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Found 27 results

  1. Which ship to keep? Hammerhead vs Polaris

    I have been giving thought into melting my hammerhead for the Polaris. I know I want to gear towards combat at first and both have roles at which they excel at in. The Hammerhead I see for escort, fleet guard/shield, fighter screen or could use as a small command with a group of fighters. The Polaris seems to have that more multi-function beyond its roll as a heavy hitter for larger ships, having a larger storage capacity, can carry a small ship, has a medium to close range fighter screen also, room for more sub-systems. I figured maintenance cost would be a large factor, bigger ship bigger target, high risk factor. I guess really what I'm asking is I like to bring something to the table that would be useful in more of a variety if I so choose to go beyond my main focus of combat. I know both can be useful and missions can found that benefit having one or multiple of them in it.
  2. You have to have verified PayPal account to buy ships from me. PM me if you are interested. Prices are not negotiable (however, in the case I get multiple offers before I respond to anyone I will contact everyone who PMed me if they are willing to pay more, the person offering most will get the ship. Should the price be the same the first person to contact me will get the ship). EDIT: Prices include PayPal fees LTI Captured Vanduul Scythe $999 LTI Origin 890 Jump $849 (also contains Takuetsu Origin 890 Jump and 890 JUMP Poster) SOLD LTI RSI Polaris Warbond edition $799 (also contains Takuetsu Polaris Model, Polaris Poster, and Unique Polaris Serial Stamp*) LTI Banu Merchantman $269 SOLD I have some regular LTI ships, will post thread soon but if you are interested in those and are willing to pay a little over their store credit value feel free to PM me now. (these ships include Aopoa Nox, Misc Razor, Anvil Terrapin, Reliant Sen, Aegis Sabre, Drake Herald, Aegis Reclaimer, Khartu al, Aurora, M50, Avenger, Starfarer Gemini, and Gladiator) *) I do not know what the unique number is. PS: I should reply to PMs within 24 hours.
  3. Paypal must be verified! 680$ USD flat No low balls NO Trades! Ship is gift able Will check hourly Please PM and I will get back to you ASAP
  4. Hi guys, First of all I am so glad that I found this place. I was heartbroken to see the official Star Citizen forums go because the new spectrum is such a mess, especially regarding ship discussions. So I am hoping you can help me with my problem. I am planning to get my hands on the Polaris (I already own the Cutlass Blue, Gladiator and CCU from Gladiator to Super Hornet, Reedemer, Reclaimer, Crucible and double Noxes). I am more or less done when it comes to buying new ships because I think I got everything I need except I got one problem. What do you think what ship should I get to be the designated scanning ship in the hangar bay of the Polaris? From what I understand Idris will have great scanners and Polaris will have tough time sneaking up on it unless it uses some sort of scanning ship. I was debating between Herald, Hornet Tracker, 315P, and Terrapin. Each one of them has it's own problems that are bothering me: 1) Herald: I am not sure does Herald even got any advantage over other ships when it comes to scanning? I mean it is supposed to be hacking and info runner ship I am not sure does it have any sort of specialized scanning equipment :S 2) 315P: My buddy owns one so I guess we could use that. What bothers me is how strong are it's scanners compared to other ships? 3) Hornet Tracker: I own a Gladiator and I got a CCU to Super Hornet. I was planning on using it and then just strap on the Tracker gear on top of the Super hornet. I wasn't able to figure out what exactly is the Hornet Trackers role... does it do long range scanning vs other ships and how effective is it at that? I read something about Tracker allowing other ships to achieve faster lock and detect stealthy ship etc. etc. but all I really want is a long range ship scanner 4) Terrapin: From what I read Terrapin is supposed to be the dedicated stealth long range scanner and seems like the best choice but what bothers me is it's price tag... I don't feel like getting rid of my Gladiator (or Super Hornet CCU) to get it. 5) Gladiator: I own it and I heard some speculations that it might receive some modularity. I am not sure are those just rumors but if we could strap on a powerful radar on sensors on it Gladiator would be a bit more versatile. So what do you think? Do you think that getting Tracker gear on the Super Hornet is a viable option to serve as a scout for the Polaris (that would be the cheapest bet for me) or should I look into other scanning ships from the list?
