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  1. I will do my best to spend all my money
  2. Build help

    Hey bud. Welcome to the base. The best I could find is this reddit post. And then this setup guide for 2.6.x. Hope they help: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uUQNTgCOgs8QFDEQlrigR8E44mgw_1Cl7XvlNfcjB14/edit
  3. I completely agree. The work they are doing is easily some of the most advanced stuff ever attempted just for a game. But I feel that this technology they are building will extend itself from just gaming. I definitely see Chris directing a full-length movie using these tools. I can see simulations being conducted using the stuff they created and so much more.
  4. It doesn't just decreases the market value right?
  5. It certainly is, send him a PM and he will help you out. Good dude.
  6. Me too, but I will try again in the future!! haha Thanks. I was wanting it to do a good number of things for me but I can focus on it again in the future. (maybe with some intel i9s :p) Thank you, the wedding in is October. Excited.
  7. I decided to make the flaps on the throttle do my rolls. It makes it easier with a one stick setup for myself. I plan on getting on phoenix as well, but couldnt pass up on the shatner experience lol. Yep VA is on steam now for an extra dollar or so. I went the cheap route and bought it off the site for $10.
  8. The fidelity of this video was is sexy lol
  9. Thanks again for being awesome!
  10. Whats crazy is that HBO logo is a really big piece of metal lol It's crazy how we used to create physical pieces for logos
  11. Welcome! Hope you have a good time.
  12. Good dad. One day you'll be back! lol It helps with my PTSD etc so I use it more medicinally then recreational, but to each their own! Better then cigarettes. (which I finally quite last year yuck)
  13. I most certainly do. Even the nice one I have with all the percs etc still feels better with cold smoke. How about you?f