start with saying, I loved Knighs of the old republic. Probably a hell of alot more than I even liked the original trilogy. I like expanded universe(now fanfiction) more than I like the original trilogy. I do like the prequel trilogy less but am I upset any of it exists? Hell no. It is more Star Wars and in the same regard: This is more BA: Alita. I watched all the original Gits, and when I watched the live action movie, I didn't feel like I was watching GITS like I was used to it, but, I am ok with that. Whenever I watch an anime of a manga I have already read, the anime is too slow for me cause I know what's going to happen next, and apart from some really cool scenes that just don't work that well in manga as they do on anime, I just don't get the same level of satisfaction from seeing the anime after reading the manga. In the end I don't judge a GITS live action movie on it's ability to get the story or setting perfect. I judge it as entertainment for the media for which it is intended and it landed squarely in pretty average territory. I don't judge most things based on the "mediums" they originated from. A book, a manga/comic, anime and movies are entirely different mediums. Books have the immersion part down the most, then manga. Anime allow a huge story to be told through the ages, whereas a movie needs a self-contained story. If they make movie length anime episodes with self contained stories but also an overarching story which also makes you read book chapters every 10 mins whilst watching still frame segmented images at the same time.... then what the fuck are we doing? Also I am tired.
  7. You played MGS right? Hideo Kojima and fucking weird go hand in hand.
  8. I love this game already. Norman reedus, Guillermo del toro, hideo kojima, mikkel madsen? weird ass future punk alternate reality magic nonsense? Fuckin hell yes. Also, the music choices were near perfect for those 2 vids. I have these on my saved youtube playlists from like a year ago.
  9. Basically he's saying: We've been looking for the past 45 mins for one that's got snow buildup. Find one for us!
  10. Haha some people notice everything!
  11. They'll make all 3. It's just a matter of which one first. It's because CIG intends to make all of them. But the illusion of choice creates audience participation. "I was involved in this process"
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