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  1. Want to Trade [WTT] Archimedes LTI for Merlin LTI

    I think the Merlin LTI versions were only given as part of the Conny equipment, i dont think they sold them.
  2. Cpt_Shek thanks for the purchase it was a pleasure StarC
  3. thanks for the purchase RonTaboga
  4. i believe thats a 0 cost CCU and can not be traded / gifted
  5. Funding Discussion

    Since you must know: i dont buy accounts etc, i just try to offer things old players missed newer players cant get as a courtesy. In the last few months ive had a number of LONG term supporters with large accounts fed up with the excuses and changes ..... warranted or not its what i see daily from a large segment of backers ( you will believe what you want, i can say i tried in the end). These are the original die hard investors ... some with accounts over 50k asking if i want to buy them out because they are fedup .... Not some random guy but backers since ive been in ....... forgive me for pointing out things need to change ....... one way or another it will , i am just trying for the good one for the project.
  6. Funding Discussion

    KKillroyV2 yes i am a trader..... i was a backer LONG before a trader....... i became a trader to help be a stop gap measure when deric smart caused a shit storm of people bailing. I put up tens of thousands of my own money to buy people out ( instead of RSI giving refunds ) so that those that were wanting out could do so yet not implode the project. As it was there were so many the Greymarket could barely hold back the tide swelling up ...... Before you scream i am here for profits you might want to ask my history first ( not directed at kkillroyv2 )