  5. RSI Polaris re-release?

    Hey all! I've been hearing some interesting rumors that the Polaris may be re-released (at some point) as a concept sale. IF this is true, I dare to venture that it'll be slated for a Christmas sale. Can anyone please provide some insight on this and any thoughts on if/when another sale would take place?
  6. First time to sell ship here. If you need more info about the ships PM me and I'll respond as soon as I can. I'll try my best to answer your question Notes: Contact me via PM. Transactions through PayPal. (Verified PayPal only) All reasonable offers considered -- including trading LTI game packages. Buyer covers PayPal fees. Buyer sends payment first; I will in turn gift the ship to the buyer's RSI account. Remember to include your RSI handle and email address in PM. Hanger: *Polaris LTI War Bond=780
  7. It's your friendly neighborhood Astrojak here... Looking to sell one of my Polaris Corvettes. LTI Corvette Polaris Warbond - $650.00 usd plus PP fee buyer please note; - only PayPal verified buyer - No credits or belly button lint accepted - Price final as listed - PP fees covered by buyer - only serious inquiries - if intermediate required, buyer will pay charges Cheers AJ
  8. Greetings, I would sell the following items: ships have been ccu'd from a Drake Dragonfly and all packages icludes SQ42 and PU paypal Fees included Name Type Note USD EUR Melt Value Hull-E Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 550$ 512€ 550RSI$ Hull-D Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 350$ 326€ 350RSI$ Reclaimer Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 350$ 326€ 350RSI$ Crucible Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 350$ 326€ 350RSI$ Endeavor Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 350$ 326€ 350RSI$ Banu Merchant Man Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 275$ 256€ 250RSI$ Vanduul Blade Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI 275$ 256€ 250RSI$ DragonFly Ship yellow or Black 50$ 47€ 35RSI$ Weekend Warrior LTI Package Super Hornet 260$ 241€ 180RSI$ Digital Freelancer LTI Package Freelancer Sold Arbiter LTI Package 325A Sold Polaris Ship CCU from DragonFly LTI Sold if you are a new player register your account with this code: STAR-N37D-5ZTH you will get 5000UECs
  9. WTB Pirate Caterpillar LTI and/or "low number" warbond Polaris LTI. Please PM me with prices and/or links. Thanks
  10. I want to sell a RSI Polaris Corvette with LTI edit: not longer available
  11. Greetings, I have to sell my Polaris LTI warbond, she was bought with the 300/400 allotment, so she have a low serial compared to the others price is 770$ or 730€ 700$ or 666€ paypal fees included (you must be paypal verified like me) Screenshot Please Reply and PM if interested, Thank you! Flamadin sold to @Nocmad
  12. Good Day, As per the title, I missed out on the Polaris sale (Boo) and I would like to trade some of my LTI ships for one I have for trade: Retaliator (LTI) M50 (LTI) Avenger (LTI) Drake Herald (LTI) PM me if youre interested! Toodles~
  13. Hello everyone, due to me getting a Javelin whilst being drunk, I have decided to sell my Polaris with LTI. I get quite impulsive when drunk This from the pre-sale, it comes with LTI. Exact S/N I cannot remember, I think it was 1601-1800. I dont want to fleece anyone so im selling it at the price I paid for it myself. 1 x Polaris with LTI - $625 SOLD Disclaimer: I have sold many ships on both this forum and on the star citizen subreddit /r/Starcitizen_trades my SCB forum feedback link https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/profile/1936-athenos/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback Terms and Conditions: Paypal only Verified Paypal accounts only RSI confirmed Paypal fees included in price You are buying a digital item, not a physical item Buyer is responsible for middleman fees, if they wish to use one.
