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  1. What I find amazing about this, is that the only reason we got confirmation, was due to the ex lead singer of Blink 182. Sometimes I'm ok with this timeline.
  2. Black-Dahlia

    RSI Mantis

    I really like the devs in game showcasing the ships. Pretty neat experience!
  3. Holy hell that was pretty amazing! Hopefully I can afford to upgrade my Aquila to one soon. I want to explore, but I want to do it in style.
  4. Welcome to SCB! I just came back too after a year hiatus :p
  5. Man that 600i is a beast too. Who wants to throw a little get together on one? lol
  6. There's a difference here though. The vast majority don't realize what an alpha or beta means. They just know they download the game and thats it. And you have to be able to know thats truly the vast majority. With the cpu spikes still going on from the PTU, it would of been nice to have those completely taken care of before letting everyone else in and leaving for the holidays. It's especially frustrating seeing certain bugs not fixed from PTU being released to the general public. This is coming from someone who has spent a lot of time in the PTU and has done a lot of reporting for it. Yep it's alpha, but this is truly a different development model from the traditional one, you know that, I know that and we need to be respectful of it. Again I hope everyone can enjoy it for what it is. Depending on the server I have seen better performance then PTU, but there are moments where you still get a nice CTD. ninja edit: Also CAPITALIZING your words for EMPHASIS isn't a GOOD way TO GET your POINT ACROSS. lol And I can easily tell you that a lot of people playing have probably never even seen the issue council before let alone know what it is.
  7. Back from a long Hiatus. Can't wait to get into 3.0 with everyone!
  8. IMO wish we would of stayed in PTU just a little longer. But I hope everyone can enjoy it for what it is. We are sooo close to having a stable 3.0. I hope this general release really helps this figure out the remaining performance issues and get culling out to everyone. That one very very small culling test was amazing. Happy Holidays everyone and see you in the verse!
  9. Downloading now. CIG sure knows how to make a subscriber instantly lol. Can't wait to see everyone out there in the verse!
  10. So exciting! Hurried home and said see ya to the family. PTU is downloading now. So exciting!
  11. Has anyone else watched the season yet? I'm about to sit down and watch it. How are you liking Netflix's take on this epic IP?
  12. If the starting character that YOU customize is randomized idc. As long as I get to make it look like my dog I'll be happy.
  13. No one is making you move past the initial pledge. No one is forcing anyone to play this early. Just wait it out.
  14. I can not wait to go back to AMD. I've been feeling dirty on this intel since my last build died on me.
  15. this item has sold and buyer is currently happy as a mf. mod please move to completed sales
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