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  1. Looking to buy CCU from MM to Endaever
  2. I currently have a StarG. As time goes on, I really think ill have more fun looking for wreckage with buddies vs gas clouds. That said, I also think the StarG will be harder to acquire ingame, which is why I have yet to CCU to reclaimer. On top of that, I hate the StarG layout. I do like the cargo bay though. You guys prefer one or the other?
  3. Tsarbomba

    Want to Sell Account for sale

    This will be done through a middleman (mod) here to ensure proper transfer. And funds paid via verified paypal. Account has 75,000 UEC and melt value is $1080 -Starfarer Gemini LTI -Carrack LTI -Merchantman LTI -Freelancer MIS LTI -Base package with SQ42 and SC All LTI ships were upgraded from P-72. None can be gifted. Account has LTI upgrades from Carrack to Endeavor and a few others. $800 for the lot.
  4. Yeah it sucks. Eye opening for sure. When I sent him a PM here about it he responded "dont know what your talking about. You shouldnt buy stuff illegally when you have a family"
  5. Went and worked out the details on a Banu Merchantman, sent half money (amazon e-card) than was going to send other half after I got ship. What a scumbag. Members name is ( Sarhan ) F'ing messd up. any mods who can look at out PM's check this out lol. WOW
  6. Looking for a decent explorer with lots of cargo space. (I like money) has a decent amount of weapons so I dont get smoked and at least a 3 person crew for some buddies. Also jump drive for deep space. What do you reccomend?
  7. Tsarbomba

    Want to Sell [LTI] Hull-E and M50

    $350 for MM and its sold?
  8. Tsarbomba

    Want to Sell [LTI] Hull-E and M50

    PM sent
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