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  1. As @Doopsums just said, Imperium has been building and preparing it's own tool(s) for a long time. We hope to get more usable org tools from CIG in SC, but we preparing as we would get none. The Imperium portal, in addition to being a great org tool , will allow Imperium to run live complex org missions with the aid of the divisions and Operations. All missions an Imperium member would need support for like crew, escort etc, can also with easy be created, maintained, edited etc via the portal. The icing on the cake is that the portal will also be accessible for other org and SC players that wishes to use it. No need borrow or "steal" anything.
  2. Feedback Wanted

    When using ESDF, these keys are hand rest keys: ESDF, with A and Space. Left side QW are easily reached. Same with RTG on the Right side. TAB, CAPS, Shift and CTRL are reachable, but most will then loose the QWAS group while reaching. Out of those TAB & Caps is easiest. Same on the Right side. RSTV(C) is reached without hand movement. Out of all the keys, even in WASD, left CTRL is the hardest to reach and will result in hand twisting and lose of "control" of other axis higher up (WASD etc). In ESDF, ctrl is almost unreacable, to the point where I just map the key to a mouse button.
  3. Feedback Wanted

    For me it's been ESDF since before WASD was a thing. So I'd probably use analog ESDF(wr) with Extra QA TG. Spacebar on thumb..Easy 3rd choices would be VB, for flight... For analog FPS, I'd use ESDF with lean WR, with mouse & Track IR. A small reserve for any other axis CIG gives us would again be A&Spacebar.
  4. Feedback Wanted

    For the keyboard to be of any real value, the analog mechanisms needs to be interchangeable with those keys without. Like most ppl don't use arrow keys for something useful that would need to be analog. Having the option to move those to t,g and c,v would make a world of difference in application use. That and any other combination that players prefer. Asking ppl to change the preferred keyboard setup, just to get analog, would loose you customers. Me for sure...
  5. I like the premises, and have often toyed with ideas in similar fashion since early 2000. To tired from lack of sleep to write a complex answer right now, but this subject warrants a proper answer and I'll come back to that later.
  6. There as a lot of info, both technical and timeline. It was a little drawn out, but all relevant info. The The 3.0 vids was stunning, and full of so many game mechanics, game play possibilities, that it's hard to grasp in one view. Overall, loved it.
  7. ^ What ^ he said: Amen...
  8. Can't believe I wasted 10 min reading this. It's a directional piece with little to non source creds, no red(common) thread, jumping all over the place, a lot of subjectification through arrangements of fact, lack of fact summary, he cannot have read his own piece given the conclusion he made. I'll grant him that he's capable of typing a lot of words, decreasing the negative angle so much that he doesn't sound like a complete Dlck Shlt. I like to judge effort, things, happening, accomplishments, articles etc, based the on it's own merits. Just because other articles with this kinda of spin has been complete waste material, this still a "write conclusion first, add *facts* in the right order and/or *omit* content to fit the said conclusion"-piece of...I've stopped reading specific news papers(back when paperback was to only option), online magazine etc for less subjective articles. Anywho..that's my extremely subjective opinion...
  9. Nothin..is there suppose to be something there?

  10. good form...
  11. Awesome show @Gamescom @Twerk17 Enjoy the rest of your stay.
  12. Hmm where to start. I think it's safe to say that we are reading the answers in a completely different manner. This is the premise I start with before even looking at the page: CIG have said over 100 times that...everything is subject to change, all the way up to launch. And if you read the eula, even after launch. Therefor I read everything as: They want to, try to, wish to, if they can, do as they loosely outline things. Example like in Q&A. CIG have a history of "playing with word" or adding "twin meaning" or using "broad & general answers that can mean anything(read: let the reader put anything he or she wants, into the meaning)" or "put multiple subjects together, and then Answering only one of them, while, to those not reading to closely or those who want something really bad, can choose to hope, believe that the answer pertains to ALL the subjects in the Question." We come back to the word Alpha all the time, and ppl say "we know it's a alpha" but keep demanding Launch day content. Nothing is ready at this point. Everything is subject to change, tweaks, improvements, removal, finishing touches etc. So with the above in mind, lets have a look at the Questions & Answers given: Q&A1 Answer to Q 4 states that how much internal cargo is affected, was, and probably still are, to be determined. Using my own eyes in the difference between the 2 models, is can seems like they have gone route of adding 0 to very little dimensional changes while upgrading the bulkhead to better "military grade" armor. This how Civilian craft are improved in the real world today. Add armor to exiting bulks, while increasing suspension, brakes, engines and adding more offensive capabilities. Another change to internals, are better components, Aegis styles Stations(read huds and monitors). Q&A2 Answered in Q&A1 Q&A3 Their Answer is ambiguous at best, but if we limit this to only meaning one thing(The ship brand logo reading Aegis Dynamics), then I'm sure that they between now, and let's say launch, can find that hour you claim it takes to fix the brand logo. When you Reference Car manufacturers today, it's common to keep the original brand name if you're just upgrading either sport cars, armoring SUV's and luxury sedans etc. Removing original brand is more unusual, and mostly done with complete rebuilds. Q&A4 When they state that there will more limitations to customization due to less internal spacing, I read that to including both external and internal bulkheads, has they now have to accommodate larger pipelines to the larger engines, reactors, guns, military grade components etc. In addition, I read less flexibility if talk demilitarization of the Gemeni(get the normal starfarer) Q&A5 Main Engines..Check 1. Paint job, internal & external, Check 2. Components, Huds & stations are not ready by a mile. Before Beta I'm sure, in Aegis Style. Q&A6 Fish my a.. I'm sure that when then have more of the ship "modular system", you'll get access to decorate...with fish and tanks...and stuffed heads etc. My guess is, that is extremely low on the priority list. Q&A7 Larger engine and turret size. Remember the class change. The guns, engines will have more power from the reactor, more cooling, more cpu power etc, and if it fits the new class(size) system, it will have bigger engine and or guns. If not they can use more power hungry upgraded engines and or guns from the same size. It will most like Not have Bigger shields, based the new system, just a more of the same size shield banks. Probably the same for the Reactors. More redundancy etc.
  13. I'm impressed by your pessimism. I respect your right to express it, but your "Glass almost empty" look of the "world" is so far left or right(you choose), that I choose to exercise my right to point this out. I should probably list my counter points: The Game is in a Alpha stage... 2.4 have many new fantastically cool features You can fly not only the Starfarer, but also the Gemini. As much the org starfarer silver/alu with orange color is cool, the green color feels like coming home. Fish...tank? With all that is there in 2.4, you choose the lack of that in the current alpha stage of the game, to complain about? Guess what. All ships you can fly, access in hanger, will change, be upgraded, getting finishing touches...many of them multiple times before launch I love SC, the access we have in SC Alpha, the kinda of access we have at this early stage of the game. Any way..rant about ranters over...
  14. Ofc there will be multiple ways of making moenyt 24/7. I do believe they mean afk farming like in clearing out asteroid fields etc. Not that I'm too worried about that. Renting out ships, creating missions for NPC's and or players to be carried out while you're at work or sleeping, is all just normal in game activities.