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Found 24 results

  1. VoA

    Aegis Redeemer

    Aegis - Merc Gunship - Four Horsemen - Redeemer - Final Design (this Video is an extended video with new footage - beyond the end of the TNGS Contest) === Consider it more like a final Commercial for the Ship. <<<---- I am definitely buying one when it comes out - I've appreciated the fine engineering of the ship since day-one.
  2. Hello! Aegis Retaliator Bomber- $230 Redeemer- $225 I accept USD PayPal and all cryptocurrencies
  3. Please PM me if you have an Andromeda to Redeemer CCU with a fair price. TY
  4. Selling various ships. With this past anniversary sale I'm starting to get a better idea of how I want my own personal fleet to take form so giving people the chance to grab some of my buybacks. Prices and melt value as well as whether they are concept sales or CCU'd have been listed. Payment can be sent via paypal FROM VERIFIED ACCOUNTS ONLY. Prices include fees. Discount can be provided for f&f, is that even allowed? If it's allowed then it's true lol, if it's not allowed then obviously disregard. I can send pictures of stuff upon request, I'm just honestly too lazy to do it. Orion
  5. I have a redeemer which is going to be a gunship only so I would like to upgrade it to the caterpillar because I want to do cargo runs in Star Citizen.
  6. hello citizen, the redeemer is not sold anymore. i hope it won t hurt too much your upgrade chains. i see it as a direct reaction to the $0 ccus redeemer -> merchantman that many people are sitting on. edit: the redeemer is now a vailable until july 10th.
  7. I thought I would post this here as well as Reddit, for more exposure. I have a never-worn engagement ring, purchased from Fred Meyer Jewelers here in Oregon that I'd like to be rid of. Its centerpiece is a 6.5 x 4.5mm Oval Tanzanite stone, ringed by smaller diamonds. It's set into 10k white gold. The size is 4.0, but it's my understanding that it's fairly easy to get it re-sized. It also has a lifetime care plan attached to it. It also comes with all the paperwork for the care plan and the receipt from when I purchased it. It's valued at 400$ + 50$ for the care plan. What I'd like t
  8. Hello! I have some LTI ships for sale and though I only have one earlier trade on this site I do have a bunch on that other, grey market, site. CCU'd standalone ships: Reliant Sen (researcher) LTI $95 Drake Buccaneer LTI $109 Freelancer DUR LTI $119 Misc Prospector LTI $135 Constellation Taurus LTI $139 Xi'an Khartu-al LTI $165 Constellation Andromeda LTI $215 Drake Caterpillar LTI $229 Aegis Redeemer LTI $235 Constellation Aquila LTI $255 CCU Upgrades: Mustang Alpha to Dragonfly Black $9 Cutlass Black to B
  9. Hi! Want to sell my account with LTE ships + 15000 UEC. Their total cost is $1550, I will sell them for $1300 + paypal fee. Want to buy new gaming laptop Here the list of ships: Only paypal verified users please. PM me.
  10. Selling one Redeemer with 6 month insurance package for $150USD. This will make my third sale on here. No issues at all with the other two. Accept Paypal with invoice, and prefer google wallet. Transfer WILL be to email address listed on paypal only please. Also ensure I have your proper Star Citizen infos as per normal for transfer.
  11. Verified Paypal only; you will receive an invoice for a Aegis Redeemer for a total of $215 USD including fees. I will prepare and send your purchase to your PayPal email address within hours of your payment, but I am only going to set these up as people buy them so you may have to wait several hours before you can actually melt them. If you want more than one just remember that there is a gifting limit of $1000 every 24 hours. If it matters I was saving up for an Armada pack when they go on sale again, but now I need some serious replacement parts for my rig, and I have to recover some SC
  12. I want to reduce my fleet a little bit so here are nearly all ships I can sell. I will not sell them all and let you decide what I will keep after some are sold. I will also list some rare ships and packages that I can buy back for you, but maybe the prices are not so interesting because I have to pay 19 percent VAT here in germany when buying back nowadays in the RSI store. If you wish to pay with paypal you have to use a verified account. But I will also accept classic bank transfer, bitcoin and cash if you are in my hometown. please contact me via pm if you are interested. Here
  13. Redeemer To Carrack Upgrade Kit Buying. Please PM me.
  14. I am looking to sell my entire account due to my copilot no longer being interested in the game. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5smyzrtiqjgkhev/Screenshot%202016-02-13%2014.47.38.png?dl=0 $1100. Will take Bitcoin or Paypal. Please PM me with any questions or interest.
  15. The Redeemer concept sale is now up. LTI until 10 November. Who picked one up? I decided to drop the Cutlass Blue in favor of this ship after seeing developer notes that Hornet > Cutlass. The Redeemer will replace the smaller multi-crew gunship in my ship line up. I also wondered if it makes for a good 'FPS exploration' ship, where the Redeemer can fly a squad of marines to a frontier planet for FPS action.
  16. I am looking to sell my beloved Aegis Redeemer I bought it not too long ago, but then I decided that when the final game came out, I wouldn't be using it as much as my other ships. I am looking to get $225 for it, which is CHEAPER than its original price of 250 I have a transaction history here on SCB and a Verified Paypal. Buyer needs to have a verified paypal. PM if interested.
  17. cyborgamer

