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  1. Super Hornet-balancing issue?

    The F7C-M Super Hornet is basically the military version without the canard turrets equipped and a weaker engine. It's advantage over the F7C is it's military grade power plant and having the turret reinstalled. (Which I'm sure most other variants can do anyways.) The big difference is having the extra seat. Adds another set of eyes to a fight. Lets compare stats and cost. 325a ($65) Builder: ORIGIN JUMPWORKS GmbH Crew (max): 1 Mass (empty): 20,000 KG Focus: Interdiction It’s a dangerous universe out there. Be the arbiter of your fate with the combat-enhanced ORIGIN 325a. Just because it’s a rough galaxy doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your comfort: the 325a can come out on top in any dogfight. The 325a features an advanced weapon payload as well as a custom targeting system designed especially for the 325a by WillsOp. Upgrade Capacity: 6 Cargo Capacity: 8 tonnes Engine-Modifiers: 2? Max. Class: Fusion Thrusters: 1x TR3 (Hammer Propulsion HE 5.3), 12x TR1 Sheilds: Gorgon Defender FullStop Hardpoints- 2 x Class 1: Equipped 2 x A&R “Omnisky VI” Laser Cannon 1 x Class 2: Equipped 1 x Klaus & Werner Mass Driver Cannon 2 x Class 3: Equipped 2 x 1 X 4 Talon Stalker IR Twin F7C-M Super Hornet ($165) Builder: Anvil Aerospace Crew (max): 2 Mass (empty): 21,000 Kg Focus: Dogfighting Upgrade Capacity: ? Cargo Capacity: 0 tonnes Engine-Modifiers: ? Max. Class: Fusion Thrusters: 1 x TR3 (Max TR4), 8 x TR2 Hardpoints- 2 x Class 1: Equipped 2 x MaxOx NN-14 Neutron Gun 2 x Class 2: Equipped 2 x Behring M4A Laser Cannon 2 x Class 3: Equipped 2 x 4 Talon Stalker IR Missiles 2 x Class 4: Equipped 2 x Klaus & Werner CF-117 Laser Gatling, (No Canards equipped/ may not be available) The Origin 325a is defiantly the better all around option. It's $100 cheaper can hit hard 8 missiles and 3 guns and carry a very nice cargo load. The Super hornet is just dogfighting. If you want a pure dogfighting fighter get one of these, 6-8 guns and 8 missiles. Their speed would be similar and their maneuverability might be as well. The ability to absorb damage I'd say favours the Super Hornet despite similar weights, but range to the 325a. Also If you don't like "relieving" yourself in your spacesuit I suggest a 325a.
  2. Vanduul Wiki??

    Rome, one of the most powerful empires in history ruling over a quarter of the known world was eventually taken down by barbarians which could not match their technology and fought with one another. This is a game which mirrors that empires fall. UEE is an empire in decline, it has stopped terraforming and places tons of credits into a Sythetic World program. Much like the Romans stopping their military expansion and building walls. Heck Rome changed its capitol from Rome to Constantinople, much like the UEE from Earth to Terra. This future is just mirroring history and I'm excited to see if us little folk can change it's course.
  3. 17 million goal Battlecruiser

    It was Destroyers at the 4.5 million mark. Not cruisers. http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/starcitizen/images/5/5b/Pledges_KS_large.jpg
  4. 17 million goal Battlecruiser

    17 million stretch goal is Battlecruisers. That's cool but didn't we miss a class or two in between? I mean like cruisers. Just so you guys know a battle cruisers in real life is usually a large warship designed for speed with the armament of a battleship but less armour. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13159-15-Million
  5. Best Bounty Hunting Ship

    Um... most ships have an auto eject. Just tractor or tow in the escape pod, no boarding required. After all boarding is supposed to be rare. It's easier to blow a ship up. No love for the 315p? You can deck that thing out with as many weapons as the 325a too. Plus she has faster engines, better sensors and improved endurance helps. Plus she comes with a tractor beam. She'll outrun most thing out there.
  6. Any duel role fighters

