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  1. yeah but that's kind of an understatement there, Andromeda is a permanent ship the likelyhood that anybody would put a non WB CCU of that into buy back is most unlikely. And at a previous price of $225 it was positioned in one of the best spots in terms of pricing, a lot of people trying to complete their fleet would have bought WB CCUs and then put to buy back all the CCUs in between going down to the nearest permanent ship, and had stopped there thinking it was safe to stop since it is always around and the price had never gone up on any flight ready ship before, until 3.14 that is. Sorry I'm salty, but as you said it is very promising as there are still a lot of future flyable ships in that area, so most likely this will just become a mild hickup in the long run. Following your vast experience with CCUs I'll follow on your advice here, but I had already successfully collected not less than 12 CCUs of all future flyable ships last ILW, Alien Week, and 3.14 sale, except of course for the Orion, Endeavor, and any of the hull series, which I think only comes out every IAE. Unlike most of the people in this site, I just recently started, Nov 2020 Free Fly for Star Citizen and just this Feb in collecting and learning all about CCUs, so I am so behind. But at least, since I started, I only missed the opportunity in getting the Nova and the Merchantman before their price increase. But at least I got WB CCUs from them which I think were at their previous prices. And of course there had been a lot more price bumps on other ships especially the Carrack before I started but I cannot help that, I actually had a chance to buy the Carrack WB CCU last IAE 2950, but I wasn't aware of all thses CCUs back then, so too bad for me, but hopefully some of my merchantman CCUs would help me in that price range. That's why I don't use to buy CCUs of future flyable FROM ships, coz I don't really know where it would be priced at on release. But now I will consider collecting CCUs of all the FROM ships (of any WB CCUs) going all the way down to the starter ship ever since 3.14, ever since Andromeda. I think San'tok yai might also fit below $240 since it is a fighter ship, but mostly it might be priced at $240. so you might still be right. I got bunch of Taurus, I actually got way more than I wanted to, that when I reallized I got more than 25 I used up 2 of my Buy Back tokens just to make sure I am at 25, hoping to be under CIG's radar, I just don't want to have any CCU to be more than 25 instances in buy back just in case. Yeah I missed them both. But I got the Nomad game package, good thing I decided to take the Nomad with its LTI rather than the MR 120Mos, but I missed all that Nomad WB CCUs with LTI.......dang. I thats okay I should have stayed more vigilant, and put to buy back those Andromeda CCUs but thats okay the future is still bright That's okay knew that anyway, we are all speculating here, making educated guesses of how CIG thinks. But we all know that CIG shanges the way they think a lot so eventually everything goes outdated anyway. But still continue updating your guidelines its a big help and will help others. I wouldn't had probably thought I would have a chance of buying something like a Polaris if not for the CCU and for your guidelines, so big thanks to you
  2. BTW, I bought all of those MSR WB CCUs with cash of course, do you think they are still going to be forever invalidated? if in case some miracle the MSR gets another price bump a little bit higher than the Andromeda, because you mentioned in your rules that if it was bought with cash, it could possible be bought back if the price of the TO ship eventually goes a bit higher than the FROM ship
  3. Hey @vahadar, I'm really glad to hear from you again. I can see that you are holding true to keeping your set of rules as updated as possible. Now about the Andromedea, Yeah, I got really burned there, it was a big surprise to me, everybody that I asked told me that CIG had not raise prices after releasing a ship, even though I had several videos proving that CIG had raised prices but at that time were all just starter ships which wouldn't hurt anyone's CCU chain. So got so convinced that I melted 9 of the 12 WB CCUs of my Andromeda to MSR, for ILW, which really sucked, and to add insult to injury, I refrained myself from putting to buy back any permanent / always available ship like the Andromeda, so now I only have 3 Andromeda to MSR WB CCUs left and