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Found 8 results

  1. Onyxlarue


    Was dropped your info by a fellow gamer Jaen and hope to play with you all and enjoy learning about the game pledged and Have CONSTELLATION AQUILA want to explore and build and support. If you all will have me. Play on the PST zone. Older experianced playe of alot of MMO's and Love the space ones.
  2. Hey guys! I'm curious to know if any of you know/play about this game. Its still in ALPHA, but it is kinda fun. I love it for the sandbox, and though I haven't gotten very far in the story mode (to get used to how it all works) there seems to be a lot of fun creative potential. There is an option for a multiplayer, too. Now... you start off as colonials goin to a new planet, but get shipwrecked. The fun is building back up and making a colony, but you have easy tech to make it work well for ya. Not a horribly challenging game... is one of those where the fun is in the exploration, getting resources, and building. Building is the fun part! You can save stuff into ISOs and load em into the game (share em too, I'd bet). I've seen people make Star Destroyers and X-Wings to little cities, custom elaborate swords/firearms, to all kinds of stuff. While maybe not the most epic of games like it, it is beautiful. Probably slower paced than most would like lol. So anyway, just curious is anyone plays this too... and that I'm going to try to see what I can do with Star Citizen ships lol >< Star Destroyer, and the 3D modeling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GywJe67PI8 Ships https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rMnCUwobnE
  3. Ships in my hangar that im selling is: 1. Package - Constellation Aquilla and 18 items (and Kruger P52 Merlin) - worth 325$ Package info here Selling for 250$
  4. Ships in my hangar that im selling is: 1. Package - Constellation Aquilla and 18 items (and Kruger P52 Merlin) - worth 300$ 2. Anvil Superhornet - 3 years insurance - worth 160$ 3. 315P Explorer - worth All ships for 300$
  5. Hello. Currently I have for bounty hunting these ships: Avenger (upgrade to Sabre prepaired if something goes wrong with it), Cutlass Blue (upgrade to Sabre prepaired if something goes wrong with it), Vanguard Warden with Harbinger BUK (upgrade to Redeemer prepaired if something goes wrong with it). For race, fun, fast delivery: M50, Mustang Omega. For cargo and some exploring: Hull B and Freelancer Dur. My problem is that I'm thinking to melt Hull B, Freelancer Dur and unmelt my Carrack. Seeing that Carrack can haul 1058 cargo, Hull B become useless. Carrack=explorer by default, clearly is better then Dur. All have LTI but now is not about this. What should I do ?? What would you do ?
  6. Hey there, I'm looking for a fellow ship captain with his/ her eyes set on exploring the PU when it launches. I own a Mustang Beta and Vanguard( my preferred flyer), so I'll be able to fly right alongside in active combat support. Don't want any filthy Vanduul cutting up any unlucky explorers, so I'll be doing my part (star ship troopers reference) to fight them off. Only requirement, positive attitude! If you have a larger ship and are interested that would be swell, due to possibly being able to refuel and rearm my more fighter based craft. It'll be a partnership, you and me dancing across the void. To friends, Doc
  7. Evening Pilots, I just wanted to post this new space sim that I've just only heard about, it was released on Steam only two days ago (27/02/15); "Ascent is a PVE sandbox space MMO with 270,000,000,000 star systems and an emphasis on strong Sci Fi, exploration, colonization, starbase construction, research and technology, mining and farming, trading and combat. Outside first sector, everything in game is made by players." - Steam If your one like me, who is craving for the PU and has been hugely disappointed with ED then check out either the steam link or their website http://www.thespacegame.com/....Least in this game you can actually land on planets that you have discovered and get out......ohh did I mention everything in outside the first sector is player made...... See you in the verse pilots! Khad Rogo Rear Admiral
  8. This game is going to be so huuuuuge. I am glad I picked the constellation ship to go exploring with. Anyone else excited about this?
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