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Found 15 results

  1. time to slow build the UEC -since 20 per day only
  2. Gustav.Henrik

    Want to Buy WTB Store Credits

    Hello! I am taking any interesting offers into consideration. Im looking for 250USD in store credit. Please state your offer with PP fees included. I'm looking to pay somewhere between 70-80% so 200$ is my max. Thanks in advance. :)
  3. I was looking through my hanger. I have been given some weapons through the, um, years. I just noticed an exchange button on them. Apparently, I can exchange them for UEC. Should I keep them or exchange them for UEC, so I can get a jump on some shipping income? 4 Klaus & Werner Mass Drivers - Sledge II Mass Driver Cannons 8,000 each (32,000 UEC) 2 Omnisky Series Laser Cannons Omnisky VI (size 2) 16,000 each (32,000 UEC) I currently have 12,000 UEC in my account. What would you do?
  4. In response to (imo pointless drama about) the removal of the UEC cap, Chris Roberts has chimed in on the matter UEC Recently a few people have voiced their concerns about the removal of the player UEC wallet cap that came with the release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.2. This was done to help smooth over the transition to an in-game economy and to give people that had purchased game items through the now-defunct Voyager Direct web store the ability to ‘melt’ them back for UEC, so they can repurchase new items in-game. As we are going to be rebalancing the pricing and economy as we expand the game, and as we currently reset everyone’s accounts when we release a new patch, we felt it would be unfair to force people to keep items they may have bought at a radically different price. This would have happened if we’d kept the overall hard cap on UEC as many players had amassed a lot more than 150,000 UEC worth of items. We still limit the maximum purchasing to 25,000 UEC a day, but we felt that removing the cap was the right call, especially as with every persistent database reset we need to refund players the UEC they have purchased with money and used to buy in-game items. It’s one thing to lose an item due to gameplay, but it’s a complete other thing to have your game account forcibly reset with each new patch, losing all the items you paid actual money for. Putting aside the puzzle of why some people don’t have a problem with stockpiling ships or items but a player having more than 150,000 UEC is game breaking, I think it may be useful to revisit Star Citizen’s economic model. Developing and operating a game of Star Citizen’s ambition is expensive. From day one of the campaign we’ve been quite clear on the economic model for Star Citizen, which is to not require a subscription like many MMOs, but instead rely on sales of initial game packages and in-game money to fund development and online running costs. To ensure money isn’t a deciding factor in progression, the core principle that the game follows is that everything you can obtain with real money, outside of your initial game package, can also be earned in game via normal and fun gameplay. There will also be plenty of things that can only be earned by playing. There are two types of resource players have that they can contribute to Star Citizen to make it better: time and money. A player that has lots of time but only backed for the basic game helps out by playing the game, giving feedback, and assisting new players. On the flip side, if a player has a family and a demanding job and only has four hours to game a week but wants to spend some money to shortcut the time investment they would need to purchase a new ship, what’s wrong with that? They are helping fund the ongoing development and running costs of the game, which benefits everyone. The exact same ship can be earned through pure gameplay without having to spend any money and the backer that has plenty of time is likely to be better at dogfighting and FPS gameplay after playing more hours to earn the ship. I don’t want to penalize either type of backer; I want them both to have fun. People should not feel disadvantaged because they don’t have time, nor should they feel disadvantaged if they don’t have money. I want our tent to be large and encompass all types of players with varied skill sets, time, and money. This was the economic approach I proposed out when I first pitched Star Citizen because it is the model as a player I prefer. I don’t like to have to pay a subscription just to play and I hate when things are deliberately locked behind a paywall, but as someone that doesn’t have twenty hours a week to dedicate to building up my character or possessions, I appreciate the option to get a head start if I’m willing to pay a little extra. Some people are worried that they will be disadvantaged when the game starts for ‘real’ compared to players that have stockpiled ships or UEC. This has been a debate on the forums since the project started, but this is not a concern for me as I know what the game will be and I know how we’re designing it. There will always be some players that have more than others, regardless of whether they’ve spent more or played more, because people start at different times and play at different paces. This is the nature of persistent MMOs. Star Citizen isn’t some race to the top; it’s not like Highlander where “There can only be one!” It is an open-ended Persistent Universe Sandbox that doesn’t have an end game or a specific win-state. We are building it to cater to players of all skill levels, that prefer PvE or PvP, that like to play solo or in a group or a large organization, that want to pursue various professions, some peaceful and some combat orientated. This is the core philosophy of Star Citizen; there isn’t one path, nor is there one way to have fun. This may be a foreign concept to gamers as the majority of games are about winning and losing, but Star Citizen isn’t a normal game. It’s a First Person Universe that allows you to live a virtual life in a compelling futuristic setting. You win by having fun, and fun is different things to different people. See you in the ‘Verse! Chris Roberts
  5. Quick question everyone. Does anyone know if SC will have a cap on how much money you can have? I only ask because I was just playing Star Trek Online and was trying to make some transactions. I was quickly reminded that I no player can hold more than 1 Billion Credits in their account. So this got me wondering about SC. Has CIG said anything about placing a UEC cap when the game goes live or will we be able to make as much money as want?