only now have I put some Andromeda CCUs into buy back with it's new price which means the $30 savings from each of those WB CCUs are now down to just $15. But i did not let that pull me down, I quickly re-planned my CCU strategy and now also considers putting always available ships to buy back if it is a FROM ship of any WB CCU or CCU that grants me savings, as I'm no longer taking any chances. My recent WB CCU loses may seem sad but, the Taurus price was much higher than I expected so I am still very happy about that. And I still have a lot to hope for, much too many future flyable ships that, once increases in price would conflict with those invalidated MSR WB CCUs anyway. As an example, I had bought 5 Ion WB CCUs in ILW that gives me a saving of $20 now, and on release would i hope rise a bit more (but hopefully not equal or more than the $260 MSR). Those 5 Ion WB CCUs could most likely replace 5 of my recently invalidated MSR WB CCUs, since those $30 savings from those MSR WB CCUs could potentially be exceeded by the Ion WB CCUs (now $20 saving + potential future price). And to think that there are still so much future flyable ships in that price range, so I am not so down for losing all those MSR WB CCUs. But you are right, regardless of how CIG seems to be handling pricing and bumps in the past, and how many are telling me CIG will not do this or do that, I will instead consider all possibilities, from now on, if I could manage it. And of course that set of rules that you had been maintaining had been very useful, even though I just said I will try to consider all possibilities, situations would still limit what I could put to buy back so your guide helps me determine the least riskiest approach to take, and the best way to maximize using just store credits rather than buying with cash, whenever it is not necessary.
  4. Woah, many thanks again for the code randomizer links, I haven't really given that much thought about those before, but seeing you're getting around a referral a year is not so bad, I'll definitely enter my referral code there who knows right. Yeah I actually did that for the Dragonfly LTI and the ES LTI referral bonus just this Dec/Jan and Apr (3.13 sale). They are now my 2nd and 3rd acnts. I bought a 40.5 USD MR SC game package but no LTI just 2yrs ins. for the 2nd account, and the recent 65 USD Tumbril MT WB LTI for the 3rd acnt, which I gifted to my main acnt after 30 days which just made it for the ILW 2021 to be melted to add funds to put into buy back all future flyable ships for each of my CCU chains. Probably after I complete in getting the remaining future flyable ships, I'll just buy back with credits the Tumbril MT WB as an LTI token. Right now the MT is my only LTI token that I could upgrade and melt freely, the others are the 2 referral bonus and the Nomad SC Game Package LTI (my first pledge) that I do not want to melt, just in case I would need to gift to 1 of my other accounts. That 3rd acnt is already reserved for 1 of my 4 kids, I still have 3 more referral bonus to get acnts for my 3 other kids. The second acnt, I actually use a lot as my pilot while my main acnt enjoys the panoramic views on the Phoenix, or as a ship guard while I'm off trading, or to leave him behind as a quantum beacon if I need to get back to a multiple quantainium asteroid find while mining with a prospector, or to man the second turret while mining with the MOLE, where in that case I found that I no longer need to use consumables if the MOLE has 2 turrets manned, and I even had it tag along during xeno threat which doubled the pay that I received in the event, hehe.
  5. Hi, sorry it took me a while to read up your response. It makes better sense now why the PTV was never upgradable it was originally meant to be a hangar flair. I appreciate that you had to go the extra mile to check if the PTV was ever upgradable, sad that it is not, cause getting that will most likely happen, but the Gladius will take a lot longer if ever that even happens. oh well, that's okay, they were never in my fleet plans to begin with, anyway. So it's just my mind's eye playing tricks on me again. For some reason, I just l keep seeing the PTV, in the first in the all ship listings, probably I just saw it in some other page, and it keeps merging itself to the upgrade page in my mind's eye, that's why I keep remembering it there. Many thanks again. Well at least the PTV is LTI, so that by the time I decide to bring it out to play with it , it will always be available.
