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  1. Who Are You?

    Who are you going to be in Star Citizen? What will you do? your profession, job, your purpose???
  2. what ships will be in your fleet? flagships, escorts, etc
  3. Will Star Citizen Launch This Year?

    Ive got a sneaking suspicion that they are keeping more things behind the scenes. No evidence to support my claim, just a feeling. Anyone else feeling the same?
  4. MISC Endeavor, what pods will you purchase?

    Legal crops, but perhaps illegal vending??? X3
  5. For those of you who own an Endeavour, what pods will you add onto your ship in order to make it tailor to you?
  6. Will Star Citizen launch this year? What could hold them back? what could make it a possibility?
  7. Xi'an & Banu Capital Ships

    YES YES YES! i can totally see this ship being in the middle of a giant battle in space! like instead of manuvoring around a mountain, its a ship!
  8. Salvage!

    They need to add some sort of magnet arm so you can grab a crashed ship whole and stuff it in the cargo bay to salvage X3
  9. Aegis Avenger Warlock

    This seems like an amazing idea for a ship, which only gets me wondering, what other crazy awesome things from them will come out before launch????
  10. as long as there is still a medical search and rescue variant I am okay with it but...ill still miss it
  11. Roles for the Cutless Red

    what if you added the cutlass red to the anvil crucible??? ultimate tool box!!!! but extremely undefendable XD but still THE ULTIMATE TOOL BOX WILL ENDURE!!!!
  12. Preventing Piracy

    so many awesome possibilities, just thinking of pirate strong holds and fights over cities or planets! i wounder if they will have on foot pirates! like in the scary com sats XD that would be awesome!
  13. New member: Tasku

    hello, everybody! I'm excited to start on with this group and I can't wait to go into it further! I hope to be a great asset and learn all I can to help and support my fellow members! I play plenty of games, love to read write, and just about anything outside! im a humble cowboy from texas, with a special love for support roles. im always looking for more people to play with or chat with, especially about this game and the guild!
  14. Mustang (+ Variants)

    im not too far into the ship designs yet, but I don't think the avenger is so narrow at the top, and I'm not sure the mustang would be big enough, im going with caterpillar living pod~!
  15. Xi'an Scout - Khartu-al (export model)

    OMG the XI'An scout looks so amazing! ME WANT!