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Found 6 results

  1. With SC 3.0 being played out and everyone waiting for 3.1 to drop, several of us have been hitting World of Warships (WOW) pretty hard these past couple months. I wanted to join a clan but preferred to hang out here on Imperium/Star Citizen Base TeamSpeak with my homies rather than go somewhere else for WOW clan battles. Sooooo, I dropped $14 bucks yesterday and created an UNOFFICIAL Imperium/Star Citizen Base World of Warships Clan just for us. I figured it would be a good avenue for those interested in playing WOW to come and play with us and perhaps end up joining Imperium in the end. I'll gladly hand over the reigns to the CLAN at any point if someone in the higher ranks of Imperium prefers it to be managed by Imperium Admin. It's pretty much casual play right now and even if you aren't interested in playing Clan battles, simply joining will give you advantages in game with XP multipliers and other various advantages. So by joining and then even playing solo, you'll be contributing towards the Clan's income and it will afford the Clan to progress and grow. So please join if you are a WOW player! To find and join the clan: Go to your PORT and once their look for your "CLAN" tab at the very top of the screen....just below BATTLE and to the right. Once in the CLAN area, do a search for IMPERIUM-STAR CITIZEN BASE and click on application/apply. You'll be approved as soon as one of the other several members' fires up their WOW client and sees the pending application. The Clan Tag is [-IMP-].
  2. The announcement of Classic WoW has me pretty psyched! A lot of folks have very fond memories of WoW before it became such a ROFL-fest. Poll is there to see what people's general feelings are about the announcement.
  3. So I have been jonesing for some good, old-fashioned WoW, so after shopping around the last two weeks, I settled on the Elysium Project. This is the "successor" to Nostalrius, and the server group that Nostalrius sent all of their source code to before they closed down. The community seemed pretty nice, they had PvP and PvE Servers that had decent population, and things were going well. Then I tried to check their forums today and found everything was closed. I checked the facebook group and found this post: http://Lightshope.org So, the TL;DR is that some crooked server admins had been absconding with server donations, while also generating in-game gold for gold-selling services, as well as running a "hush hush" character copying service where people could pay money to have any character someone else had copied and given to them. This was happening the most on the PvP server with top level Arena players. This is definitely a saddening thing, when people use the good will of others to abscond with funds for personal reasons and abuse their positions to make money. Makes me glad that I am here on SCB and with such a great group of people and leadership who are transparent. Cheers all, and be wary when getting too invested in private servers! Added info https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=bj9Eb1IdwdQ Additional info: Appears that there will be an "Elysium" and a "Lights Hope" now. The "clean" staff split off from the Elysium project and took all the server information with them in order to start up a clean environment server system. Elysium may come back up as originally done, but who knows what'll happen from there.
  4. I love I really hope we move to that. My thoughts are it has a lot of promise but ill wait to see what it will be like, But it seems like discord in a way so it has to be good right?
  5. Hey folks! I do not know if it is OK for me to post this here - if it is not, then please do with this topic as you see fit! As the topic title suggests I would like to trade my Battle.net account for a SC ship. I do not know which one and would therefore take some offers, there are a few ships I really want and should I see this then I would gladly take the offer: (I prefer to deal with Imperium members seeing as they might be more 'reliable' than random people, no offense :3 ) Carrack or Vanguard Warden (I do not know the Actual value of my acc, if this is unrealistic then so be it ) On the account there is: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (Nothing special, a lvl 100 character with little to no valueables) Diablo III + RoS StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Overwatch BETA (Not the actual game) Hearthstone (Played early on and there is no super recent content on this account) Best Regards, Kendis
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen! This year has been fantastic for those of us lucky to be in Europe. We've had both Gamescom in Cologne and Citizencon in Manchester, each was an unprecedented event bringing together great numbers of Star Citizens and enthusiasts to have a great time together. So cool. In order to keep up relationships that we've gained in person and through our various meta electronic mediums, I'd like to suggest that we, as a Star Citizen Base community have a short meet and greet sometime this spring. All Star Citizens are invited from whichever org you may hail from and all input from anyone is greatly appreciated! Some notes: We would like to keep the event located near one of the major transit hubs in Europe to keep train and airfare low for those who will need to travel long distancesWhile we are generally an all ages community (or so I believe), this event will probably steer towards more adult activities (aka, increasing our camaraderie with a few drinks)Is geared towards bringing Star Citizens from all orgs and backgrounds together to build bonds of friendship between the CIG organized 2015 and 2016 eventsI'd like for there to be a 'general activity' for an afternoon-you can really only...you know...drink alcohol during the evening before you blow the whole day, so drinking is probably not a reliable choiceOn to the votes! Please select a preferred location or indicate an alternate in the comments below, as well as a preferred month so that we can begin to refine when and where we'll have grand times together!
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