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  1. Sackenhaus

    Game Day, January 27th

    I should be there, barring any major mishaps
  2. Sackenhaus

    My new Star Citizen gaming PC is here!

    Sharp looking rig Quicksilver! When deciding to build it, what were your concerns or cost points in choosing the components?
  3. You know the old saying when, " So there I was....." - Well, after becoming a member and jumping around TS to introduce myself to peeps, I came across REIGN-11-87 and FastAttack. What can I say.... we formed a group and I was quickly talked into seeing what it is like to take my RSI Ursa Rover and drop ship it on Port O's landing pad.. Mayhem (and a lot of fun) ensued. Had a great time and they both really got me up to speed on tips and tricks in the Verse. Thank you to both of them and had a great night. One word of advise to add - When entering an atmosphere, umm pull back on the throttle maybe just a wee tad bit, LOL
  4. Sackenhaus

    UEC cap?

    When I first read about how this was enacted, ( http://www.pcgamer.com/murder-incorporated-ten-months-of-deception-for-one-kill-in-eve-online/) I was very surprised. I didn't know much about how the Eve Online dynamic worked. In SC, I think that this would be great. Corporate Espionage to take down a rival. If you did not have billions (exaggeration, but still) I cannot see someone putting in close to a year of time and such a tangled web of lies.
  5. Sackenhaus

    Hi from TX

    Hey Folks, New to the Base but ive been a backer since 2014. Picked up the Arbiter pack and only have a couple of ships - of course the Cutlas Black (although I see it has changed completely since I purchased it. Just got back into the SC and picked up a Tumbril tank. Since backing I have mostly been playing Shroud of the Avatar (that I backed at the same time as SC). Its a cool game but I just grew out of it. Looking forward to learning from you all as from my quick forays into the Verse - there is a sharp learning curve. Cheers Sack