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  1. I will try to show up, looking forward to it.
  2. + 1 for the bumbling idiots I am going to stay with my Freelancer. The Terrapin sounds nice but I do want to bring things back with me.
  3. Starfarer vs Starfarer was fun, thanks for letting me fly with you guys.
  4. woops never mind, You can just hit the "K" in the corner of the video


    1. GestaltZero0


      This is what we have here, "in the best place in the world to live." 

  6. Just got home, its 5:08 so its 10:08 UTC?

    1. Rellim
    2. GestaltZero0


      Thanks :/  thats what I did and when doing math ( i hate math ) i messed up and moved the P.M. and A.M.'s around and thought I would have to move units 

  7. Hello, Now that 2.0 is out would you have some free time for a class?

    1. Xeen


      I'm going to need some time to learn it myself, and so far, it's been difficult to log in and play still (just like the PTU)


      It's going to be a few weeks until I'm ready to teach.

    2. GestaltZero0


      I was thinking sometime after Jan 10th   would that be ok?


    3. Xeen


      sounds about right


      That will give me time to enjoy the holidays + time to learn 2.0

  8. If attacked by a mob of clowns go for the juggler

  9. Hello @Raydar Its nice to meet you
  10. So in Exploration, I would like to do: Expeditionary all, Fringe Operations N/A ( but will be out there if you need anything ), Surveyors Stellar Cartography and Navigation Pathfinder

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