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  1. Throw me an offer both of these ships are being sold as I have a main account with more and do not need these ships or the account. The ships sell with the account via paypal. Selling accounts is against RSI terms of service i think still so dont tell them you bought the account i guess. PM if interested looking for around $400 $450 theres a few other ships and credits on the account as well.
  2. Hello, up for grabs today is one of my accounts, I have a standard account with an Idris P, also tied to the account is an LTI Caterpillar, LTI Starfarer Gemini, Gladius Package, and Freelancer Package. The account has all the goodies from the 46- million backer rewards and onwards, and 15,000 UEC along with alot of random subscriber flair collected. The account is worth roughly $1700 ish which is my estimate and ill be selling it via verified Paypal only for $1400 ill pay for any Paypal fees. PM me if your are interested, This is a black market trade since RSI prohibits the sale of accounts for security reasons relating to billing information and what knot as far as i know, I've been apart of Imperium for a few years now since 2014 and have good trade credit. Just send me a PM if your interested in this Idris P account and we can do a paypal trade Thanks.
  3. Awesome thanks for the clarification!
  4. Does everyone else frequently crash in the Port baby Pu? I seem to last 20 minutes then crash.
  5. Ah thanks for the info guys, I did not know SLI was trash after DX11/12 very interesting.
  6. After testing the 2.0 release it seems I get about 45-50 fps, Pretty terrible since im used to 60, I run twin 780ti's in SLI overclocked. Were there any optimization with the 2.0 release, seems pretty shotty to me, Has everyone else had this setback in fps?
  7. Why bring up irreverent people were talking about total biscuit.
  8. I enjoyed the Beta maybe to much i had 530,000 points in the end lol. However part of the reason why developers DLC juice new games is because the price of new games hasn't changed since like 2004 or 2006. 60$ has always been the price and value of the dollar is less then what it was years ago and continues to go down. (fiat currency). So it makes sense for the DLC juice even though in my opinion they should be honest and say they need more money for the game lol.
  9. Longer time yes however overall it means you can stay disconnected and have a larger crew on the ship for a longer amount of time.
  10. I would say the Genesis Star-liner now takes precedent. The 890 jump has rooms for VIPs and the Genesis is the top of the line luxury VIP shuttle. I'm not sure how the 890 jump other then exploration and VIP transport makes money. Of course id like to be wrong because I also own a 890 jump.
  11. Well the endeavor it seems will have alot of potential for raking in the UEC, I have a custom set up, what do you think? Its the base Endeavor with 1 Hangar filled with either a cutlass black, or a Vanguard Harbinger. I should be able to fit the Vanguard and Cutlass Black in there for security against Redeemer class ships etc. I wont be in dangerous space unless selling drugs on the outskirt of the Core worlds. Anyway along with the hangar I have a research station for narcotics production, and a bio-dome pod for extra revenue along with assisting narcotic production if that does indeed help. I can use the drake cutlass for shipping contraband etc. what do you think of this set up?
  12. It will deter smaller fighters but if there is more then 2 player fighters id get concerned. NPC will likely autoattack players in low security. The MIS ill be a good support/org oriented support class vessel. It can go solo however it is not a fighter but hey we need to wait and see it in action before we can suggest a proper role in dog-fighting for it.
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