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  1. my friend just started on twitch ,shes hella funny to watch give her some love https://www.twitch.tv/okuri_1nu
  2. you know there is a price diffrence of a 100 dollars, tali was 250 and the reclaimer was 350
  3. sorry, ive been very busy with work but i am very interested for the right price of course, i can also trade if interested
  4. with the recent sale of m50's i started thinking,we need to add a new profession to the line up and it should be racing. what does everyone think? i would join it
  5. no problem buddy, i am glad i could help make your day a little better! but that's an awesome score congrats!
  6. that's still pretty good tho! i just updated my whole computer 4 months ago
  7. so i went to steam and got the demo for 3D benchmark here is my results http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/3152181? i got a score of 11549 it would be cool to compare with other peoples steups.
  8. its makes my day to see a few gun enthusiast in the forums @Archangel what is the maker of your ar? s&w?
  9. Just click on the more options on the bottom right corner of the post. I love it though, it really is one of the most reliable hand guns in the market in my thoughts , I have put a few thousand rounds down the rang with not problems
  10. The restrictions on hand guns are pretty relaxed at the moment . I own a ar15 also I'll put up in a little bit
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