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Found 3 results

  1. SPOILER [Big one] - From May 2015 Leaks - shows some Vanduul Ships we will see in S42 (don't look if you don't want to be spoiled) Found this thread on the RSI Forums that was updated 3/28/15 - SHIP SIZE COMPARISON / SHIP SCALE (3.0) + Best of Community Ship Comparisons (Continuously Updated) + StarCitizen Artwork & Assets Collection Video ++ From CIG (vid below) Ship Status Page: Updated now with perma-link to a Imgur Album (will update there from here one) SPOILER [Leak] Note these are leaked images - On the Net - but not at the consent of CIG Spoiler Star Citizen Leakening - Comparisons High-resolution comparisons of most UEE and Vanduul ships present in the leak. Ships smaller than a certain size stop rendering once you get to far away from them, so the Hornet, Lightning and Blade do not show up despite being present in the line up.. Top-Down Comparison - UEE vs Vanduul Profile Comparison - UEE vs Vanduul Imitation Orthographic Comparison - UEE vs Vanduul This is my attempt to simulate an orthographic render by angling the tops of each ship more closely towards the camera. It's a poor imitation, but is slightly better for comparisons IMO. It has been said that the Pegasus can piggyback two Retaliators on the belly of the port-side hangar. SPOILER [Leak] Teller's awesome vid of Vanduul and UEE ships Spoiler
  2. For a while now I've been looking all over the internet for some renders/cutouts of the WW2 German Panther tank. I have found a couple of them but they are either low resolution or just not that great to use. example: So my question is if anyone has a nice render/cutout of the panther tank, could you please post it ? The reason I am looking for this is because I like to make signature's/facebook covers and wallpapers from time to time (rookie with photoshop)
  3. Happy New Years! We hope everyone has had good holidays and we look forward to getting back to making Star Citizen a reality next week. In the meantime, we thought it would be a good time to share some of the latest MSC Freelancer renderings. Please note that this is not the finished ship: an upcoming pass will update the turret, nose and other areas. MMORPG Award We’d also like to thank the readers of MMORPG for selecting Star Citizen for a 2012 Players Choice Award! It’s always great to win an award, but it’s especially an honor when that award is selected by the fans. So thank you all for making us 2012′s Rising Star! We’re also excited to see that Star Citizen was the runner up for the ‘Most Anticipated’ award.
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