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  1. The ex-tech support worker in me wants to ask a bunch of simple questions because I don't know your level of "computer savy" so here it goes. Simple off the top of my head check your power settings, see if its set to "sleep" if inactive. Are you positive its the WiFi adapter that's cutting out? Were is your modem/router in comparison to you computer? Do you have third party firewall or virus software? If you have already checked all this stuff please ignore me and ill keep muttering something about the problem being between the keyboard and the chair.
  2. I love that new ships keep coming out and will keep coming out, but I also hate the temptation to buy one and all the anticipation to fly it and make my way in the PU...Quit tempting me CR, I'm only a man, I can only take so much. Ill have to agree and say the MISC Reliant sounds the most fun!
  3. Umm i think i need a new pair of pants now, WOW. There are no strings on me!
  4. Back from the Void! What did I miss?

  5. Back from the Void!

  6. The DUR (explorer) version has me interested. Ill wait a bit, learn more about how the game plays with what I have, but I think ill save my pennies for the DUR!! But I do have to say the MIS (extra missiles) has me curious. What a surprise for a raider hoping for an easy target. I hope at some point you can customize the paint job on these so they people cant guess what your have biased on the paint job.
  7. I have only spent maybe an hour so far playing, but making those kinds of spins sounds promising. So far all i have been doing is testing how close I can fly to asteroids and such with out going splat. I don't think we will get a real feel for flight styles until we can bind our own set of commands. Also I have seen a few voice command programs talked about that look fun and open up a lot of possibilities.
  8. That just made my day. Don't mess with Luigi, its player two's turn!!!
  9. Dobe Dobe Doo

  10. It will be interesting to see how they handle "hailing" people as you approach their ship, or if there will be global/system/planet/ship wide chat, or if its going to be possible to voice chat ship to ship. I can imagine it getting quiet confusing having a few voice chat channels open. I am thinking most communication with the PU will be via chat/text channels, but we will have to see how its set up.
  11. That would be a great debate to have. Pheonix vs. Magneto: Magneto does not always get his due, he controls magnetism. Ask your local physicist what possibilities that opens up, while Phoenix or "Phoenix Force" is a crazy strong energy source of sorts, be it Jean Gray or Rachel Summers (guess who's kid that is) its only been limited by its host, only trurly realizing the full power when the "phoenix force" its self asserts its control.
  12. Stealth, I bet you did not even see me vote . Loitering in system watching, listening, waiting. Mmm sounds like a good use of my time!
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