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  1. Forum Handle: Kitty_Cat Playtime: 830est to whenever. Region: North East USA (NH) Primary interest: Escort or Dogfighting Current Ships: Javelin-LTI, Redeemer-LTI, Vanguard Warden-LTI, Constellation Phoenix-LTI Un-meltable: Idris P-LTI Standalone which if I can get enough funds into the game before launch I'll un-melt. I started out in an Imperium gathering squad but the squad leadership is stationed in Korea and has not been that active so some of the members were going to reform. Lately my ship fleet has been morphing into combat ships rather then the orion, reclaimer and starfarer I previously started with and feel combat may be in my future. I'd like to try out for this unit. I normally can play any time after 830pm est until whenever. I don't claim to be a pro but can follow good leads to get the job done. My MMO background is primarily SWTOR and WOW. I like team play/raiding and hope to find that here through combat ops and escort missions for resource gatherers.
  2. Wowza

    Want to Buy Looking for 4x F7A upgrades

    Thank you I picked one up from Star Hangar. I wanted 4 f7a's before the saber sale. i decided instead to upgrade 3 SH's to sabers. I'm set now and this thread can be closed.
  3. I'd like to have one for each of my hornets that will load out my Idris P. Thank you
  4. Did Arcanus just win an Endeavor?? SOmeone name arcanusimperium won on the stream!!
  5. No system that we know of. Maybe it wont be as tedious as it is in ED. Maybe closer to Eve for mining harvesting. Any ship should be able to launch drones. Granted the idris isn't a flying refinery but i don't see why it cant mine ore if it has the same sized hard point. I dont think all asteroid fields will be spare enough for the orion to navigate also. Maybe it will also rely on drones in some spots. Or mine you way through the outside rocks to make space to get to others further in the field? Not enough known on respawns of space rocks and mining for anyone to know much of anything. Just speculation for the most part right now.
  6. Not joking at all lol. Look at my forum signature Idris mining a asteroid. I own a Orion but if I can mine in my Idris I will. Maybe the turrets and missiles on the thing can provide defense in more dangerous space. Anyone's welcome to come along for the ride. I have 4 super-hornets to man the flight deck if we run into trouble.
  7. I plan to equip mining lasers to my Idris P if the game allows. If you want to crew let me know.
  8. Man I was sitting right near you with my wife. Didn't know other imperium people where there Stinks I missed out on a photo opp. After a long day at Pax and waiting two hours for the event to start at the club my wife and I bailed after Chris was done on stage. Didnt know he choose to mingle afterwards. Wish he has while we were waiting those two hours. That would have made more sense.
  9. I never found myself while playing Starlancer but maybe they only did that drawing and didn't actually put us in the game. Or the character I am has a helmet on the whole time and I just didn't see myself. I heard they are scanning new people for Star Citizen with a traveling scanner at fan events. I'll keep my eyes open for events that may happen at.
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