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  1. Theres somthing you dont see everyday by ea.
  2. Spread the word everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Everywhere! this opportunity is rare and it supports charities as well so scrape together of pocket money and get 8 sweet games!
  3. Google Humble bundle or click this link!https://www.humblebundle.com/ you can get all of the games listed for only 6-7 bucks because this is a charity for many different groups. games include battlefield 3, sims 3, dead space, crysis 2 MAX edition, mirror's edge, deadspace 3, medal of honor, and more! for only 6-7 dollers and yo support charities around the world. ​this is not a stupid thing or advertisement dont belive me then just click the link and watch the youtube video for yourself and check it out! link: https://www.humblebundle.com/
  4. 21 million is their ultimate goal. They release the upcoming 2 stretch goals for every goal ment (eg 15 million stretch goal ment, they show the 16 and 17th stretch goals).
  5. Ya i'll get the 40 dollar Digital merc pledge then when I have more cash ill but the hornet as I want the best fighter for my serive in the Imperium Fleet.
  6. Is there not some kind of deduction or fee when doing this. say I buy a pledge with a 110 dollar ship, i then "melt" it and purchase a new ship but I am deducted for example 10 dollars leaving me only able to but a ship no more than 100 dollars.
  7. Right. After you purchased your first pledge can you then just purchase individual ships or do you have the but the whole pledge with it as well?
  8. I see, its unfortunate but understandable. Never the less my love for space sims will have me in a heavy fighter blasting away our enemies in the name of the Imperium Fleet.
  9. Thanks Red, it say i get the Aurora but which variation of the Aurora?
  10. Hello everyone. So I know the hanger module will be coming out soon and i want to get my pledge but i'm a little strapped for cash. So my question is what is the cheapest pledge that gives me access to the hanger module, alpha, beta and full release?
  11. Thanks for the positive feedback. I am wondering though if the minigun on the nose of the ship might be overkill? Should it stay or should it be something that costs a lot to mount to the ship?
  12. I am going to start working a lot with design programs like autocad and if this idea works out then I'll start this concept in autocad and eventually use other programs better suited to making ships for Star Citizen.
  13. These are the rest of the images. Additionally The cockpit is positioned slightly to the right because I fitted a large mounted gun beside it, Along the lines of a mounted cannon like an ac-130 only smaller and forward facing. Theres also concealed rockets (however do to the restrictions of lego there not concealed in this concept). The little blue circle on the nose is where the cockpit would be, imagine the front and rockets as being covered up. I also didn't pay much attention to weapons and weapon slots. that can be figured out later if this concept is liked.
  14. My nephew came over for a bit and I got out my old lego for us to play with. He asked me to make a ship and so I did. It was then when I thought maybe i'll take a few pics and see what people think if I was to make this using an editing program like autocad. So when looking please keep in mind that I did not have all the pieces I wanted and this ship is merely for a conceptual idea of what it might look like. The Idea: The nose of the ship tilted down slightly like the Concorde. There is an optional mounted gun on the nose, inspired by the A-10. An inverted wing from the Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut. Two - Four engines as is thought this ship to be more of an interceptor. Forward positioned flaps much like the Eurofighter Typhoon. Revenant Basic loadout: 2 basic lasers cannons on wing tips 1 heavy cannon mounted along side the cockpit 2 missiles concealed in fuselage 2 engines Optional loadouts: (Only a small selection of loadouts, more to come) 2 more engines can be mounted 6 more weapon slots underneath wings, (3 on either side) 1 mini gun of sorts mounted below the cockpit (much like the A-10) More weapons and/or missiles can be added in place of the 6 weapon slots blow the wings. There would be a bunch of other stuff to add on and upgrade but this gives you the general idea. Ships GOOD roles: This ship (the default being the Revenant an Interceptor) plays the roles of: -Interceptor -Interdictor -Heavy bomber (ie lots of missiles) -Heavy fighter (ie lots of ship to ship guns) -Fast "hit and run" strike fighter -Tactical Bomber (ie special weapons for taking on hardpoints of large ships) This ship is primarily built to fill the roles of any and all combat operations. Ships BAD roles: This ship is not well suited for the following roles: -Mining -Cargo shipping and trade Pros of the design: 4 engines allows for high speeds (perfect for intercepter) Large-ish size allows for plenty of high tech equipment (radars, weapon systems, ect) Plenty of weapon slots allowing for lots of weapons, missiles, and plenty of customization for perfect loadout for your mission. Heavy mounted gun is unique to only this aircraft allowing it to push big holes in unsuspecting prey. Long flight range as it stores plenty of fuel and is perfect for deep infiltration, interception and interdiction. Cons of the design: Although having 4 engines the ship is slower and less maneuverable when fully loaded Small cargo capacity as this ship is not built for transport. Large mounted gun has lots of recoil causing any long term sustained fire with the mounted gun to cause accuracy to decrease quickly. The Naming: The reason I choose Revenant for the name is it stands for ghost or disembodied life that comes to haunt the living. Considering this ships strong point in loadout would be a stealthed interceptor / interdictor the name Revenant was appropriate. Evisceration would be a variant of the Revenant and is designed for bombing and hitting and destroying hardpoints in larger ships. Evisceration means to remove internal organs that keep a living organism alive (life support). Therefore Evisceration is appropriate for the bomber variation as its job is to remove the internal organs (hardpoints) of larger ships. Other names: Victrix Orca Barracuda Serpent Kraken Chimera Executor Astoreth Basilisk Spectre Vindicator Yersinia
  15. Yes, I see what you mean by limiting the number of people for the alpha. What I meant by "backers" was people pledging and donating money into things like SC Kickstarter (no longer running) or the RSI main page where you can still get a pledge before all the slots are gone.
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