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    Gaming (Simulators, RPG and strategies), Star Wars, science, technology, role-playing, sports, martial arts, weapons and military games.

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  1. May the 4th be with all of you! (Nice to see so many of you, SW fans, on SCB ^^)
  2. Acent0r


    Thank you all for warm greetings! I appreciate it. See you in game and here, on forums. --- @ThunderSnake, of cource we all are humans and friends. And thanks Just there are a lot of stereotypes about russians, and some of them might be little bit cold and repulsive.
  3. Welcome, @Lockon_Stratos. Nice to meet you. You can always change your fleet, if you want, so if you'll decide to start working in Combat Ops or T&I - it is possible, no matter what your ship is. And again, nice to have you on SCB and in the Imperium.
  4. Find "New Members Read" on top of the page. Read pinned topics. And be sure to contact HR member in private message - they will tell you everything. --- UPD1: Try this I think HR must do some permission group magic, so you can read all the links above.
  5. You must also read some papers, pass really simple test on understanding Imperium. And choose fleet you willing to be a part of. In your case, that is Combat Ops fleet. Here is what you need to know: Also, you need to contact any for further info. --- UPD: Also you need to find something in Imperium's Bucket of Treasure - serch for it on forums. What you find will be asked on the exam.
  6. Hello, McMorrow. Squadron 42 is not released yet. It will be a single-player experience and will be available from in game when released.
  7. Acent0r


    Greetings, everyone. My SC name is William Acentor. I'm glad to join SCB community, hopefully I will be good addition to it. About me - I am from cold-evil-red-country, living in it's caputal. I totally love sci-fi, most of all Star Wars, I guess. Spend a lot time gaming. Also I like roleplaying, including text-RPG's, games, quests and cosplaying. Also I am a Computer Science and Math student (which probably makes me useful to technology fleet). Highly interested in aerospace industry and cutting-edge physics. Nice to meet you all. I am looking for a Combat Ops squadron now. Click if you're recruiting.
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