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  1. Hello, I'm a relatively new player to Star Citizen as I finally bought a starter pledge (100i) during the Foundation Festival 2023. I decided to join Imperium after having Federal as my guide for a couple of hte weekends since he is quite knowledgeable and the groups we had were enjoyable. Given the somewhat off workhours I have due to working in the evenings the time that I can play games is kind of odd for someone in the Chicago metropolitan area so I had been looking for an organization whose goals aligned with my own, and that people would be on when I was able to typically log on. (I despise piracy, griefing, and those who exploit bugs and glitches for gain at the cost of others as such activities take away from the enjoyment others can have in the game.) I'm looking forward to the Engineering, Science, and Exploration game loops that haven't been added in yet. Not quite sure which ships I'm most looking forward to piloting or working on as part of a crew since so many game play elements haven't been added in yet.
  2. Greetings, everyone! I've wanted a game like this all my life and nothing has quite fit the bill. Then during Invictus Week last month, I found Star Citizen! I understand there are bugs and I understand this is a long-term project which is nowhere near finished, but I am excited to see what's being done and even more excited to see where it goes. I've already pledged enough to be concierge at the Grand Admiral level. I think what I'm looking forward to the most is expanding and exploring the universe. I'd love to connect with other players local to me, and I'm looking forward to finding a solid group. See you out there! ACEystole
  3. Hi guys, I hope im posting this in the right place to begin with. Name's Toby and i'm looking forward to doing pvp style activities like escorts, duels, and large scale fights. I kinda suck at pvp atm and im hopin to learn during my time here. I do like ship meetups once in a while too though. o7 lads.
  4. Name's Sekor, I've been following SC for many years from a distance, but only got back into PC gaming mid-last year after a 12 year break... (life, you know...) and decided to give SC a try towards the end of last year. I got hooked immediately! Probably a little too fast... just can't get enough of it right now. Currently High Admiral. More interested in the bounty hunting / piracy side currently (am i conflicted? maybe...), depends on the mood I guess. But I'll do a bit of everything eventually (though I've only mined in prison so far...). I'm looking forward to the gameplay the MSR will bring, data servers etc... Mostly been playing solo so far and find myself just flying around very often, but looking forward to finding a team and crew to join soon.
  5. Hello reader, I'll keep this short and sweet. My name is Nives (Pronounced Knives), I'm relatively new to Star Citizen having played for a few short months several years back and just getting back into it about a week ago. I have around a thousand hours in Elite Dangerous and a few years ago I was very active in a ArmA 3 milsim group. I hope that both of these facts make me a somewhat useful newbie to you guys even though I clearly have a lot to learn. I live in the USA (Wisconsin) in the CST timezone but I do work 3rd shift so my activity might be a bit random day-to-day. But feel free to reach out in discord if you need an eager player to join up on any adventures in the verse!
  6. Moriyokiri


    Hello everyone, I have been playing for a little less than a year, collecting ships and learning the basics. Looking to join a large group to take advantage of all the (lawful) multicrew gameplay in the future. 36 years old from the USA, living in Europe, Praetorian level backer. Hoping to join and enjoy the game with everyone. Zach
  7. Hello! 26 Male from Wisconsin, USA! Initially pledged back in 2015 with the Aurora MR & Squadron 42 Bundle. Recently upgraded my Aurora to the Avenger Titan. I've loved the idea and scope of this game since I first heard about it and I have excited to see it come to fruition. Now that the template system is finished, I'm hoping they'll be able to bring out new systems with relative ease once they get the pipeline down for it. I had a friend that suggest I join the Imperium a while ago, but I was waiting for SC to kick up a bit more. Not big into PvP, will probably be in more of a support role, but we'll see what comes!
  8. Hello My name Is Toxicantfire looking to experience MilSim organization Been playing Star Citizen for nearly a year
  9. Greetings, Imperium. II'm a 36 year old male from Toronto, Canada (EST) that goes by the callsign Jaxx. Ive been a backer to Star Citizen since 2017, but followed the project years prior. I currently pledge an Ares Inferno and Cutlass Black, though Ive also owned a Freelancer, 315, Aurora, ROC, Prospector, and Pieces in the past. I find that my gaming strengths tend to lean into a FPS role, but Im hoping to improve my dog fighting as time passes and hardware upgrades allow. I am hoping to join your ranks in a casual role, ramping up as events in game pick up. I look forward to joining you in the verse!
  10. Hey everyone! My name is Simon (ingame Brosion), im 21 years old and live in Germany. Im a backer of Star Citizen since 2014, allthough ive just followed the news and state of development for most of the time but never joined an active Organisation until now. Becoming more and more active and involved with the game lately and having met some nice members of Imperium already, i decided to apply and become a part of the team. Thanks for accepting my application, I am happy to be here and am looking foreward to seeing the vision Star Citizen is taking shape together with you! Stay healthy everybody and see you in the verse! Simon/Brosion
  11. Hello, I just applied to join and thought I'd both make this known and introduce myself. I've been playing Star Citizen on and off for quite a bit but usually without any set goal, just having fun. I've tried a few friend owned orgs but that never really worked out so I wanted to join a big active org. I'm mostly interested in strategy, communication and information. Of course this takes time to get into but other things I do in SC is mining, logistics and hopefully base building when it arrives. My current hangar consists of the Carrack, Hercules C2, Cutlass Black, Anvil Valkyrie and a Mercury Star Runner. I still have access to and am planning on buying back a Pioneer and Endeavor with modules. These ships allow me and will allow me to do quite a bit of different tasks but my most hyped and favorite ship will be de Pioneer when it releases. I hope to get accepted soon and get to work. Signed Toby/Simon (That's what everyone calls me but it ain't even my real name)
  12. DarthVinci