    I dunno from my guess of the full weight of modern torps these things might weight a lot. My calculations based off the Retaliator bomb bay suggest that if we carry twelve of these things as a full load they will weigh 2.5 tonnes each (5,500 lbs) So with the reduced bomb bay of the Gladiator they might carry smaller torps or only up to four bigger ones. Having two on a hornet sounds extreme, maybe a single one might be possible on a exterior rack, but expect that much more weight and vulnerability. I wouldn't want to have 2.5 tons of fuel and high explosives strapped to the outside of my ship. Pure and simple heavy weight torpedoes are usually to big to be deployed by jet fighters, only light weight ones. I know there are light weight models of torps like the Mk 50 that weight about 800lbs and have a 100lb warhead. That size I could see mounted on a hornet for anti ship operations.
  7. Exclusive Ships - Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

    Oh I agree it's a good little ship, I just have always preferred high firepower and average speed manuevarbility over well the opposite. The m50 is pretty balanced int hat shart, still that chart looks a little funky. I mean it's just an educated guess really. Look at the P52 merlin.
  8. Exclusive Ships - Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

    Dammit, my speed demon left me and I traded my M50 for a Starfarer. Sadly I don't think the M50 is very useful with LTI compared to a very valuable and vulnerable cargo hauler. Let's hope my only dogfighter left the Hornet pays off.
  9. New ship type - Frigates

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link//13124-12-Million At the 13 million mark a new frigate class ship will be playable. If this is like WWII ships that means something smaller than a destroyer but bigger than a Corvette. Good niche.
  10. Anvil Gladiator Bomber vs. Aegis Retaliator Heavy Bomber

    I picked up a Retaliator awhile back. To me the Gladiator is more a fighter/bomber like an Avenger Tropedo Bomber or a Dauntless Dive bomber. They can sort of fight off fighters, and sort of ruin a cap ships day, but are best deployed en mass. Retaliators are like B-25 Mitchels they can bring a hell of alot of firepower to the table, but are big targets and no good at dogfighting, turrets, armor and counter measures provide most of the defense if they get past the fighter escort of course. I plan on Joining the Imperium (when i get around to it) so if you want another Retaliator to act as a wing man when we drop our load on that Carrier just say the word.
  11. Exclusive Ships - Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

    I fixed my coulda woulda shoulda. M50 in the hanger. I can also live with the fact I don't own an Idris. I remember when the 100 were put up for sale the site was so bogged down that by the time I acutally got to see it was avlaaible it was oversold.
  12. Star Citizen Starship Information Compilation

    EDIT: Added Avenger stats & pic and 350r pic (as it's slightly different than the typical 300 series) We only have the Idris and the Destoryer for stats left! Lots more pictures and variants to come! 2nd EDIT: Idris Corvette stats & Pic added. (Only the Destoyer left boys!) Starfarer Pic added. Complilation is getting a bit unstable to edit now. (We don't have the power captain!) 3rd EDIT (busy day): M50 Pic added, Caterpillar Pic added. (only the Gladiator, Retaliator and Destroyer pics left!) 4th EDIT: Frigate added we are back to two unstated vessels (Jeeze no one has posted in a bit.) 5th EDIT: Gladiator stats updated 6th EDIT: Escort Carrier added
  13. IDRIS LEAK?!?! (Warning Spoilers)

    If your caracter dies his decendant or heir (i.e. your next character) gets the equipment so you OOG don't lose an investment or your hull but IG whoever you were playing as is dead, which realisticly you should avoid. Buying insurance for equipment will be available too, but in some cases (i.e fraud or being in an uncovered sector, perhaps even purposeful ramming) it's not covered.
  14. Hornet question

    Ouch, I never considered you couldn't upgrade the hornet back to specs. It does say that the ball turret has 4 guns and takes up 4 upgrade slots. So hopefully you can bring it back to military specs...however is that even legal in UEE sectors? I'd hate to pay alot more to be stuck with similar firepower to a 325p with less upgrade slots.
  15. A super racer pathfinder, i.e., Origin 350srp

    How? M50 is lighter and has twin TR4's, 350r is heavier and has Twin TR3's.