  14. Ok Selling my RSI account as real life just keeps getting in the way. The account contains an Air Carrier Wing Pack which includes a super hornet, sabre, gladiator, retaliator, freelancer MIS, the NEW RSI Polaris, and a Bucaneer (a couple original ships in the pack were upgraded) which has a melt value of 1470 but contains 1750 in ships if they were purchased seperately. Additional ships and upgrades include Aquila to Gemini, Gemini to Carrack, Aquila to Harbinger, Archimedes LTI, 350R LTI AMD Never Settle space edition package and Mustang Omega, F7A Military hornet upgrade (body kit). I am going to value the AMD never settle package at 50 dollars as it is a full package and a unique ship despite having a 0 melt value since it was a promotion with my GPU. Includes Mustang Omega and Full legacy package. So actual Value of ships - package discounts = 2065 Value of weapons and mounts = 150 plus Possible buybacks on the account include multiple LTI archimedes, LTI MPUV cargo, Drake Ride together LTI, Carrack LTI, Prospector LTI, Hornet LTI and many less important upgrades. Asking 1750 and I pay fees. No trades, verified paypal only, I am happy to use a reputable middle at expense of the buyer. Please message me with any questions or offers.
  15. Price increases coming?

    The trend set from the latest CIG concept sales have been increased prices. We have had the Dragonfly for 35$ which is actually 10$ more than a capable Aurora MR. Then we had the Prospector for 140$ followed by Terrapin for 195$ (which I hope was priced low since I want it to be overpowered and have the longest range of all ships in the game) though it was still pricey for a 19,5m long ship intended for a solo pilot. After that we got the big hugely anticipated Polaris for 750 (not counting the 625$ pre-sale discount). The terrapin, prospector and dragonfly indicate that the smaller ships might be getting a price increase in coming sales for example the Cutlass might increase to 125$ after its rework and the 300i series might increase 25$ above their base-prices after the 300-series rework. We have already seen the m50 and 350r increase 20 and 25$ respectively from 80 and 100 original price so this is nothing new. Also the 750 Polaris brakes the trend of the next tier of capital ship being 200% the price of the tier below it that the Idris and Javelin has as a price relation. This might mean Idris is now intended to be 1500$ and Javelin intended to be 3000$, would make sense. So what do you think? Will we see an across the board price increase where Idris will be 1500$ at the next sale (probably in a big value-pack but valued at 1500$)?
  16. I 'accidentally' ended up with the Carrier Air Wing and spent everything I had left on CCUs, as follows: Polaris (Big fights) Retaliator -> Constellation Aquila -> Carrack (King of exploration) Sabre (Solo shooting) Super Hornet (Team shooting) Freelancer MIS -> Sabre -> Terrapin (Intel) Gladiator -> Constellation Aquila -> Crucible (?, should I get a Reclaimer instead?) Gladius -> TBC Cutlass Black, Freelancer ??, etc I have a Lightspeed package that costs less than the current price of the 350R, and I want a 350R for no reason other than the rumours of the UEE using it as a stealth reconnaissance ship. Oh, and if I bring it in the Polaris I can get back home quickly and get the toothbrush I left behind. I have a melted Digital Colonel package that will cost me the same as a standard Hornet to unmelt, which I may do and gift to my son Having sold my soul and bought the Carrier Air Group, part of me thinks I should sell everything and get back to a more sensible pledge level, whereas my other half yells 'get the most out of it'. Given the instancing and ship number limits, am I being too greedy and going for ships that will be too large and that I won't use? Ideas and comments gratefully received. /edit and I have a spreadsheet with every sale, purchase, melt and unmelt I've done, so I know how exactly much I've spent, how much I've sold and how much what I have is worth. It scares me...
  17. Would like to trade your 890J for my Polaris :-)
  18. RSI just emailed me... anyone who is concierge gets to preorder polaris corvette 625 dollars, no melted ships count All others can get ship 750 as scheduled Stats Are as follows 24 max crew 7 total stations 155m length 3x shields LARGE (front read mid) Light armor Capital Powerplant x1 28 torpedo 7 turrets 216 cargo hold can hold 1 light fighter/ repair/ reequip it Designed as an anti capital ship primarily with TORPEDOZ Copied video off some guy on RSI forums says "13 to 24" crew on the email stuff... got like 7 stations and 6 manned turrets i think... other crew for emotional support i guess
  19. Exciting few days for SC - we just passed $125m and we have an ongoing livestream for CitizenCon (see separate threads).... However.... I think the most anticipated ship (with the possible exception of the Carrack....... or Idris in the early days)....... will be on sale this Sunday = The Polaris for $750. (also has a separate dedicated thread). But - lets have some fun - How much $ do you think the Polaris this week (obviously other sales will being going on but the Polaris will drive the bulk of it). Keep in mind that the Origin 890 Jump was $650 and was limited to 5,000 ships. That = to about $3.5m ..... There will be no limit to Polaris sales (and there are more backers now). == VOTE for how much you think CIG will make by the end of the Polaris thread Also if you want - Post what you are CCUing / Melting to get the Polaris (this obviously will reduces some of the $ CIG will make)....... or if you are going to buy it outright. ---------- I am melting couple ships that I may pick up again during the Anniversary sale - but I am CCU my Starliner.
