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    Alberta Canada
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    Gaming, Basketball, Driving
  1. Venku Skirata

    What do you wanna do in SC?!

    I would like to at least at first be a bounty hunter and then maybe move to either exploration or trading
  2. Venku Skirata

    Ontario, Canada.

    Greetings from rural east central Alberta
  3. Venku Skirata

    Avenger - New WIP Pics

    Definitely looks better! When I first say it I didn't really like it but now as I get to more about and see the changes I am really starting to like it and consider getting it over an 300 series
  4. Venku Skirata

    Making money

    High risk high reward
  5. Venku Skirata

    Reporting for duty

    Welcome, ner burc'ya
  6. Venku Skirata

    Custom Paint Pilot Helmet

    You should replace the visor with the Oculus Rift
  7. Venku Skirata

    Luetin's Star Citizen Compendium

    Good job man
  8. Venku Skirata

    I need some help with some pictures

    Both versions look great!
  9. Venku Skirata

    Hello Base

    Thanks everyone!
  10. Venku Skirata

    I need some help with some pictures

    Hi, Luetin love your youtube channel!!!
  11. Venku Skirata

    Pray for Ukraine

    Yeah it is, I was just telling the correct facts
  12. Venku Skirata

    Pray for Ukraine

    Did you know that 1932-33 was not during WW2 meaning that Ukraine was not actually under Nazi control during the period of the starvation of Ukrainians by the Russians but actually Russia's. And also did you know that many Ukrainians openly welcomed the German military as liberators from the Russians although they soon realized their mistake and started fighting the Germans.
  13. Venku Skirata

    Hello Base

    I'm fairly new here, I have made a few posts before but thought now is the time to introduce myself. I am in the Pheonix Corporation and found this website as another very good one with many dicussions about Star Citizen
  14. Venku Skirata

    Pray for Ukraine

    Totally will man we don't want another world war, right Russia?
  15. Venku Skirata

    Your Roleplaying Name?

    Su'cuy! Te Kaminii gihaal oya'karir ru ner aliit's kry'yc aka. Ni am jii borarir bat jurir te Mando'ad norac bah bic's maan kote. Meg be gar, ner burc'ya? (The Kaminoan fish meal hunt was my family's last mission. I am now working on bringing the Mandalorian race back to it's original glory. What of you, my friend?)