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  1. Thanks for the purchase -
  2. thanks for the purchases Shadoekin07 it was a pleasure !
  3. Thanks for the purchase
  4. Stock updated ( Original Reliant Kore sold out )
  5. I can just say this, as a company they seam more about building a brand then SC / SQ42. Most backers got into this for SC and NOT SQ42 ... SQ42 was to be a bonus not the main focus and in ( my opinion ) they are totally focused on getting SQ42 out first ( a possible revenue stream ? ). I can not be excited about any release till a full release. ( i got to see behind the curtain, and see the wizard and all the smoke and mirrors ). When i see a fully working release, with no net code issues and all aspects included to be fully tried and judge then ill make a call up or down....... I am over the HYPE now i am based on factual content / releases.... The excuses are now not acceptable ..... Get it done or get the F__ on .... 18 years ago EverQuest came out.... it had groupings of 72 live connections with up to ~ 300 monsters in an instance..... we all ran, flew, melee combat, cast single target spells, cast AOE spells etc, had ice ( slippery) water ( you could drown )... armor by locations had properties... agro VS mobs was level based and affected agro ranges to trigger an encounter ... ( varied ) there were quests, skills, crafting, items with ability givers and so on ...... the only down side was you loaded between areas...... I am curious when its all said and done to see how this rates against a 20 year old pioneer of MMO's ( aside from the no load ) all statements above are my opinions only
  6. so when is this next patch with ALL promised updated items that were initially promised back in 2016 for 3.0 ? is it due in 2018? i have given up giving them any credibility for times....... To many times it seamed like times were impossible to have been made in the time frames promised ... only to be proven just that way, not made ....... ( my opinion )
  7. i already know a number of large backers ( 10k or larger ) that have sold off their assets slowly over time since the Citizen Con 2016 Commercial / presentation such that it was ( my opinion ) I personally think the trend will increase if there is no concrete progress soon ( not some Commercial with no significant progress - again my opinion ) So your idea of IF needed was true back in later 2016 and is IN USE today .....
  8. My point was abuse is tough for the grey market to achieve and at CIG's / Turbulents finger tips if anyone ever fell prey to the temptation. It statistically is FAR more likely the abuse was not in the grey market. Yet the smoke screen points to us ..... i again say i welcome an audit.... lets see WHO is abusing whom .....
  9. Want to Sell

    Still no Reply is this still open ?
  10. That would then exclude the possibility of streamers receiving a full melt value gifts to then sell on the grey market and thus bypassing the "paid" person and full disclosure issues. ( not saying thats what is or has been done, but it would remove that option / legal disclaimer / My opinion ). And so on ....... Only a FULL Forensic audit could truly show who is abusing the system. After all the GREY market cant self issue items or to friends and sell them here ..... Only CIG / Turbulent can do that possible abuse ( again not saying it is or has been done / legal disclaimer / my opinion ). Personally i totally welcome a full audit ..... Lets see who is REALLY the culprits here.....
  11. stock updated ( original hull A's sold out )
  12. Thanks for the purchase ashtec enjoy the shinny new ship