  20. So it is increasingly looking like the Polaris Corvette will go on sale at CitizenCon, if it does, is anyone planning on getting one?
  21. Hello fellow pilots and citizens This chat is available here: Endeavoir and carrack release date? see 12'50 polaris? see 27'40 ... take care!
  22. RSI Polaris Video

    Ive made my first video and will be continuing to do them, im posting it here for feedback, Im already getting a new mic so that would be an issue. Please give me any feedback this is not my first video but basically still is in a way so anything will be greatly appreciated.
  23. Looking for help.

    Hi there. So my brother went to boot camp and has asked me to look into this game for him. I'm looking for a ship called the Polaris Corvette. I honestly have no idea what I'm looking for. I was hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  24. I'm interested in making some room in my Hangar and sell some of my spare Buy Back Pledges. All ships have LTI unless indicated "Non-LTI". If you need more info about the ships PM me and I'll respond as soon as I can. I'm a long-time SCB Forum member and Imperium member, and have 100% positive rep for ship sales. Notes: Contact me via PM. Transactions through PayPal. (Verified PayPal only) All reasonable offers considered -- including trading LTI game packages. Buyer covers PayPal fees. Buyer sends payment first; I will in turn gift the ship to the buyer's RSI account. Remember to include your RSI handle and email address in PM. Hangar: Reliant Kore (mini-hauler) LTI ---- SOLD OUT Reliant Mini-Hauler to Reliant Skirmish Upgrade = $25 Drake Herald LTI = $115 USD F7C Hornet LTI = $125 USD F7A Military Hornet upgrade ---- SOLD OUT Esperia Glaive LTI = $550 USD ---- SOLD OUT Hangar Buy Back pledges: P-72 Archimedes LTI = $45 Reliant Mini-Hauler to Reliant Researcher Upgrade = $35 USD MPUV Cargo LTI = $40 MPUV Personnel LTI = $45 Dragonfly LTI - Black = $45 Dragonfly LTI - Yellowjacket = $55 Origin 85X LTI = $60 Avenger Titan LTI = $65 Avenger Titan Renegade LTI = $85 Mustang Alpha to Delta Upgrade = $45 USD Freelancer (standard) LTI ---- SOLD OUT Gladius LTI = $110 LTI Buccaneer LTI = $140 USD 350r LTI = $130 USD Gladius Valiant LTI = $125 USD MISC Razor LTI = $150 USD Prospector LTI = $165 USD Retaliator Base Anniversary (48 month Ins.) = $165 USD Retaliator Base LTI ---- SOLD OUT Gladiator LTI = $175 USD Super Hornet = $180 USD Hornet Wildfire LTI = $185 USD Anvil Hurricane LTI = $190 USD Sabre Comet LTI = $195 USD Super Hornet Game Package = $195 USD Constellation Andromeda to Constellation Phoenix Upgrade ---- SOLD OUT Terrapin LTI = $220 USD Hull C LTI = $230 USD Redeemer LTI standalone ship = $270 USD Redeemer LTI game package = $285 USD Vanguard Hoplite LTI = $245 USD Vanguard Warden LTI = $270 USD Starfarer Gemini LTI = $325 USD Retaliator Heavy Bomber LTI ---- SOLD OUT Caterpillar Anniversary (48 month Ins) = $325 USD Banu Merchantmant Anniversary (48 month Ins) = $325 USD Orion LTI = $370 USD Carrack LTI = $390 USD Reclaimer Anniversary (48 month Ins.) = $380 USD Hull D LTI = $425 USD 890 Jump LTI = $800 USD ---- SOLD OUT Polaris LTI = $850 USD