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Good times in far off places

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You know the old saying when, " So there I was....." - Well, after becoming a member and jumping around TS to introduce myself to peeps, I came across REIGN-11-87 and FastAttack. What can I say.... we formed a group and I was quickly talked into seeing what it is like to take my RSI Ursa Rover and drop ship it on Port O's landing pad.. Mayhem (and a lot of fun) ensued.

Had a great time and they both really got me up to speed on tips and tricks in the Verse. Thank you to both of them and had a great night.


One word of advise to add - When entering an atmosphere, umm pull back on the throttle maybe just a wee tad bit, LOL

Dukes of Hazzard style.jpg



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Looks fun! I should hop onto Teampspeak and actually play the game but I am terrified of the the little ball bug where you can't play the game, so that is keeping me from playing the game even though it hasn't happened to me personally.

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