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  1. Ensiferum is one of my favourite bands
  2. I think it's probably gonna end up somewhat like the gears of war reload where you can pass in the zone but if you hit the sweet spot you get a bonus. I hope it's gonna shift around and not be in the same place all the time... I think it would get a bit stale if its static.
  3. I loved the intro song to Marco Pollo and somehow ended up finding out there is mongolian folk metal and it's interesting These guys are awesome
  4. @Drum I read somewhere on the RSI site which was small print that stated that any ccu is only valid until beta starts. They might have a few options when beta is out but I have a feeling that most ships won't be for sale anymore at that point.
  5. so is it just the gemini that has the retarded layout or is it the starfarer in general?
  6. One thing that hasn't been brought up is that this ship is tiny. According to the ship matrix it's slightly bigger then a mustang. It will be able to fit in a lot of places that other ships can't.
  7. I used to love this ship but everything about it screams lackluster compared to anything else now which is disappointing. I only have access to live so I don't know if it's just me but I've never been able to actually test the khartu because it never leaves landing mode. So I picked up the upgrade to a terrapin and will wait and see if they do anything to the khartu.
  8. Well they could have a price range for each module while you window shop. Have several ships in a bracket or maybe have a console that you use and toggle which ships you want to view.
  9. Sweet that sounds awesome. Makes me happy that I picked one up when they were on sale ages ago .
  10. Well if a book has no plot and dull characters I think it would be pretty bad. I believe books need a good balance of plot and character development. The literary style used by the author can make or break a book also. To me the main thing is how much enjoyment you get from the book. When reading does time fly by or does it drag.
  11. I like that it's built for stealth Better then the ghost which will be impressive
  12. Alright I think i'll just stick with that base model for now but I picked up the upgrade since I can always melt it if I don't need it. Thanks for the input
  13. I have a starfarer and am wondering would it be worth it to get the gemini upgrade or just stay as base model?
  14. I don't know what they did but the reflections off surfaces is all messed up and wonky in the ptu. Have ships I havn't owned in a while and when I launch a ship in free flight I literally can't see anything because the reflections are blocking the view from the cockpit. I guess all I can do is ark corp and walk around an old hanger . I have a good enough system that I ran 4k high on the non PTU side. Even the fish tank is all wonky. Odd seems to be fine now after verify and copying account over another time