  6. Up front, I'm not going to pretend to be certain about any facts I present, any references or claims are only what I have heard from another person, and if my memory serves correct, so please revise anything incorrect. I heard, and I think many (especially early) backers will agree that Star Citizen was promised to be entirely independent of your real wallet, that the money you make outside of the game is entirely inconsequential to your gameplay and progression in the universe. A lot of people complained and are complaining that being able to buy ships for real money is pay-to-win, but I think it's necessary to fund the game, and is altogether not a huge factor. I mean, you can really fly one ship at a time, so having them is hardly something that would affect you, and most backers would only have a few at most at release. Then I saw this: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/extras?product_id=41 In case the link doesn't work, or whatever may happen, essentially one can purchase UEC with real money, and even if the page is taken down, it has been said that it is planned for this to be a part of future income. I have seen a few youtube channels (BoredGamer, among them) saying this. In a lot of cases, the argument is that you can only buy a limited amount of UEC in a given length of time, and that this was 'for the people that don't have the time to grind in game'... Well, for the first point, the simple fact that you can purchase in-game currency (and therefore progression) sort of destroys the allure and pride of owning UEC. For the second point, everyone knows that's just an excuse to sell it, but taking it as a legitimate argument, I'll say that if you're short on time, buying progression in a game so that you can play it a little when you can is not fun at all, and it ruins the game for everyone else at the same time. You can't buy another queen in a chess match because you didn't have the time to think through a move and expect people to take the game seriously. Basically, we need to fix this problem early, before it becomes anything. The backers who backed the game in hopes of a true universe, where players make their own stories, actions have consequences, and hard work is rewarded, and any money you own in this universe doesn't carry over to the next-those backers I expect will be and are disappointed in this turn and will respond and ensure their investment is still in what they thought it was. Edit: I used p2w out of a lack of a better word.. I suppose in this case, its more pay-for-an-advantage, even though it's small, it still means they are letting a person's wallet affect in-game. For me, I think it's really less of a worry about some players having that advantage, and more that you can't look at someone without wondering if they got stuff spawned in for them.
  7. Hi there. I'm interested in buying RSI store credits preferably a 100 UEC chit or 100-120 worth of credits in ships in any form. Willing to pay 80-90% with PP fees included. Only buying from a reputable seller or else I'm just going to Kane_reddit but thought I'd start here at the base first Thanks in advance.
  8. The trend set from the latest CIG concept sales have been increased prices. We have had the Dragonfly for 35$ which is actually 10$ more than a capable Aurora MR. Then we had the Prospector for 140$ followed by Terrapin for 195$ (which I hope was priced low since I want it to be overpowered and have the longest range of all ships in the game) though it was still pricey for a 19,5m long ship intended for a solo pilot. After that we got the big hugely anticipated Polaris for 750 (not counting the 625$ pre-sale discount). The terrapin, prospector and dragonfly indicate that the smaller ships might be getting a price increase in coming sales for example the Cutlass might increase to 125$ after its rework and the 300i series might increase 25$ above their base-prices after the 300-series rework. We have already seen the m50 and 350r increase 20 and 25$ respectively from 80 and 100 original price so this is nothing new. Also the 750 Polaris brakes the trend of the next tier of capital ship being 200% the price of the tier below it that the Idris and Javelin has as a price relation. This might mean Idris is now intended to be 1500$ and Javelin intended to be 3000$, would make sense. So what do you think? Will we see an across the board price increase where Idris will be 1500$ at the next sale (probably in a big value-pack but valued at 1500$)?
