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  1. Deep Fried Roast Beef

    Not gonna lie... That looks pretty damn good
  2. Group Conversation

    I think there will be more gameplay than you guys will think.. remeber 3.0 isn't the full game... 3.0 might be a little less than what you hope for.. or maybe a lot more than you hoped for. but it doesn't matter. when 3.0 drops there will be many updates, active developments, more of the community alive, a lot to do and explore. and they will be releasing patches at a high pace. they will listen to the community. and they will make us a great game. people sent thousands in this game. they will deliver on content, as i said i want horror in the game really bad... will 3.0 have that alien isolation feel. NO. but will they eventually, probably. They are working on The Deep core of the game. the Game engine. the New guns, the coding problems, new ships, new flight models, making planets, and much much more. they increased their crew size to 400+ and they are able to do alot at once. and get it done. after all that they can split their team up and do more for Gameplay. they will Add Tanks. Heavy APC's, Drop ships, alien ships, turrets,persistence construction. There will be clan wars. battles over sectors. and all kinds of craziness. we just have to wait for it. there striving for quality.. which is best for gameplay. Cause when you're in a tank. in a vehicle, or inside a turrent. anything you're in it. you're not the vehicle. if you're the pilot you're in the cockpit, no matter what you will be in the prospective that you should be in. a crew member. hell when in a capital ship for imperium you can be a crew hand. be an engineer. a gunner. co-pilot anything you want. this game will let you do it all. Be patient everyone. we are going to the next stage of the games development. Don't lose faith now..
  3. Group Conversation

    FizzleFuze- i'm not sure i could worded it better if i tried i have a lot of the same desires into the game, you have so many good points and scenarios. But i have many hopes similar to yours, cause i'm hoping it will allow everyone to have there own story and truly get everyone Captivated. and let everyone be who they wanna be. and bring real situations to the game where every moment can be a dangerous one and ect. thanks for sharing what you want into the Game. i really hope the game ends up being everything we hope for... even if it's isn't your right, we still can dream. thanks for the other replies. Donut- cant wait to see what the other communities will be like and how they will interact with us, on both lights of good and bad, i'm sure it will be very exciting. especially because of the volume of the game, there's a lot to play with. Foxchard- ya me to. i'm really hoping that it's going to be filling, with plenty to do. but i heavily agree with you about the ship's combat should not be stated. Experience should trump all. and be a major factor. how you use your ship is how you'll be determined if your dead or alive. and should benefit you greatly.
  4. Alien Horror

    Yes you guys bring a lot of good points, the best horror movies hid the creature to make it deadly in more aspects than just looks, somthing that stocks and kills its prey is much more deadly in my mind than a brute that comes out in the open. But many factors go into horror into the game needs to be dynamic and tactical, overwhelming, or spreading, also the As an Example for the Alien. the alien can live on any planet with gravity keeping it planted to the ground, it's well know the blood of the creature is Acidic. but the real reason why is because it recycles Energy and makes more using the blood like a reactor or in some way it's capable of making energy without food and air and sunlight. it's all within its internal structure. with various life cycles, molds, which also repairs itself, and even can make itself a weakened queen if the hive is dead except one, Meaning the organism can survive in many planets, and a squad getting ambushed by facehuggers is all it needs to make a new Hive or spread the species to a new planet or spacecraft or even a station.. you can think of an organism with similar traits to the alien.. will make for a very deadly creature in the verse. I hope they make the game where you can drag creatures with you and even have station infestations there's many idea's of organisms that can survive in space. an organism built in a lab. and now go from planet to planet as a dominant organism
  5. Group Conversation

    i agree shard, i hope they make it so Better dogfight pilots will be able to flaunt their skill, and even allow it to help out there reputation as an escort and so on, but it's wrong just because it has better states it's a set winner. the entire game should be based on real skills Donut- Right the more realistic and different the better, as long as it isn't copy and paste the whole universe i'll be happy
  6. Group Conversation

