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Found 3 results

  1. I'm curious, what is the average salary for a developer at CIG? Doing a quick google search the lowest is around $44k a year to $120k a year for a game developer. This is in the US. CIG has multiple studios around the world which also differentiate the average income. Let's say the average across all studios is $60k a year (a "wild" guess) and they now have around 500 employees. That's $30 million each year. Do we know how much CIG has used on salaries since 2012? I don't know the math here since I don't know all the numbers, but my wild guess would be around $80-90 million since 2012. If you add properties and other costs I'm thinking we are around $130 million in total. Giving them a $70 million + buffer, which is a 2 year salary guarantee for those 500 employees. If this is even close, I feel comfort in knowing the funding is still going strong and they have at least 2 years to finish it up if money stops flowing.
  2. Yay 'murica and your insane medical system.. Looks like resident Gold Shirt, Mark Skeltons daughter has had a accident and pretty badly injured herself. While they have the insurance, their are still costs that are uninsured it seems and it looks like Mark may need some financial help to cover the costs... Proof if its needed, via Cherie Hiedbergs twitter. https://twitter.com/digitalgain/status/705250438220623873 And a post in a reddit thread by Ben Lesnick https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/48qr6r/help_mark_skelton/d0lr3l6 Apparently something may go up on the forums or elsewhere about this later from Mark. https://pages.giveforward.com/medical/page-fjwmgm2/
  3. Ok, I am serious here ... Imperium should make a bot that just captures everything this guy says and compiles it into a thread. There is more raw information being thrown out in General Chat than I have ever seen out of Ben or Chris. 18:46:17CIG Matt ShermanBallistics would have higher base damage and shield-piercing. 18:50:10CIG Matt ShermanThere's going to be some different ammo types, though that'll be a little further out while we're getting the backbone for the physically based damage setup. 18:51:23CIG Matt ShermanMaterials/etc for the ammo types is still being sorted. 18:52:28CIG Matt ShermanAmmo types are being more determined by the gameplay-effect. The material is gameplay-irrelevant all things considered. 18:58:00CIG Matt ShermanAny ship with a walkable-interior would have grav.gens 19:08:44Paldren@CIG Calix Reneau ESP is causing major headaches for me in 1.3 in regards to mixed weaponary. The 'magnetic' effect keeps pulling the ballistics away because it is trying to put the energy pips on the target. 19:09:06CIG Calix Reneaucan't you turn esp off in the settings? /Sigh ... 19:12:46CIG Matt ShermanDataSpikes just will open a connection. 19:13:04CIG Matt ShermanThey won't be injecting auto-hacks into the target. 19:19:52CIG Matt ShermanPurely at ranged with no spike, you're limited to comms/jamming/data-intercept. If you've spiked them, you can disable different systems/components. It's only if you are physically on-board a target ship that you'd be able to do anything that could trigger physical damage to the other ship, including Friend/Foe targeting. 19:20:39CIG Matt ShermanData-intercept is going to be a big part with the comm relays in the systems also. 19:21:28CIG Matt ShermanIf an ammo-container critically fails and explodes, it'd be based on normal damage/impact stuff, and not random heat issues or a per-round consideration. 19:23:03CIG Matt ShermanCasings are just a VFX, not something you'll be scooping back up to reload the shots or sell the scrap. 19:23:36CIG Matt ShermanAny component can damage a ship when it gets destroyed, just all depends on the context of destruction. 19:25:06CIG Matt ShermanHonestly, can't really say until we're actually at a point where varied ammo-types get more active development, which won't be until after the core of PBD is already in place. 19:25:44CIG Matt ShermanOnce the component/PBD changes are in place, Ammo, Fuel, Batteries and Ballast would all share interchangable hardpoints on a ship. 19:26:25CIG Matt ShermanIn part, because real jets/etc store the rounds across the ship-body, and also because placing the full-weight of a few ammo boxes on the hardpoint will cause some really weird flight issues.
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