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  1. Opted to sell via other means. Ty for your interest. Mods, please feel free to delete.
  2. Opted to sell via other means. Ty for your interest. Mods, please feel free to delete.
  3. Thanks...I got it worked out after a bit. Not sure why it was giving me issues, but I was able to get mapped mode working again and I'm assigning my commands now. So excited lol
  4. Well, I eventually got all 3 components to work in SC, now I just need to build the command list and assign them to the controls, etc. Happy to say that I even got the throttle analog thumbstick to operate my strafing thrusters.
  5. I'll echo how awesome the CH line is. I have the throttle and Fighterstick and I use the MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. That said... I can't seem to get Alpha 2.0 to recognize my CH stick or throttle. Are you running in direct or mapped mode? Did you add your own CH control scheme to the available mapping under ...\StarCitizen\Public\USER\Controls\Mappings? Kind of bummed as I recall my setup working great though I haven't used AC 1.x in a few months.
  6. That sounds great...I assume there are some sign up instructions? I'll start looking for your squadron link in the meantime.
  7. I'm happy to read others are still on the fence as to what to do once the game goes live. I've been purchasing ships that I feel look great and fill specific roles while still allowing some platform crossover. In all I think after picking up the Gemini this week, I'm sitting at around 11 ships. That's probably far to many for anyone to own, but I since I view each ship as it's own "player" in the PU, this tracks along with my "alt-o-holic" tendencies in MMOs. That said, I have no idea which Imperium unit to apply to. I have small, med, large fighters, short/long range bombers, fuel, mechant, cargo and mining platforms and I want to do it all...I'm hopeful that when I do select an Imperium branch to join, I'll have plenty of opportunities both within and out of the organization to just pick any ship on any given day and just see what the day brings. Ships are listed in my profile so if you are a recruiter from any of the 3 branches and you'd like to offer up your opinion, I'm all ears.
  8. The price is a turnoff for certain, but I'm not worried about stats just yet. I have the Redeemer, SH and many others, but given the new info regarding weapons/sizes/etc. (http://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14570-Design-Weapons-Mount-Updates) I believe comparing the Vanguard stats to any ship other than the Retaliator and Gladius (the only other 2 ships using the new system) is moot. Until the same weapon/mount sizing standards are in place for all existing spacecraft, it's really just comparing apples to oranges. Of course, overall ship size is something different...I was also surprised to see this ship hover at the size of the Redeemer.
  9. Hey folks, I've wanted to back/pledge Star Citizen for a long while and finally put myself into a position to do so. I'm a proud and excited owner of a Constellation Andramada package and this past week I was also fortunate enough to pick up a Weekend Warrior Super Hornet package. Seeing as I'm extremely interested in both exploration and combat, I think I picked up some great ships to do both and then some. I've app'd to Imperium so hopefully soon I can become a full member a chat with more of you. Oh last thing, I will be attending the full day event this Friday, 23 Jan, so if you are in the SA area and want to meet up prior or during the event, let me know. Regards, Kryme
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