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  1. Interesting, but will it be worth the ridiculous amount of money to upgrade to the M2?
  2. The hornet series are in dire need of an update as well. There are a few bugs and issues with it still, but it can be a great ship when outfitted properly (which changes patch to patch).
  3. I can't seem to find a list of the actor/actresses that played those parts. Madi sounds like the chick from Big Bang Theory. That said, I know they probably did this all with either mocap and/or the new head tracking software, but I wish still they would have held off on making these till the tech was better at capturing facial expressions AND they had fleshed out character creation more (the hairstyles available not to mention clothing is terrible right now).
  4. I agree, it does look like a melting pot of those two variations and then made much bigger.
  5. Some new screenshots of the 400i released... no landing gear down: **note what looks to be a human standing off to the side of the front of the ship. If that's a person, that would make this ship pretty big.
  6. I'm not sold on the looks of the 400i yet, as always will have to wait till it's in game. I have the Crusader Mercury, but I just wasn't as in love with the current model as I thought I'd be, especially after the extra girth it received. If it lost the under-belly crawl space and maybe a little bit of cargo area and it wasn't as tall, I think I'd never look away from it again. But because of that, the Mercury may get traded into the 400i. That said, when I look at the currently "released" images of the supposed 400i, all I see this:
  7. I wonder with CIG's attempt to block leakers from showing new ships before they can show the ships themselves if this leak was intentionally put into the database as a fraudulent *hype* to mislead leakers. I guess we'll find out in the coming weeks, and I would love to see what this "400" series looks like too. Based on the leaks, it sounds like it could be a cool ship.
  8. Agreed. I first had Star Citizen installed on a WD Velociraptor (10,000 rpm) HDD that was made for gaming and fast read times and saw pretty long load times--not 20 minutes, but well upwards of 5-10 minutes. After I switched to a standard SATA SSD (and nothing else) I saw my load times and game performance go up by 5 times if not more. Now I'm on an M.2 NVMe SSD and see a bit more improvement as well. That said, right now running that same system during the IAE event and I'm getting lagged to hell and back trying to run the game, so right now may not be a very good test of how well SC
  9. If you're using an SSD and depending on your current CPU and RAM it might take upwards of 1-2 minutes. If you're not using an SSD, expect longer wait times.
  10. I like the look of the Sabre and Gladius and have been leaning towards one of them, but I'm not sure how those fly compared to the SuperHornet.
  11. Agreed with others... Nice looking ship and a great size, but I don't care for the open cargo area. Pass for me too.
  12. Thanks for the replies! I do luckily have an "LTI Token" in my buy-back, an Anvil C8X Pisces with LTI which I'll use first and CCU up to my desired fighter. Not a huge fan of the Talon or Shrike--both look ugly to me other than the cockpit area. Never really been a fan of the "alien"-like designs CIG has put out, to be honest. I originally pledged for the Vanguard Warden when it went on concept sale really hoping that would be the ship for me, but it's since been CCU'ed up to the Hercules C2. That was before it was redesigned so it's possible it could be a better ship now, but it's al
  13. With the 2950 IAE coming up, I'm thinking of picking up a new single (or two) seater fighter ship. I've had the Weekend Warrior package (Anvil Super Hornet) since CIG released it, and really like the ship, but am getting tired of it. Additionally, I'm upgrading it to the Crusader Industries Mercury so I need a new fighter. I also have an upgrade to the Anvil Carrack which I believe I'm going to melt and use to buy this new fighter (about $130 value, but may be willing to add if worth it). I'm looking at what fighters are available (or possibly coming soon) that everyone is enjoying fly
  14. For those that don't follow the Spectrum forum threads closely, this question was asked and ANSWERED by Zyloh-CIG: ...and this is the skin they're referring to (if you don't know) that one could collect by playing the mini-game during the original concept sale of the Mercury Star Runner EDIT: Pulled this info from another thread regarding the "Advocacy" lettering shown on the original NightRunner skin:
  15. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HYPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://imgur.com/a/VmHmOG5 Live Youtube of someone with the MSR:
  16. The GIB continues to grow stronger every day...
  17. If you haven't already, try turning off your engine power (assuming you're in space). That's what I usually do so my ship doesn't drift away.
  18. I voted for Costigan. He seemed more like someone for libertarian values (specifically staying out of everyone else's business and allowing trade/commerce) while still protecting UEE's citizens with additional military.
  19. Buckaroo

    Esperia Talon

    Thanks for the info! Kind of wish the "wings" folded outwards a bit more when in flight like a hawk soaring. Cool concept, though wondering between this and the Gladius for a dedicated dogfighter...
  20. Buckaroo

    Esperia Talon

    This just showed up on the RSI page, but I can't access it...
  21. CIG released a article yesterday labeled "Portfolio: Greycat Industrial" which talked about expanding the line of Greycat vehicles in the last section and navigating "cramped mining tunnels". I'm going to go out on a limb and say CIG is giving us all a clue on the next (leaked) concept and we're going to see this Greycat mining vehicle soon for sale. Source: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/16902-Portfolio-Greycat-Industrial
  22. Do you think when mining in a vehicle like this, could the mined rocks be stored in a nearby owned ship? This would be cool to get with possibly a larger cargo ship (Constellation, Mercury, etc) where you could go mine everything and store it in another ship...
  23. Saw this on Spectrum a few moments ago too... Looking pretty well fleshed out up here, which is awesome! With all the work that's being done to the Hercules ship, I'm thinking this mayl drop into the 'Verse by the end of the year. Something I saw in this picture I thought was interesting... If you look past the middle "hump" of components, there's a section of wall protruding from the rest of the hull with glass walls and a grated door it looks like. I really wonder what that's for and what's behind it?
  24. Currently the only known entrance is the rear ramp. It was stated during the concept sale/Q&A that this was the only entrance and they weren't looking at adding any other, but CIG has been known to listen to the backers on other concept ships. We could see perhaps another entrance added.
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