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  1. If anyone has a Sabre -> Vanguard upgrade I would go for this. I am really wanting to try the vanguard out
  2. Hey folks! I do not know if it is OK for me to post this here - if it is not, then please do with this topic as you see fit! As the topic title suggests I would like to trade my Battle.net account for a SC ship. I do not know which one and would therefore take some offers, there are a few ships I really want and should I see this then I would gladly take the offer: (I prefer to deal with Imperium members seeing as they might be more 'reliable' than random people, no offense :3 ) Carrack or Vanguard Warden (I do not know the Actual value of my acc, if this is unrealistic then so be it ) On the account there is: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (Nothing special, a lvl 100 character with little to no valueables) Diablo III + RoS StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Overwatch BETA (Not the actual game) Hearthstone (Played early on and there is no super recent content on this account) Best Regards, Kendis
  3. When you get up and running on twitch make sure you let us know, I'll sub for sure.


  4. Hey Kraan! Massive job well done on everything coded and implemented by you and your team! I know it is a Massive time-sink and just wanted to appreciate the work you do! :)

    Job well done! :)

    1. Ostia


      Here here!!!

  5. happy new year mate! :)

  6. Hapy new years! I am way to drunk to be typing this! <3 See you in 2016 folks!

  7. In all honesty I think they will keep raising the pledge packages as they have right now, increments of $6'250 so the next pledge might be $25'000. ($50'000 seems a bit of a stretch right now I think, for some time). A million dollars might be a bit to the extreme side right :P? Most people will not have a single chance in hell of getting it, others might think CIG are just hogging money and well simply it will put too many high-tier ships (Javelins and Idris's) in the game at launch. IMHO. I am all for supporting the game with pledges but what are you to do with 100 Javelins except expanding that e-peen :P? If I just took your troll bait then I will go back into my cave now!
  8. Kendis

    Aegis Sabre

    Can not wait to fly this thing! Anyone else excited over what is to come in 2016!?
  9. Welcome to the fleet
  10. I do not think you need to use liquid cooling, and if you do a AIO-solution (All-in-one closed loop) will probably get the job done and then some for you. However, I do think an air-cooler is going to work wonders for you.. I do not see you as the heavy overclocker from the topic we have right here, correct me if I am wrong I have used this: https://pcpartpicker.com/part/noctua-cpu-cooler-nhd14 before and would recommend it to anyone
  11. I would go with 2x8 GB simply cause I love overclocking just about everything. Personally I think it runs more stable as well. The fewer channels you put on load the better What CPU cooler are you going to use? I would not recommend the stock cooler even if you are maxing all your fan slots. Stock coolers are so... ugly, noisy and really just barely gets the job done There are plenty of cheap CPU coolers with high quality, like Noctua Simply go with the processor you like and feel safe with, the i7 will work as well for your needs!
  12. 1ms and IPS is virtually impossible. If you want 1ms you will have to go to a TN panel. I do not know if there is any IPS panel with 1ms, and if there was it would cost more than the budget you set out with Curved nowadays generally come with some bleeding, unless you really, really, really want a curved monitor. Then I would steer clear Just a quick input on the processor, I do not know what type of processors you guys have been getting, but bottlenecking the 4690k today is quite hard, even with todays games. And considering DirectX 12 low-overhead API it will be less taxing. I doubt you will see much of a difference slamming the i7 versus the i5 in your rig when it comes to games. Video editing and other editing software, sure! But gaming? I do not know But the choice is yours and I am certain these fine gentlemen know what they are talking about Hugs and kisses ;P
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