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  1. Has anyone else watched the season yet? I'm about to sit down and watch it. How are you liking Netflix's take on this epic IP?
  2. If the starting character that YOU customize is randomized idc. As long as I get to make it look like my dog I'll be happy.
  3. No one is making you move past the initial pledge. No one is forcing anyone to play this early. Just wait it out.
  4. Build help

    I can not wait to go back to AMD. I've been feeling dirty on this intel since my last build died on me.
  5. Complete

    this item has sold and buyer is currently happy as a mf. mod please move to completed sales
  6. Welcome. Also @Fizzlefuse I LOVE your new sig.
  7. I agree with this sentiment. It allows the devs to focus more time on their development. They will be able to show more quality updates as well and won't feel as rushed in production of ATV. This is good news all around!
  8. I will do my best to spend all my money
  9. Build help

    Hey bud. Welcome to the base. The best I could find is this reddit post. And then this setup guide for 2.6.x. Hope they help: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uUQNTgCOgs8QFDEQlrigR8E44mgw_1Cl7XvlNfcjB14/edit
  10. I completely agree. The work they are doing is easily some of the most advanced stuff ever attempted just for a game. But I feel that this technology they are building will extend itself from just gaming. I definitely see Chris directing a full-length movie using these tools. I can see simulations being conducted using the stuff they created and so much more.
  11. It doesn't just decreases the market value right?
  12. It certainly is, send him a PM and he will help you out. Good dude.
  13. Complete

    Me too, but I will try again in the future!! haha Thanks. I was wanting it to do a good number of things for me but I can focus on it again in the future. (maybe with some intel i9s :p) Thank you, the wedding in is October. Excited.