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  1. Best new feature is you can look around the cockpit (once you're seated) and the mouse is reactive vs the slog before.
  2. I'm in SoCal, however, I think the most important thing is Time Zone.
  3. Khrull

    Retaliator owners?

    I am hopeful the HUD pictured above will let the pilot control the top 3 turrets and some missiles/torpedos. It will be a lot easier to attract players to help man your ship if they're in control of THREE turrets, that'll be fun. The Constellation offers one of its passengers a space ship of their own, for the Tali it'd be cool to hand over a ton of fire power to a friend.
  4. Khrull

    Retaliator owners?

    I believe with two People, you can do pretty well in this ship. Check out the HUD Globe at the top of the Retaliator: If this were just any old HUD, it would not need to be exposed to the outside. It would also be redundant for this to be a navigational HUD, since there is already a cockpit, so I believe this HUD is for the weapons, turrets specficially. Rather than having a person in each of the five turrets, you can put one person in this HUD and s/he would have a lot more control over the weapons than the pilot AND it would help minimize the AI cycles. Another quote from the developer HoloKitten (link): " Automation comes at a cost too: AI targeting systems use up a lot of avionic cpu cycles." Not quite sure what that means in terms of gameplay, but having a person controlling multiple turrets would still be better probably in terms of accuracy than having the pilot control everything.
  5. Khrull

    Retaliator owners?

    For everyone questioning the Retaliator's solo viability, here is a quote from a developer (holokitten): You'll absolutely be able to fly these ships solo. The ships were all designed originally as single player craft and the extended multi-crew functionality came later as fans requested it. In the case of ships like the Retaliator, you will have AI systems that man the extra guns. Better AI systems mean more effective defense! As much as some people only want multiplayer ships be flown ONLY with multiple players, this is not going to be the case. Otherwise, people will have dropped major $$$ and then won't even be able to fly their ship unless they can get a half dozen people together who want to be a passenger to THEIR ship and not fly their OWN ship. That being said, I recommend getting some NPC's or extra player packages so people can teleport onto your ship and take over for an NPC. By having a multiplayer ship with NPC's, you can act as a respawning station for your friends when they lose their ships in battle (until you run out of NPC's).
  6. If I were to bet, I'd say $800. The price floor is $300 since that is about the cost of a Constellation, but this ship is obviously a lot bigger and more luxurious. But this ship does not have the military specs or hangar space as the Idris, so I'd say $1100 is the price ceiling. CIG knows there is a market for people will to spend $1000 for a ship, because the Idris keeps selling out. Yet for gameplay balance reasons, they don't want to saturate the market with overpowered military Corvettes. The 890 will be the circa $1000 ship (I'm guessing $800) that substitutes military might for luxury. I just wonder what the point of in game "luxury" is? Will it have a virtual gym in it?
  7. If you look at ships in terms of the experience they provide, the Freelancer provides a much different experience. There is some type of mystique about being focused on merchant trading and using your wits to select the path, vs just brute force. All in all, the Constellation is better, but that doesn't mean the Freelancer won't provide a cool experience. In terms of benefits, the Freelancer will have less overhead in terms of less NPC's to hire and fuel use will be cheaper. I am also optimistic that the Freelancer will be one of the best smugglers in the game. The Catapillar will draw unwanted attention and the Constellation has a much larger profile, which will make it hard to go undetected. The first step in smuggling is to avoid detection and the Freelancer's relatively small profile for 20 Tons of cargo space, will certainly help in that regard.
  8. I'm a Big SC fan, but I'm not sure where all this, there won't be any problems with the alpha dog fighting release. I don't think it is so much that these different publishers under estimated demand and didn't have the # of servers they needed. I think a lot of it has to do with infrastructure and if there is one weak link, that may not be apparent with smaller work loads and then the whole thing crashes. I don't think it is so simple as slinging $$$ or servers at the problem and then saying, okay, now it will work. Let's put it this way, the Hangar module runs on your own computer and that had problems on the first day, so why would releasing a Dog fighting module, which is server based be easier? This all reminds me of Captain Cook introducing himself to the indigenous Hawaiians. They thought he was god. Literally, thought he was god. Until the moment they saw him bleed, and then they rabidly attacked him, because gods do not bleed. Point is, everyone at CIG is human and if history is a lesson, there will be problems on launch day. Realistic expectations will make the game even better and cut down on rage when things aren't working 100% on day one.
  9. I agree that the dogfighting could easily get delayed. If any module should be delayed it is the Dogfighting, because if the planet side doesn't work that well, nobody is going to be raging, "I want my money back, because the Imo Jimo bar isn't what I thought it would be." On the other hand, if the dog fighting isn't up to snuff, people will be merciless on the forums and say, "I spent $X and the core component of the game isn't up to snuff." I'm not sure if they're going to up-rez all of the ships. If you look at the initial video for the kick-starter campaign, it features the Bengal carrier and lots of hornets. As those were the first two ships created. Also, when the dog fighting first comes out, expect it easier to sign up for ObamaCare than to get into a game. The servers are going to have an insane workload.
  10. I don't think the Dogfighting Alpha is dependent upon the Freelancer variants. If the Freelancer variants aren't released by dog fighting alpha, then the Freelancer owners will just fly their current model and then they can upgrade when the variants come out. I personally believe Dog fighting Alpha will come out in the second week of January, but that's just my guess. We should set up a betting pool on the forum for dog fighting release date.
  11. I think a top selling Freelancer would be a smuggling, stealthy, armored vessel. It may sacrifice some of the cargo hold, but what it makes up for in storage is extra extra armor, probe/scan disrupter upgrades, and it is wrapped in stealthskin armor. Weapons would take away from the stealth capability, but armor won't.
  12. The Connie is awesome. @AVT, that perspective make a lot of sense. I may have melted the Connie for the Retaliator because the Retaliator was a limited ship, I'm really on the fence between them. My favorite part about the Connie is the cockpit. It looks like a huge ass movie screen in front of you and I can only imagine dog fighting with that view! The second part about the Connie that I like is the style of fighting, which is dog fighting. It's big, powerful, and maneuverable. I would rather use piloting skills to take down an enemy than turret skills. But what drew me to the Tali is the firepower and internal ship design.
  13. CGI got much better at designing ships as they progressed. If you've been in a battleship or submarine, you'll see that the newer multi crew ships much closer resemble real life military crafts vs the Constellation, which has a lot of wasted space, because the rooms are too big and not compartmentalized. I think you're getting more for your money with the Retaliator, because it has a better designed interior. I melted my Connie for the Retaliator, because I like the Tali ship design better. But it would be frackin cool to have a super sized dog fighter like the Constellation.
  14. I know it's not "unlocked" yet, but it'd be nice if this ship went on a 3 day sale starting on 10/10.
  15. I heard somewhere in the Roberts Industries subscribers den, from a second hand source (not official), that they have two brochures nearly ready. #1 The Hornet #2 A new Aurora brochure (for one of the variants I believe). Just a rumor, but it may hold some credence.
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