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  1. You could save some space as well that for sure from the triple 24in monitors I'm currently using but even though the computing power is there, I still am not sure on the graphics side. Even in at 4k levels a TV may look amazing but when your literally an inch away you still see the pixilation. We may still have a few hurdles to jump before it really feels like it's something truly immersive. Then again they could have already come out with some sort of lenses that smooth's the grid look and it looks perfect so who really knows until we are there right?
  2. It happens more often than you would think, trust me on that one.
  3. I think it would honestly be easier to make a few sliding platforms for you desk out of cabinet drawer sliders. That way you can have a keyboard/gamepad and mouse set up and in position but a few inches above it you have your hotas on the sliders. when you exit you just push each to the side and boom. It should only cost like 20 bucks max I would think.
  4. yeah, removed a long time ago as they said, but youtube has some pretty good basic tutorials relating to the current version.
  5. I had fun playing and getting to know you guys a little better, look forward to next month!
  6. I don't think so, if you listen to what he was saying closely he starts by saying it has some of the more larger shields they have put on a ship and then say especially for a fighter that size. So I am thinking it might that this ship could have shields in comparison to a ship 2 or 3 classes higher, but the actual hull armor is non existent so when you burn the shields... poof. I was thinking of it more like a Sabre but more extreme
  7. I know this is a little late of a comment but due to the fact that this happens more often than I would have thought, (I did it at least 4 times in the last swarm match), the Vanduul might have implemented a dead man's switch attached to the pilots vital sign's. It would be and is a tactic we use to keep valuable and deadly technology and equipment out of enemy hands. Even on the ground we carry thermite grenades to melt the engine blocks of disabled vehicles in the field. We will have to wait and see but I can see this needing to be a bigger joint effort task. Like use a warlock to EMP and then snipe the pilot so when the system reboots the system wouldn't recognize a pilot in the ship and never re-activate the dead man's trigger.
  8. As this position can be seen in all three of the current subdivisions of Professions, I thought it should have it's own tab to deal with commanding multi-crew ships as well as strike groups, squadrons, battle groups and the like. There is plenty to discuss here, and if it comes to larger orgs I am sure this can be considered a profession on its own considering the complexity of managing multiple ships both capital and strike craft and understanding space combat ect. On the smaller side discussing the ability of commanders in ships like the Reclaimer, Starfarrer and even the Constellation would make this a rather larger sub thread if created. There is plenty of theory crafting I have on tactics and abilities.
  9. I will agree entirely with this. We have driven it to epic limits. If they can pull off everything we have asked for and paid them to create I have no doubt this will be the best game to date. I mean litterally every type of gamer can play this game to their hearts content.. fps, mmo, rtl, sci-fi, commerce based systems... the list goes on and on.... and on. So most wanted I entirely agree. The concept is something I wish I would have become a programmer instead of the medical field just to work on it and play a part in its conception and construction, something I have never thought of from a game. Hell I have even thought about stopping by the Austin studio since its like 45min away and asking if they need help with any military advising give me a call and I'll do it "fo freeeeeee". But to say I love the game so far would be a lie. There isn't enough there for me to enjoy it beyond anything else at this point. So most anticipated? Yes. Best game ever? Hopefully in the near future. But this is a delay of our own making... even if its fueled by the continuing concept sales and stretch goal they kept putting out there (which i was very disapointed to see go, I remember when we were pushing over 1 Million dollars a day to meet those goals and a few days I think we almost did 3 mil), but after that bit I read now I understand why it had to go.
  10. I have to agree with you as much as I dont want too. Don't get me wrong, I'm an original backer and have 2 accounts with 4 full game entitlements and have spent nearly $4,000 backing the game something I truly believe in. But the deadline I originally saw is almost 3 years past its deadline. Today I spent 4 years reading a very fair review of progress by the UK branch of kotaku and I can honestly relate in what this game was first pitched as to the current expectations is a huuuuuuge jump. I hope it is everything its been pitched as and have spent more money than I honestly should have because I believe in the game, but it's too early to be going for awards in my book when we are over a year past deadline for even the fps module, let alone the expanse of a true PTU.
  11. Well thank you for the direct response!
  12. How long will the notification be up before a redraw? I tend to have work that keeps me away for a week or so at a time.
  13. I believe you are mixing 2 separate game mechanics here. In past posts they have talked about upon death your new Char will acquire most of your rep and be willed your stuff etc so to me that separates the two, the legal wanted criminal system vs your reputation system aka karma system running side by side.
  14. After this last week and the sale of the Polaris that I had to pick up I thoroughly studied the manual with the drawings and started wondering about use of escape pods, and that ultimately led me to a much more important aspect of how would everyone get to escape pods. I wanted to see what, if anything, others have heard about how damage and destruction on the capitals will work. Will one of the manned stations be able to see damage reports around the ship? Since the size of these ships makes the damage system extremely complex I can see this being both a good thing to delve into. For instance a direct torpedo hit to the Polaris on one of the side turrets could very well take out a whole chunk of the ship. But other than depressurizing the corridor and removing the weapon emplacement... maybe a little structural weakening... it effectively would have no real damage done. However, if fire is concentrated on lets say... the torpedo storage bay, or the reactors location if known and they are damaged/destroyed clearly that would have an entirely different reaction. And even this could be mitigated with proper safety systems that I think would be in place in the real world like the ability to jettison a damaged power core before it would blow up the ship, etc. There is so much I would like to know and get into on this subject, along with more than a few torpedo tactics but that's for another thread. Any knowledge on this given out by the dev's? If not some theory crafting is always good in my opinion.
  15. Do we have a torpedo size? Now that I have a Polaris and it is set at size 6 torpedos and they say that this size is good for other light capital ships, what then would they consider the tali as it is supposed to be called the capital ship killers.