  10. Found this thread at the RSI forums: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/308025/ship-cost-in-game-are-you-ready/p1 I did some quick calculations how long it takes to get a ship in the final game. What are your opinions on that ? Are my estimates correct ? Too high / low ? If they keep the ship prices like in the REC design doc it should not be too difficult to determine how long it takes to get a ship in the PU. (Yes i know: content is subject to change as a result of testing.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/14502-Rental-Equipment-Credits If it takes 7.7hr to rent a F7C for one week (at 10% UEC value) it should obviously take about 70-80hr to buy the "real" shipF7C is 110 US $110$ / 70hr = 1,57 $/hr1-2$ per hour sounds reasonable. Updated this post based on feedback in this thread How long would it take to buy a ship at that rate:Aurora 16 hours (i guess you will get one for free with every game package)Avenger 40 hours (nice combat ship that can take a little cargo after playing 4 hours a day for 10 days)Freelancer 70 hours (competent trader/explorer after 1-2 weeks of playing)F7C 70 hours (competent dogfighter after 1-2 weeks of playing)Constellation Taurus 100 hours (possible in 2 weeks if you have no life)Retaliator Bomber 180 hours ( should be possible in 1-2 months)890 Jump 400 hours (High-end luxury ship after half year of playing 2 hours a day)Idris Corvette 800 hoursJavelin Destroyer 1600 hoursI dont expect to get a DESTROYER for anything less than 1-2 years of playing the game. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: Had to define average time played: I got very nice input, for some people the numbers i came up with seem to be reasonable. I dont want to exclude other opinions, we are having a very nice and civilized discussion here, so here they are: Other opinions are, my numbers are too high: Progression at the beginning will be a lot faster, somewhere in the range of 1/10 of my numbers Time to get the Constellation Taurus will be closer to 40 hours Progression at the end will be a lot faster, 300 hours to get a Idris Some people say, my numbers are too low. Especially for the high end ships. Some say the Javelin will be (almost) impossible to obtain for a single player The time for the Idris is too low Prices for ships will be 3x as high as of now (in UEC) I adjusted my numbers based on the feedback here: How long would it take to buy a ship at that rate, including some equipment ? The hours i took are just the time dedicated to get that ship. You cant earn a spaceship by sitting around in the G-Loc Bar in ArcCorp. Aurora (starter ship, comes with the game) 0 - hours Aurora LN/Mustang 10 hours (casual can do it in a bit more than one week, also possible to sell the starter ship to get this a lot quicker) Avenger, Reliant 20 hours (Average player gets it after one week, selling the starter reduces time to get this significantly) Freelancer 50 hours (Go space truckin after 2-3 weeks on average) F7C 50 hours (Hunt the bad guys in a real combat ship) Constellation Taurus 60 hours (2 weeks for hardcore, 3 weeks for average, 1-2 month for casual) >>> After the first few weeks i think progress will be slower, the Constellation wants some upgrades, needs 1 or 2 (NPC) crew that want get paid, this could take some of your profits. Biger stuff takes a lot more money to operate. There are lots of ship variants to bridge that gap, like the Freelancer and Hornet variants. Constellation Andromeda 150 hours (more weapons, better equipment, more crew needed) Retaliator Bomber 200 hours (who wants an empty ship, needs modules, torpedos could be very expensive) Banu Merchantman 200 hours (Maybe have to become a friend of the Banu to buy one, can take 8 crew that want to get payed, needs a lot more money to fill it with cargo) >>>After the mid-tier ships it will slow down even more, the bigger the ship gets the more money you need to keep it flying. Endeavor variant 400 hours (very nice long term goal for casual player, possible in one year) 890 Jump 500 hours (5-6 months for average player) >>>Capitals: I dont think that too many players should even consider to get one of these solo, should be a group poject or just for the top 1% of players, some casual solo player (7hr/wk) will never be able to get one. Idris Corvette 1600 hours (Mr. Hardcore could do it in one year, 30hr/wk, You must have enough UEC to afford the upkeep. This will be very expensive: Fuel, Weapons, Ammo, CREW ) Javelin Destroyer - hours, only the top 1% of players could be able to get one (+you have to sacrifice a goat at full moon to the space gods or whatever the mission to get one will be) Other sources: Disclaimer: I made this because i want to know how the ingame economy could work, spaceships and their value is in my opinion very important. Earning items in game vs buying now: I am buying some toys for my spare time, its not about winning or getting ahead of someone else. Its about making the most out of MY time. If i get different ships now i can do whatever i want when i want. The ships are toys, nothing more nothing less. Some say we are not buying spaceships, we are just funding development of the game. This might sound very selfish but im honest: I gave the first 250$ to CIG (for the Rear Admiral pack) to help funding game development (they had 16m $ then). But EVERYTHING i put in after that was because i wanted to fly that ships, nothing else, if there where no new ships after the first 250$ i would not have spent any more money.