    Hi all

    Hello. I'm Darth Vinci. I have been following Star Citizen since 2014. I am one of the leaders of Alleanza Astrale, the largest Italian organization. Between Endevor, Polaris, mining ships, trade and some fighters I have a small multifunctional fleet. My compliments to the administrators and staff of this great community.
  13. Hi all, I've submitted my app via the RSI site. Hope to be a part of something cool and meet new people I'm in my 40s and based in Scotland. Looking forward to flying along side you Vel.
  14. A very good day to you all. I am Lieutenant mafiaknight with the UEENR. As the name suggests, we are a military RP org. We engage in anti-piracy, and Vanduul interdiction primarily. We would like to learn more about the Imperium such that we might form a friendly working relationship for the future. We welcome any of you to join our Discord to learn more about us, or to chat with our members. Our RSI page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UEENR Discord: https://discord.gg/BgWxqFQ
  15. Greetings I'm Flame from Namibia/Africa, everyone I know calls me Flame. English is not my first language, so bear with me fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Imperium. Big fan of the Warhammer 40K universe, and that explains why I am here, that and to start my SC adventures with my fellow Brothers and Sisters of The Imperium. I currently own the Freelancer MIS and Constellation Andromeda, started with SC in 10 January 2016, have been playing on and off to see the progress they have made. I'm very active gamer in general regarding any games. The Emperor Protects. Regards Flame1471.
  16. new to SC and Imperium so hello all! Name is the same in here as the game.
  17. Greetings, I'm Marius, 22 from Germany. It took me a long time to write anything here, but I thought that introducing myself was the best way to get you to know or to find a unity. My English is a bit rusty, but I chose an international organization because I want to improve my English and fly my ship with another Citizen in English. The second reason, I'm here in imperium because it has so many members. I'm motivated to build the empire with all of you that everyone will remember when people talk about Star Citizen. The third reason is of course: brothers, FOR THE EMPERRROOOOORRRRR !!!! My plans for Star Citizen are: To play as a DropShip (Hercules / Valkyrie), to be the captain of a larger ship like a destroyer, and to give support strikes with heavy bombers. Maybe I'll be able to be a unit leader, if so I'll start a Warhammer unit. ^^ Best regards, Dingodile/Marius
  18. Greetings all, I was referred here by an Imperium member who goes by 'Donut' on Discord. So I thought I'd drop my introduction into the mix. I joined the Star Citizen community back in September 2015, consider myself to be an avid role player, and have been serving as the CEO of a small corporation called Seraphim Solutions Group, Inc. (SSGInc on RSI) along side the owner since mid December last year. Outside of Star Citizen, I'm an entrepreneur with my hands in things from photography, videography, laser engraving, and web development. I'm always open to networking with people (especially role players) and am constantly striving to make corporate connections with other organizations. See you all around!
  19. Hi folks, I'm Etyx, a fresh recruit. Thought I'd introduce myself here. I'm 28 years old, born in Germany, raised in Belgium and currently living in the Netherlands (ikr :D). I've been a backer of Star citizen for roughly two years now and I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Squadron42 as well as the Persistent Universe as one does. Looking forward to getting to know lots of like-minded people, to have fun playing in the Verse with or just talking about random stuff over a beer. Cheers!
  20. Hi all, Just applied to join the Imperium org and looking forward to belonging to what looks like an awesome setup. Personally, I am into trade and running cargo hauls, but will also like to get into reclamation and salvage and the odd combat when needed. I currently only own a Freelancer which I will look to upgrade to the Max now certain features have been fixed, but would love to own a Cat and be crew on a Reclaimer in the Future. In game name is ModestMonkey so send me an invite if anyone needs crew at anytime. I am from the UK and will be on most evenings! Thanks, Modest
  21. Pallas


    Hello all, new guy here, interested in joining up with the Trade and Industry division of Imperium. Currently only have a Hull B and a Mustang Alpha, but I'm planning on making my way up to the ludicrously sized Hull E and organizing enormous legal cargo runs. Imperium seems like the best balance of economic funding and military escort out of all of the orgs I've looked at. Can't wait to get into the community and see what's happening!
  22. Name's Gavril, call me Gav. Never been in an Org before and decided to give it a try. SC backer for a while now, my package is a mess and I have a healthy amount on this game. Started with an Aurora. Waiting for the Polaris and the Carrack to come out.
  23. Hi all, I'm Citadel. I've been part of the Star Citizen community for just over 5 years now, I started with an Avenger titan and vowed at the time to not buy anymore ships until the game launched. fast forward to today and I've recently bought an 890J for when I'm not in one of my 8 or 9 other ships/vehicles not wanting to acknowledge the "buy backs" 👀 - So after looking around at various Orgs and getting a feel for each of them I've been in limbo for quite some time. However after talking with an existing Imperium member "StratoCrewzr" I wanted to not only join Imperium but I'd like to hopefully be useful to the Org and thrive within it. I look forward to getting to know you all better! Citadel
  24. Hey yall, My name is Moote, and I am a new applicant to Imperium. I've been a backer since early 2015, and I have recently found my love for the mining mechanic. I am looking for a good community that reminds me of a helpful EQ1 server. I enjoyed the rules of your org, and I hope that you accept my application. Only then, can we both see if we are a good fit for each other. Thanks, Moote
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