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  1. Yes you can create one, in controls as a standard because it will pick up your normal talk if not and then everything goes crazy. lol In general it already is. The commands are in essence like using the Thrustmaster program where their system just activates the keys that are already mapped in the game and not directly imputed on their own. So if you change the standard layout then you have to change the command on HCS as well or it wont activate.
  2. I have this. Problem is it's finicky and background noise can throw it off. No music or anyone around or may find yourself powering down shields or weapons randomly. Don't get me wrong the potential is there, it just needs a lot of work to make it an integral part of my system.
  3. I doubt they will be full auto. They made a few comments in something recent about needing to learn values of parts to know what to carefully extract vs grind into general scrap. If you had autobots it wouldn't be possible not to mention it seems like everything I've read forbids am ai working for you while you sit back
  4. Completely Agree on that aspect, it seems like they are trying to please the masses and so just went with the tried and true new feeds the cattle aspect, but I am still happy with the detail they give us. I can forever be patient with the knowledge that the systems they are creating are amazing and I can see the progress.
  5. I have watched Around the Verse since before it was officially called ATV, and I have to say that the change that took place a few months ago (getting into specifics with a single sutdio instead of a broad idea of what every studio is doing), is the best thing they could have possibly done. Seriously, I dont know if they meant for it to appear as it has or they just go lucky but the last month I have watched with utter amazement as every studio has gone into detail what they are working on and my anxiousness to get them to release Star Citizen has actually decreased seeing how much stuff is not only amazing but revolutionary. It has made me go from an impatient backer of nearly 5 years to a reformed citizen amazed by the work done and willing to give them as much time as needed to make a space sim that will pave the way for nearly every game in the future.
  6. yeah I was on and wasn't sure if I was in the right TS or not as I didn't see anyone, stayed on until 1930 Central before my wife came home. Yeah I would have to start my buy backs of my bomber and all the modules if that was the case. I am sure there is a serious rework in the making as every ship has gotten one it seems and most didn't even need one as much as the Tali does.
  7. I think as long as we keep away from theorycrafting this should be ok as it's own thread, it is letting me think about ideas and pick the minds of more than just us org members.
  8. Well that's a whole other tactic all on its own, if its a cap ship they are bound to have at least a squad of marines if not a full platoon and the rest of the crew along with it. If you have the freedom to disable the ship then why not just take the entire ship without any exterior damage.
  9. I honestly think that is the main reason why its being worked on. In the recent vid they showed the Reclaimer in game, but its useless without its defenses, mainly being that of the point defense system. So to get it in game and test the salvage field they need this, along with its use on many other ships like the phoenix and 890. And Im not sure, I mean spoofing it with countermeasures sure, but you can't really make an AI less accurate just off the system we currently have. The targeting software shows you where to shoot, as a person we just don't react instantly. If you mean the AI running the crew you hire then yes I would agree, but as just a strict AI machine you strap into a seat, the only thing that should make it not track and fire as shown is some sort of decoy or countermeasure which is why I could see them downsize the turret. Sacrafice some power for the ability to never miss.
  10. I would agree, although if given the chance for some lti versions, I wouldn't mind taking a drop in size to some degree as long as their accuracy stays the same as that video. I mean it was spot on, as it should be for an AI. I can see a downsize to keep it "fair and balanced" but I can also see it not happening as you are already paying for it and it has other strains on the ship.
  11. I was hoping so. I see it as some Connie that is just hanging out in space, either in the back doing something or afk and then a bunch of us show up. Someone says go and we start ripping it to shreds fighting over pieces Hungry Hungry Hippo style. That also has me thinking, if you get the claw on one of the Connie's engines for instance and it tries to take off, would it go anywhere do you think? Or just rip off its own engine, I am sure those are worth a pretty penny if in tact.
  12. sure thing, merge it if you can, I don't know my way around forums that well to do all that fancy stuff. And I saw the announcement, if I get off work in time to hear some I will be there.
  13. Yeah that is what I was trying to say but didn't come out as good as yours I guess. The way the turrets current work you cant do anything with them. There needs to be a targeting system like the pilots system in each turret. This system would help with hitting the target as well as helping give gunners an idea of their own flight path with how the reticle moves. This system needs to be in place for the capital ships as they will clearly not be operated by the command crew. Other than maybe turning on the ships defensive grid like auto cannons or maybe a flack system since torpedoes and missiles are becoming an even greater part of gameplay. Other than that you will need gunners in every station to operate it at peak performance. I ended up reading your article and like it, good points on the strengths of each. Same thoughts as myself across the board.
  14. Not as much as my desire for expansion and play of the game itself. The money is just a means to an end for me. It is going to take money for upkeep and that's where mine will be going along with the expansion and creation of outposts and the asteroid hangar, interdiction and attack on vanduul in their territory etc. And that's where I think the price should be considered. I mean tech. we can already have a fleet. they already said they are going to make it to where if you own more than 1 game key those can be turned into your own AI. This would just make it official AI only and they should be priced accordingly, like more than basic starter packages cost to make the different. As something like 60% of all their packages are just the basic package, so the majority wont touch them, however those that have spent some considerable amount of money and want to do things like make money in things like the Orion or Reclaimer or even multi-ship fighters can do so without a problem. We would just have to pay... a lot. I think I must have, but entirely agree. This mechanic can make or break the game at extreme levels, or make a level of autonomous ability attainable for (late game) or those who don't like to play with others.
  15. In this most recent update they showed us the creation of their Automated Gunner/Crew position robot more or less. It raises a lot of interesting aspects to the gameplay. From the looks and description it is literally a computer module you will bring to the desired seat (in this case they showed it in a gunner seat/turret), hook it into the system and turn it on. The video showed this thing utterly destroying a gladius. It didn't miss and kept at it. It is supposed to work for crew systems as well. He explained it as running logic systems for whatever role that seat was designated to do if I understood him fully. So what are the thoughts on this piece of equipment? I have a feeling these are going to be expensive, but it looks like it can be taken and swapped to whatever ship you want at the time. A high upfront cost could save you TONS of money in paying crew members. And honestly the level of accuracy it had, especially with the current gunnery system makes them waaaay better than any person. I have a hard time hitting anything in turrets while a pilot is maneuvering, this system would cut down on crew and improve lethality making things like the Retaliator fully operational with 2 people if not the pilot alone. Being as they are actively working on this, I home that they sell them to us as they do ship sales. I would dish out for a few with LTI in a heartbeat as the price of replacing them will be a major downfall I am thinking. What do you guys think all in all?