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  1. Just so everyone gets a heads up, looks like they released 2000 of the Pioneers for sale at $750 Warbond, base builder.
  2. Help My question get picked for Q&A! Please

    The X1 Completion pack has them all including both 600s. Not sure which one you're referring to. Durring the 600i sale, they sold the Origin completion pack with the 890, 2-600's, all 300's the x50 and x85 and rover along with the x1. Being as it had every origin ship, and called the Complete Origin Pack, it should have all the X1's as that would make it complete.... just saying.
  3. Help My question get picked for Q&A! Please

    Well then thats a lie, its not an Origin completion pack if it doesnt have the complete pack... once again CIG letting us down.
  4. Yesterday I asked the question in spectrum on the origin X1 Q&A and was hoping for some up votes to know what to do next. My question is this, When the 600i complete Origin pack was selling it states it includes the X1. However now that there are 3 variants it does not state what that is. So does the Complete Pack include just the base model or all 3 variants justly still making it the Complete Origin bundle, any help with a quick upvote would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Origin 600 Thread

    Well he kind of explained that in the video too. He said it's been the ship design team that is working on the ship that answers the questions. But they have been doing it on the fly as in lets sit down, choose the questions and answer it right here and now, thus no one else is involved like Chris, or any public relations groups or well... anyone. Since Ben wasn't there and he seems to be their bridge to the rest of the departments they were running completely blind more or less and only answering questions based on what they know in how they built it. he specifically stated they were making this assumption of no VIP because it didn't have the same storage and systems that the other travel liners have as you have stated. So they were just thinking a private luxury yacht (short sighted) and not seeing the bigger whole picture. That is Bens explanation more or less.
  6. Origin 600 Thread

    That sounds about right. But in any case I now have hope. And Ben's medical leave gave them a good excuse as he wasn't involved so who knows.
  7. Origin 600 Thread

    You really need to watch the video that Ben did last night saying there was a miscommunication and he wasn't involved with his surgery but now he is back and he specifically said that they didn't think of all the types of jobs and there will be VIP passenger transport. And this is what happens when ship designers trying answering questions without help from their other teams. That is virtually word for word. It starts at like 1:30 into the show.
  8. Origin 600 Thread

    This was proven false last night by Ben, he said there will be VIP missions just not on the same scale as with the 890, pheonix or Genesis. He pretty much said that the Q&A was all wrong and they will be updating/clarifying the facts.
  9. Permadeath? Please make this optional, not compulsory

    Just because you die doesn't mean its permadeath as said above. Being saved and brought to a med facility for a few "lives" is made for and talked about for just that reason. But that does have me wondering about death and spawn options. Like if you crash and burn, do you have to wait for someone to find and recover you before you can respawn as that character in the hospital or have the choice of just restarting a new character? I could see the permadeath system working for those wanting to work in search and rescue job on the cutlass red or blue or whatever color it was that is a rescue ship. Also I feel like your opinion of what mattered when this decision was made should be brought up. @Porcupine, if you were around when this decision came out, back towards the beginning us backers have had a lot more input. We as a community created the sports, directed the workflow on ships and even created some of our own during that time. This feature was very well accepted and praised during that time when there was but a quarter of the backers there are now. I have seen how the input we give as a community has started to fall on deaf ears in comparison to the past but this was not something pushed that the community didn't want and is a key feature of the gameplay at this point.
  10. MFG Rudder Pedals and Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Settings

    It should be the same, when I have them hooked they show up in the program. I take the configuration file that is saved and then edit it. on the main screen it gives the options of what controllers to include. Just add the rudders and then set them to the role you want, pitch or roll etc.
  11. Origin 600 Thread

    @Reavern, I get where you are coming from about releasing the game but we also have to keep in mind that the QA team is not the team creating new ships. As such the ship crews have nothing to do with the current release date of 3.0 so I don't see any problem with new conceps coming out while waiting. It's better to add more of a variety, even if useless that to have it seem like you see the same ship over and over again especially since the alternative would be to have the developers sit there and twiddle their thumbs while waiting for a different group of CIG to finish up. I got the origin pack because I wanted the 890 with LTI, and now ill start ccu-ing everything to what I melted to get the pack. I had a terrapin for exploration but not entirely sure what I want. I think I will hold the exploration right now and wait for the next price hike on the carrack and maybe ccu to it or just wait for 2 high dollar ships as this isn't panning out as the ship anyone really wanted. I think some serious changes will be done though. People are pretty vocal about the shortcomings of the ship. What capship are you talking about?
  12. Aegis Idris Frigate

    I understand that thinking but then I am also thinking of real life. If you have ever seen a carrier and its space it is extremely cramped, so much so that they cant even land without assistance by a wire to slow them down. Being in the future I can see them changing to a sort of tractor beam. But that being said it again, is so cramped that pilots who have spent 100's to 1000's of hours in training still have trouble landing in normal conditions let alone combat. I have heard and seen footage of more than a few planes that end up in the sea/ocean from not sticking a normal landing and missing the wire. The idea of a carrier bay is risk vs reward and in the grand scheme of things when it comes to military vehicles it is always dealing damage first, money/budget and risk to life for a few of the many come second. So i see it as being easier and more convenient for us as players yes, but for realism's sake I see this as a huge falsity. By the military standard if you cant land under combat conditions at all times and thread a theoretical needle every time then you dont qualify as a military pilot. Though I am not a pilot I am a flight medic and know more/have flown more than my fair share with both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft pilots to know the standards they live by as more than a few times I have been stuck on the crappy end of those decisions. In general I really think they should make it to fit at least 4 and include a safety system by the means of a stasis web or tractor beam where they enter at nearly full speed and grabbed. That would be the most realistic idea.
  13. Origin 890 JUMP

    yeah i melted the Edeavor Master Set, Constellation Phoenix, 2 Nox, an 85 (that i got back), Herald, Crucible, Terrapin, Hurricane and Sabre Comet. But Ill get most back during the Anniversary Im sure with the individual CCU's as I dont really want any of the 300's
  14. Aegis Idris Frigate

    Im upset with the Hangar, I mean I like it but come on... you can fit at least 4 in there with a rapid deployment scenario still being easy. They are giving waaaayy to much room for these ships.
  15. Engine Power

    or the ability to buy and install an Q capacitor or backup battery for emergency jumps, it holds a constant charge of just enough energy for a single emergency jump. could see it as one hell of an expensive addon but worth it in the right ships (talking cargo or capital level ships where it would take minutes instead of seconds to spool up and as such the size of the device would be massive)