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  1. SOLD TO LOFYE! Best trader ever! Would sell again ***** Thank you!
  2. Vampier contacted me but the sale was not completed due to a lady. This ship package is still on sale.
  3. Hey guys its me again This time I'd like to sell my Original backer Rear Admiral package LTI for 385$ since i bought another ship. I'd prefer to receive payment first via Paypal or bank transfer. Buyer pays any fees that might exist. I got some rep here and a couple more comments on my steam page. I'm also a regular star citizen streamer/youtuber (I have no interest in having bad rep). This is a huge vintage package with tons of nice physical extras. Here's a picture of this baby: I'd like to do this via Paypal using an Invoice. When you contact me, state your Paypal email address (for the invoice), RSI handle and RSI email address (for gifting). PayPal verified only. Show me some rep if possible. Ill post some screenshots later on! Please feel free to place any offers or questions via PM! Thanks! -ViLa Some pics:
  4. Traded the aurora package with him. Nice smooth sale! Still have an aurora package left! Anyone interested? Thanks, -Vila
  5. Just finished up the trade with Zeks: Thank you so much for the exchange and for being straightforward and dependable. Hope to be trading with you again, Zeks! Thanks for your help b0cy! The aurora packages are still available for the low price listed in the OP
  6. nah leave it be cause it is useful... i just need to ignore these people
  7. I've had a couple of phishing attempts going on by some weird users on steam before... thats why i'm guessing this is no different LOL
  8. But i dont think you gave them my steam address did you?
  9. Hi again guys! Some guy on steam told me his friend wanted to trade something with me... Is it any of you guys? I've had a couple of weirdos saying the same thing a while back but they didn't even know what i was selling so i blocked them. If it is someone from this forum please tell me (otherwise i will block them on Steam as well). Thanks -ViLa
  10. Thats fine Zeks don't worry As i said the Banu MM is reserved to you until payment clears. I'll be checking the payment status every day. It says here on paypal that it should be finished by 08/04/2015!
  11. Thanks for the info B0cy paypal screenshot http://prntscr.com/6p0xc6
  12. Hi again guys, Just an update: I've received a payment notification from Paypal saying that Zeks payment is being processed and that it should be delivered in 3-5 work days (i believe it comes from a payment source outside of paypal?). Paypal warned me not to send any article until payment is cleared as it can still fail. So the Banu MM is reserved for Zeks until payment is finally processed. Thanks, -ViLa
  13. uh okay i have 3 questions... 1: why is there so much text in times new roman? 2: why does it not say "super hornet" on the top title but only below? 3: Why does it say "GeraldEvans 3/26/15? Did you edit this picture? 185$ looks like a good price but im lacking a bit of confidence here :s
  14. okay im available now the interview went pretty well actually! I applied for a community management position in a well-known videogame company I've Pm'ed Zeks about the merchantman.
  15. i have a job interview right now but ill pm you in an hour or so okay? Thank you
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