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  1. Hello all Its been some time. I hope everyone is doing well. This year has been long with covid and crap so I would just like to say I am still here, lurking in the forms from time to time, and playing star citizen once in a while. If possible those of us that are somewhat active should get together.
  2. Have a happy New Year everyone.

  3. Some screen captures of the teaser. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17405-Squadron-42-Holiday-Sneak-Peek
  4. I was always told to carry a big knife. Is this big enough?

    Squadron 42 - Star Citizen Screenshot 2019.12.20 -

  5. We should all fly around the new planet if everyone can get into the PTU. This was my 1st time putting my dragonfly into my cutlass to fly around with.
  6. With all the new updates I think we should bring back this thread and start talking about how our feet should be set up and what ships we would be using. So far my ships are: Freelancer dur hornet Tracker 315p Cutlass Black Dragonfly P-52 Merlin Endeavor So my Endeavor is set up with a Landing Bay, Service Equipment and crew pod, and fuel pod I will be setting up my endeavor with mostly an NPC cast that way we will not have to worry about having to hire a person from imperium. Less cost for us the better. ( this is also why I will not be using the constellation, 600i or the carrack. I don't think using that big of a ship with out real people on them would be as good as a single seater or the freelancer could be alone.) So the Endeavor (NPC x4) will be my mobile base staying at or near a major star with at lest my cutlass (NPC x2) and hornet tracker(NPC x1) as defenders. After that I would use the Freelancer with the Dragonfly to do most exploration. The freelancer for space and the dragonfly for land. The 315p (NPC x1) would be a backup fighter that would be set up with an NPC that I would follow along with the Freelancer. The merlin is a backup ship for the endeavor if one of the other ships are needed elsewhere. Now this is all I am thinking. So if we could adapt this for our unit. We could have some sort of mobile base that would sit someplace safe and away from trade lanes ( less pirates ) and have some defenders to scare away everyone else. Then have people split up from there but remain close enough that we could QT to each other if problems come up. Now as of right now we know that smaller ships move faster in QT so we would need at the very least 1 small ship with every explorer that could be used as a quick defense for the unit.
  7. Just looking around, it seems like a lot of people have gone dark. But it looks like our Discord is active. I just started flying around 3.7 / 3.8 and its nice to see all my ships and the changes.
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