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  1. Pretty keen, although I really need my work to drop my back pay so I can upgrade my ancient rig. Where bouts you located? Another fellow who must suffer with our terrible internet? I need more people to share my pain.
  2. Welcome to the Base Tim. Having your face is a game is crazy levels of fun. Never played Starlancer though, were you an actual NPC in the game. If so, ever blow yourself up!
  3. Welcome to Imperium Lazy. Love the profile pic. Nice fleet you got there too!
  4. Welcome aboard TO. Great name!
  5. Firefly is very appreciated here. You'll do just fine.
  6. American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Loving it so far.
  7. @Asirum Welcome to base! Seems to be a lot more Norwegians in the world than my little brain would've thought! You'll find a lot of country men here! Have a goodun.
  8. Nice grab with the Caterpillar! Welcome aboard!
  9. Welcome to Imperium! We shall fight the pirate menace side by side!
  10. Welcome to the fleet @Cybersonic Always good to have a modder on board.
  11. Fellows aussie's to share out crappy internet woes and hopefully have connections with for less laggy times are always appreciated on board! Welcome to the fleet!
  12. Can't wait till my new desktop gets in. Will be majestic. Welcome aboard!
  13. Always good to get in on the ground floor! Welcome aboard!
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