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  1. Donated with my very best wishes to Jessica for a speedy recovery.
  2. A long-range fighter with no stock-part jump engine included ?! Mongo confused !
  3. Hi @Boogieman . Welcome to the base, John. There are LOTS of capital ships in the fleet requiring dedicated crewmembers such as yourself. You're going to be very much in demand. Best regards. Beau
  4. Greetings @Hellstrom ! Welcome to the base, my friend. Good luck with your ship acquisitions and in-game ambitions. Beau
  5. Hail @StormyNights ! Welcome to the base. Wishing you happy exploring in the 'verse. Beau
  6. Hello @MrXleader . Great to have you join us here at the base, and in the Imperium fleet, Josip. As @Dragon-Knight so correctly pointed out, the game is not fully optimised yet. Hell, I can't even walk around my hangar without feeling like I'm on a bungee cord ! So don't worry, it will get better. See you in the 'verse, my friend. Beau
  7. Hi there @Acent0r ! Welcome to the SCB and Imperium, William. Nice introduction, my friend. You have some great interests there. Anyone with an ounce of common sense, judges a person on who they actually are, and not by whichever country they reside in. So, don't worry, we're all very sensible here. Warmest regards. Beau
  8. Hello there @Lockon_Stratos ! Welcome to the base, my friend. The 315P is very underestimated in my opinion. A jump drive, a tractor beam, and a jump point scanner as standard equipment from the get-go, gives you a great advantage in deep space exploration and salvage ! Who knows, you might even return, towing a derelict Bengal carrier behind you ! That would pay a few bills ! Best Bengal wishes. Beau
  9. Beaubeau

    Yo fleet!

    Greetings @MadDog and @Opie ! Congrats on the Reclaimer ! That's one helluva 'space-tractor' ! All the best in the 'verse my friend. Beau
  10. Greetings @ ! Welcome to the base (and hopefully soon the Imperium fleet) ! A couple of very astute choices of ships there, my friend. Well done ! Best regards. Beau
  11. Many thanks for selling me the Aurora LX package, @flamadin . It was a pleasure doing business with you, my friend. All the best. Beau
  12. PM sent, @flamadin Regards. Mark
  13. Nice price, @Wu Jen ! The Scythes I've seen for sale so far, have started at $1,750.00 USD with PayPal fees not even added on (and quite a few have been priced way above even that) !
  14. Congrats @The Red Comet ! I voted for Incrude.......Icrune........Inrucd.......Anvil !
  15. Greetings @Grizz . Welcome to the base, and hopefully, in due course, the Fleet ! I think your gunnery skills will be very much in demand ! A very high percentage of ships in 'Star Citizen' are of the multi-crew variety. From the 2 man Super Hornet fighter, to the god-knows-how-many-men Javelin capital ship ! There will always be a seat (and trigger to pull) for you, I'm sure ! And in due course, when you acquire your own multi-crew ship, your little one can be your gunner ! (I'm not saying that was your main reason for having him in the first place of course, but since he's here n
  16. Hiya @Marsten . Good to have you join us at the base, and in the Imperium Fleet. You can browse through the various Squadrons in the Imperium organisation in the Fleet forums ; 'Imperium Fleet' / 'Fleet Assets' / 'Fleet Squadrons'. I think you'll find that although they all have a primary role (be it Combat, Exploration, or Trade & Industry), they mostly intend to be quite diverse in what they actually do in the game, i.e. probably a little bit of everything ! I hope you find one that takes your fancy. Best regards, buddy. Beau
  17. Bienvenue @ironman1406 . We can always use another pilot, here at the base ! Salutations, mon ami. Beau
  18. Beaubeau


    Hi @MitiGator . Welcome to the base. I'm sure your EVE experience will translate very well into the Star Citizen 'verse. Best regards, my friend. Beau
  19. Welcome back @Risto Risto . Many congratulations on acquiring a Merchantman ! Much has happened while you were sequestered in Kim's bunker (I hope you weren't his barber?). As @ErickPasta suggested, hopping onto TeamSpeak should bring you up to date pretty quickly. And there is of course the Forums, if you fancy some 'light' reading. Best wishes, my friend. Beau
  20. Greetings @MrLars ! Nice to have you aboard. Best regards. Beau
  21. Hello there @MedicBear ! I hope you brought enough bandaids for everyone ? We will need them, for all those Vanduul-inflicted boo-boos ! All the best, my friend. Beau
  22. Hello @Dr.Genocide / The Red Comet ! It is going great, thank you ! Nice to have you here at the base, my friend. Best regards. Beau
  23. Hola @S4fyr ! Welcome to the base, Santiago. Great choice with the 315P ! One of the very few small ships that come with a jump engine included as a stock part. "Have jump engine, will travel !" That, plus the 315P's jump point scanner, means there could be a soon-to-be-discovered jump point out there somewhere in the 'verse, with your name on it ..... literally ! All the best, my friend. Beau
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