  11. So any idea how much UEC is worth? Taking a look inside the voyager districts pricing you can some results. Aurora ES costs 25 $ and it comes with hangar and insurance, for sake of clarity and I'll count them off as "preorder bonuses". For 25 $ you get two weapons, shields, power plant, main engine, thrusters, mini Stor-All and hull. weapons costs 4,000 UEC a pop so that's 8,000 UEC size 1 shields are 6,000 UEC that sums up 14,000 UEC for weapons and shields only. We have no idea about what power plant, engines etc will cost, but we can see that 20,000 UEC credits costs 25$ same as the aurora ES. If we think that they would be roughly equal in pricing, that would leave us only 6,000 UEC for the main engine, thrusters and power plant,and the mini Stor-All. Using a scientific Stetson-Harrison method we would think that power plant eats majority as it feeds rest of the systems it would eat up around 3,000 UEC size 3 main engine: I'd say around 2,000 UEC, that would leave meager 1000 UEC for the thrusters and mini Stor-All and the hull it self would be free, but that seems bit absurd. So the ships must cost more, maybe 25,000 UEC that would give the hull price of 4,000 - 5000 UEC (or about 6$). If this is correct it would be profitable to buy Aurora ES standalone ships and sell them when the game starts than direct credits in UEC credit chips. There are possible benefits here UEC credit maximum is capped to 170,000 UEC where as there is no limits how many Aurora ES you can own and then simply sell when the game starts. There is risk as well: as the game will have a dynamic market, selling gazillion Auroras and their peripherals would certainly drop their price. From this we can count up that ships will start from 20,000-30,000 UEC. That would make weapons and missiles seem expensive, Omnisky VI Laser is 18,000 UEC for just one or 10,000 UEC for the cheapest 10 missiles (how many do you shoot in a single arena commander or 20 minutes in MPU?) Handheld weaponry seems crazy expensive tho there is only one but that has Whitley's guide rating zero implying its not the most efficient weapon and it costs 10,000 UEC! Would you rather have Aurora ES with guns or two (low-end) pistols. All in all this is all guess work and arbitrary for the actual worth depends on how much you can earn. (arena commander and REC could give us hints for that but that's an other story) Any ideas comments on this subject?
  12. So I got into a bit of theorycrafting on the subject of being a Star Citizen merchant and subsequently chosing a fitting vessel for the job. The main thing to figure out I think is how much UEC each SCU will run to be able to figure out how much cargospace you really need on your ship or i.e how much cargospace you will really want to use before your cargo is worth multiples of the ship your running it in and thus being worth much more than what is sensible to risk losing. Starting from an Aurora which is a 30 $ or 30 000 UEC Ship it has a cargo capacity of 13SCU it sounds reasonable to expect that 1 SCU of for example weapon crates or ammunition or missiles or ore would run somewhere around 1000 UEC to make a cargo run in a fully loaded Aurora equal a run of 13 000 UEC with maybe a profit margin of 10% for a profit of 1300 UEC for an avarage cargo run. This seems inline with what missions on the TDD screen pays on the concept art provided in the Mining careers article by CIG where a tier 1 missions pays 4500 UEC. So assuming regular cargo is valued at around 1000 UEC per SCU one can extrapolate on this and start looking at more ships and their cargo capacity. For example the Constellation taurus is a 150 000 UEC ship and has a cargo capacity of 236 or 236 000 UEC of standard cargo which would make for a profit of 23600 UEC per full cargorun with a profitmargin of 10% risking almost 3/2 of the ships value for a payout of 17% or so of the ships value. So you would have to wager you are killed in less than every 10th trip to be able to make a profit in the long run if running uninsurable cargo with a fairly reasonable profit margin of 10%, and if you are truly unlucky and get killed before you have completed at least 10 runs you will have to have a pool of money bigger than a full load of cargo to not have to downgrade to a smaller cargoload. Looking at a ship in the large end of the cargo capacity spectrum like a Banu Merchantman the numbers quickly gets totally unreasonable if you were running your own owned cargo. The BMM is a 250 000 UEC ship and has a cargo capacity of 5000 SCU or 5 million UEC of standard value cargo which would equal 5000$ of ingame currency! and you would risk losing 2 Javelins worth of cargo if you ran all that for a payout of 500 000 UEC with a 10% profitmargin. Risking 20 times the ships value is not sensible so for being a merchant and not a Hauler 5000 SCU of capacity is WAY more than you would ever need. In conclusion I think that if you want to be a merchant you would not really need more than 500 SCU of cargo capacity and bigger SCU cargoships are exclusively for hauling other peoples cargo if you intend to fill them beyond 500 SCU. A 1000 UEC/SCU also makes it viable to be using an Idris as merchant if you for example want to travel with 500 SCU of your own cargo from one trading hub to another since you would certainly not want to risk that kind of money in any lesser defendable ship.
  13. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14972-Research-Unbound-The-MISC-Endeavor https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/14974-Design-The-Endeavor ERMAHGERD!!!! The possibilities... I officially love this thing. The farming mechanics look great too!
  14. For the $58 million stretch goal we got 10k uec. Should that be shown in our accounts by now? I have a Cutlass Blue (gives 5k uec) and that's it, but my account shows 11k uec...? No idea what's going on haha.
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