    Want to Sell NON-LTI Redeemer

    I am looking to sell my NON-LTI Redeemer. Because its non-lti I am willing to sell it for $240 + PP Fees or so. If you are interested, PM me. I have a verified paypal account and have a trade history on here on SCBase.
  18. Hey guys, I am clearing out some of my ships to get my computer finally build! I don't want to make a profit on this, just simply sell them to someone who will actually use those ships. The two last remaining ships I want to get ride of are: - LTI Redeemer, melt value = 250, the price I am asking is: $260 - 2Year Caterpillar, melt value = 245, the price I am asking is: $255 The difference in sell price compared to the melt value is due to the paypal fees which you would have to cover. I will only deal with certified paypal users. If you want to use a middleman, you will
  19. tsenado

    Want to Sell RSI Aurora LX 2YI

    Item Type Price Paypal fees Status RSI Aurora LX 24 month Insurance Package $42 fees included Available I only deal with Verified Paypal in US dollars, I will cover fees. Please be aware I will only send the ship/package/upgrade to the same Verified Paypal email (no exception) provided for the payment. Note: To speed up the process, I will require your Verified Paypal email for the invoice. Completed a
  20. Redeemer Package LTI ____________305$ Constellation LTI_________________350$ Sold caterpillar LTI___________________330$ StarFarer LTI ______________________290$ Weekend Warrior LTI _________________300$ Sold Lightspeed LTI_____________________180$ Sold Advanced Hunter LTI_________________140$ Advanced Starter packageLTI___________120$ Sold Herald LTI_____________________110$ Racing Suit_____________________20$ SuperHornet Upgrade ____________75$ Adavocacy Tools________________10$ Arclite Pistol____________________10$ UEE Coat_______________________10$ Prices are lowered booth closed,
  21. Hey guys I want to trade my Redeemer LTI game package + some extra $ for a Retaliator with LTI. So if anyone has a Retaliator with LTI but wants a Redeemer LTI game package instead, let me know!
  22. The Community clearly has voted for a Concept Sale for the Redeemer (Ben mentioned he wanted to poll the community) - See thread: [POLL] Redeemer Concept Sale - see 19min into RTV today Now the Question is..... What should CIG set for the Sales Price for this Redeemer Concept Sale? Items to Consider: Most from the previous poll mentioned it should be price lower than a Constellation at $225 (Connie has better armament, more cargo, larger ship, more missiles, snub fighter, etc...) but higher than a Freelancer at $110. Here are the known Stats of the Redeemer from the Wiki Concept Sale
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