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  1. thanks for the purchase Nephalite enjoy the shinny new ship ! StarC
  2. paypal is what i used for the financial aspect of the deal. I create an invoice and its sent to a buyer via the e mail of their paypal account here is a mock up of what it looks like : http://imgur.com/4OrgiE4 each item is listed and at what price. StarC
  3. here is the info for the Carrack straight from CIG ( https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/carrack/Carrack ), notice the 2 green plus boxes in the technical overview, click on them to see what extra's are included. all the ships i sell are stand alone ships, no game package nor UEC. They are intended as account add ons. and i have most ships available ... once you decide on a ship / ships just let me know, most i will have for a while StarC
  4. Sadly i dont trade ships and i am down to just 2 very expensive game packages left ( explorer's ) the Cat / DF package is not a game package and is a package as it was from the RSI sale. StarC
  5. It was my pleasure , now we need to all get mining ... ( i have one too for my personal fleet ! ) StarC
  6. Thanks Sky-Citizen, notroh56, Fleashine for the recent purchases ! StarC
  7. thanks for the purchase !
  8. thanks for the purchase WilliamThePrince enjoy the Saber ! StarC
  9. thanks for the purchase Medestra ! Enjoy the Buccaneer ! StarC