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  1. Anyone think they will make a 600/890 combo like they have been doing in the past, or maybe a luxury bundle including the pheonix as well? I bet they will do something offering those ships back up in some crazy expensive package would net them some profit fur sure. But it would be around 2g's for it I think.
  2. These are my feelings as well. Based on the history of how CIG works, they are teashing the crap out of us. Every ATV and video of new tech or progress has the Reclaimer in it over the last few months leading to this release. In their typical fashion I think they will be releasing this as a surprise for 3.0 or it will follow extremely quickly. it may not be completely hashed out with the drone systems and such but it will be flyable. That's me just looking at the past.
  3. bahaha, this gets me every time. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to decipher that damn description before I gave up.
  4. Anyone else take a close look at the mission at 12:20 in this weeks show? Well take a look at the secondary objective and the mission description on the right, Ill outline to make it simple, had me laughing for a while.
  5. I have been questioning holding on to this ship or melting for something else, especially since I have an eclipse and the idea of having ballistic weaponry is nice, I am starting to realize just how expensive it is going to get to re-arming this thing.
  6. With the locks they also brought up the destruction of the doors, this would be interesting for a couple reasons to me. First they are talking about refining the ships so that you cant wear a suite while piloting, but how can you blow your way in and then not wear a suite if its unpressurized so I see that as changing, or adding a sort of flight suite that gives you enough insulation and breathing time to operate a little while if you depressurize while flying. But in any case what really gets my interest peaked is how are we going to be able to blow it open? Are they adding a breaching charge or c-4 to let us in, and then there is hacking the panels, I wonder if that is going to be a type of mini game or a literal hack you have to execute. Lots of questions from me on that one. I mean you could do a lot of things if you had breaching charges like rig the containers on an Orion before it left station and then when its out jump in and activate them to steal all their stuff while they freak about hundreds of micro detinations. Fun thought is all.
  7. Is that rear OJ add a picture of one of the engines? I cant tell for certain.
  8. Might be worth cashing in the phoenix for, I was considering using my token this quarter on getting my 890 back but it just seems too large for my personal yacht while my phoenix is just too small to do anything much with the VIP missions.
  9. Im pretty sure in some interview they actually went over basic mechanics where for scanning it would be a projectile that you have to guide into the asteroid like a missile which could be pretty cool. If done right you get a good scan of the entire rock, and the prospector being more of an actual scanner that only picks up things on the surface that it can reach. This was months if not years ago so I may be a little off but that's the impression I have had for some time now.
  10. I would and have considered it in the past actually. Mainly in highly dangerous areas with little protection where there are rare ore's. Jump in and go balls to the wall filling up on raw ore, jump out to a safe location and take the time to process it down and dump the waste, then rinse and repeat until your 75-80% full. You would maybe only spend 1/3 of your time in danger that way
  11. This is more or less what I was referencing. But the reason things are taking so long aside from changing to Lumberyard is that they are literally creating these systems from scratch. There isn't a program. To their standards for P.G. So they are making them. This is what takes so long or has. Now that they are completing sectors like solar system, ecosystem etc. We are getting the planet's. They are continuing to shrink the size of the generation now to make actual intractable cities and a mission system (this one much farther than the city). But by the time this comes put it will probably only take a team a week or two to make a completely new functional system and implement it. This software is as important as the game in my opinion as it will keep CIG afloat with their not being any subscription fees. But they will be able to lease their software suite to other companies to aid in their game creations for millions and provide us with massive content updates relatively frequently. It's the thinking long-term and working smarter not harder combined together. They have such a large amount of money coming in now that they can have a staff way bigger than they will be able to sustain later after game release so creating tools to provide P.G. content that will have the quality of hand-crafted is the only way to go and they show that is what they are slaving over right now. But eventually there won't be a distinction between the two. Or that's my opinion at least.
  12. Ok, understand now but your kinda wrong. Yes they use the software they made called SolEd for vast procedural generation, but as they get into specifics they then make changes all the way down to individual tree placement if needed. They have some around the verse and interviews on the process over the last year that is very much a need to watch to understand how they are truly customizing this. This is why the initial 100 systems they were aiming for at launch isn't going to happen. Yes they could do it completely by procedural generation but that isn't up to the level CIG is working at by then customizing the systems as they create them so there will be less even though to do it that way is completely and easily possible.
  13. Yeah that's what I was thinking, IDK what ED is but No Mans Sky was just mindless content it was only about the size that makes it stick out. And SC is both procedurally generated combined with "hand-edited" which is why it took so long for them to create things like SolEd combining the two. But I wanted clarification because I honestly am starting to think that he is just trolling me. Literally every response, though few, has been a callout on knowledge or lack of in some way. But since I don't know if that's the case I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  14. I like that thought, I was thinking along a lets do 1 thing illegally then act proper afterwards and just clean up the mess made for a profit, clearly I'm not cut for the pirate life. A quick ejection could of a container while spooling up to jump would be a much better idea. It also makes me wonder about the charging time. Specifically if it will be changed from its current state. As far I know right now the time to boot up and the travel speed while in quantum are the same for every ship, but I think that has a good possibility of changing. For instance the more mass the slower it would go in quantum, the more volume the more energy needed to jump and so a longer charge time. As it is right now the moment you saw some pirates get close you could just quick jump away, possibly before they were even able to fire on you, then orientate for a real jump to protection before they could follow and attack. But if the time it took to jump was longer for the Orion because of it's size, and then it actually travelled slower and slower as you filled its containers, that would require some adaptive thinking and planning as your day went.