    Hello its Destra and i wanna bring up a Conversation everyone can be involved with i hope to see a lot of Fun talk in the Chat But i wanna talk about what Do you WANT in the Star citizen Universe. I wanna see Horror.. and dynamic Fights for survival against Deadly Alien Creatures like the alien Movies, But hey that's just meee. what would you guys like to see them implement into the game that would blow you away. something like Tank battles over a moon? or a Massacre over a station? Planetary sieges? No matter how old you are everyone has their niche what they Love. some people might wanna just lay back in there chair listen to the star citizen radio while trading, getting the latest news on the universe. you know this game is gonna be the best, better than anyone expected. it will be a long wait, but my optimism is high for this game, and i have faith in it. won't be just another Triple A game Riddled with DLC's.. pay 60$ for half a game then another 60$ In the DLc's to finish it for something they already made. but held back on so you have to pay for it. Cause to be honest i'm sick of that Bull****. But i wanted to make this thread to truly see everyone's wants and dreams into this game. Tell me, give Pictures, Be Detailed have fun and talk about your expectations. why did you pledge? are you sick of the gaming industry ripping you off? what you think this game can take off of other games or movies, what scenarios you wanna see happen? Just like me?, and want horror, let me know, tell me what ya wanna see when you're in a dark abandoned station that's hiding in the shadows. haha look forwards to reading them
  7. I kinda wish people would read the previous post...there will be 120+ planets... 5-10 first 3.0.. but development on planets is getting better, making them quicker and more detailed through experience and better software. There biggest problem is the servers. Trying to fit people in them. And reducing lag. Even just 10 people make servers unstable from things i read, so a lot of problems are getting worked out, in a lot faster pace than previously. Guys. Remember we are funding and supporting the best space game in the world. That will always be getting better.. we are at a very boring stage atm... i know.. but when 3.0 is out there, there will be loads of fun. And development will increase id imagine when 3.0 is released aswell so. Comrades just relax till then.. its not to far away.. and get excited for the future
  8. Yes i know Banners not flags, i know These aren't even options.. These are inspiration. Star citizen Based Some of there ships off slick Car Designs... Does that mean they look like cars or are Based off Cars..No. Inspiration for a Custom Design. just Like my AA Post. im not asking a Copy & Paste. im hoping someone looks at it, be like i can make something outta that or get a thought... you know what would be cool... anything of that nature.. But thanks for looking into my Post Comrades, ~Destra~
  9. Oh I'M sorry My original Post Had writing But i backspaced and didn't check it, This Was just an Inspiration For The Flags, That i saw was kinda Interesting and its only Inspiration, not to just Copy n Paste But USe the Idea If they Please, was only to Help, although i like the original Flags, But Maybe an Edit would Be Nice Closer to Game Release with some Symbolic Meaning to It ~i Apologize there was no writing was my error
  10. Ground Anti Air (idea)

    I Just Want Players to Know these pictures are to Sight the Imaginate for anti-air Concept On any Ground Based Anti Air Vehicles or Immobile Emplacements Or Towed Emplacements, So Mainly Picture Gallery to Anyone who wants to Pick up on it AAA 33445.webp AAA 3221.html And for The Capital Ships doing ORbital Bombardment for A Org Like Imperium Having the ability im Sure we will Defend are Equipment with Great Defenses Like Missiles Like this to Kill Any Bombarding Ships and Transport Ships From Planet To Space Engagements For Protection
  11. Alien Horror

    Sounds Like An Adventure to meeee Definitely Make Exploration exciting, First it'll start out as a myth Of people going to planets and getting slaughtered, Till Many Find out for themSelves Just How Dangerous and Scary they Really Are. Hiding in the Shadows Fear The Shadows
  12. Alien Horror

    Ya i Know what Ya Mean Would be Awesome if they Can deliver On A Very Scary Aspect of the Game of Exploration and colonization, And As Fox Said, Bring Even Alien Specimens on the ship, knowingly or not.. Maybe You Land without knowing they're There, You, Or the Unlucky people who unload the ship Can Get a Nasty Surprise, Or While Piloting you look to Your Side , and there is an alien Point Blank Staring at you, And Before you can React, The Creature Viciously Slaughters You and Engages The rest of the Potential Crew Would Suck Looking Over And seeing something like this in your Face. Your eyes wouldn't get any wider
  13. Name that ship!

    FreeLancer MAX Role-Transport, Trade, Logistical And Hope to Retrofit her to explore ID: Daedric Paradox Got a Few Names i thought of if anyone see's them and likes em your welcome to em Clawgrip Skywolf Bloodbrand Deathripper Sharpgaze Bladedreamer Daygleam Deadfallow Blackreaper Spidersteel Fireclaw Spiderstrength Dragongaze Starshine Bloodforce Anthrax Everbleed Fragile Sigil Stormbringer
  14. Ground Anti Air (idea)

    I had an idea About Ground Vehicles That would Need Slight Creativity, i'm not sure if people can make Vehicles from scrap but if you Can, I feel its Concept is Durable to any modder who can make it. I Feel That the BUK should be on the Chassis More like the 6-7th Picture With a More Futuristic Look to it, Sharper, but yet, simple. But Would be an amazing addition to the Game Capable of Fitting 4 Ready Size 5 Torpedo's or Size 4-3 Missiles And another 4 Reloadable, will truly make Larger Ships Fear the New Heavy Anti-Air Vehicles. And Protect Base's well. And Even Maybe add The Tunguska But with a High Tech Futuristic design Maybe Add The Weapon set as 2x CF-227 Panther Laser guns and 4x Size 2 Missiles Or Even Add something like the Shilka With 4 CF-227 Panther All Need to Be Wheel designs Most Likely I Picked Russian Anti air System Cause i wanted simplicity First Cause something as crazy as a Patriot or S-400 or Tube Launched Anti-air is i doubt it'd ever be doable unless star citizen attempted to do it themselves Goodluck if someone tries this just an idea i thought of..