  6. You sure, I mean my mind's eye keep showing me the PTV, I even remember its price of 15 USD, but then again, my memory isn't as sharp as it use to be, maybe I am wrong. Not really interested in the PTV itself, but more into when I realized that it could be a potential LTI token, that I haven't accounted for in my fleet planning, but since you are sure that the PTV had never shown itself from the upgrade page, I will not be able to contest its removal from the pledge store which I taught caused its subsequent removal from the upgrade page as well, since it wasn't upgradable in the first place. Too bad, I am most likely to get the PTV by early next year mostly but now that it can't be upgraded, its practically almost worthless, (its soo easy to just buy it in game if i should need it), it would have served better as an LTI token, to save me some money. And yes I was aware that they cannot be melted, I expected it., having already bought to additional acnts for my kids to get the Dragonfly and the ES as referral bonus. I mostly collect the CCUs for my CCU chains, most of then put into buy back, I just simply don't apply any of them until probably when the chain's target ship is actually released and I am absolutely sure that I want it, if not I just don't apply it, until probably when CIG says that they will be taking the CCU feature away and we all have to finalize our fleets, that's probably when I will apply them all, until then I'm fine just using what's left of my store credits to buy or upgrade to some new ship to try it out. Many many thanks for giving me verification, at least I know now that, if ever I make it to the Gladius referral reward I could use it as an LTI token.
  7. Hi, many many thanks for your reply. I am so glad to hear that they are both LTI. Do you think that the PTV had always been un-upgradable? Because I am only a recent backer but I've learned a lot about CCUs and since Feb I had been checking almost nearly everyday the upgrade page and I kinda distinctly remember the PTV being the first ship listed there when you click "all ships", Recently I haven't been visiting the upgrade page as often but when I check it now I no longer see the PTV listed there, and when I go the the pledge store the PTV is no longer for sale, so I was thinking maybe they just recently removed it and also the upgrade from it.
  8. Hi, I just need to know if the Referral Rewards for the PTV (after 5 Referrals) or the Gladius (after 10 referrals) were upgradable? and what insurance they came with? I know that the PTV is no longer for sale nor is it capable to be upgraded from, but if it was previously upgradable, even if you just got it as a reward, I was hoping to contest it to CIG. Hopefully somebody could answer, cause I have 4 kids that I am planning to get RSI acnts for each one, I'm just basically waiting for another one of those referral bonus ship promos, like the recent ones with the Dragonfly and Aurora ES. So I am most likely to get the PTV and maybe at most the Gladius but this one would be much later, i expect.
  9. Hi, I just noticed that the PTV is no longer available for sale. the cheapest ship available is now the ES. So If you are planning to buy other RSI accounts and transfer its credits to your acnt, you will now have to buy the ES (20USD) instead of just 15 USD PTV, to upgrade with credits and gift to your account. Kinda sneaky CIG We can't even buy CCUs from PTV anymore as well.
  10. Many thanks again. I was hoping CIG would be selling WB of carrack nearer to its previews WB savings of 100 USD, the current 20 USD saving is just not enough to justify trying out their subscription. I’ll just wait for a better deal. Thanks again
  11. Hi Apologies for the confusing question. Thanks very much for the reply. So the Carrack is only discounted for 20 USD for a subscriber WB, is that correct? The image show 2 prices, i'm assuming the top one is the WB upgrade with just a 20 usd savings and the bottom one is the standard upgrade.
  12. Hi, Could a current subscriber here tell me the current subscriber warbond upgrade price of the carrack for July 2021? I've been curious to try subscribing even for just a month, but I planned to do it if there is a subscriber WB CCU worth buying as well.
  13. What, it will still be in the old price, even if the price of the Orion only went up to, let's say, $605, for a $5 difference with the Carrack's new Price $600, you would still pay $75 even if you used store credits, when you initially bought the CCU? Keeping to the same price is okay, if the gap had gone bigger than $75 and you still only have to pay $75 to buy it back, that would be nice. When I bought those C2 CCUs, I was analyzing the likelihood of either or both of those FROM ships (Crucible / Endeavor) increasing in price might still be unlikely to happen before ILW and IAE, I just hope I am correct in that assumption, and be able to purchase them in ILW and IAE, respectively, without yet any price increase. ILW is just a few days away anyway, and so far the price of the Crucible haven't gone up yet, when looking at the upgrade page, so I am very hopeful to get the Crucible CCU there, hopefully it is still available again this ILW. I was actually hoping that CIG will update the prices of the C2, M2 in the upgrade page, earlier and I am glad to find out that they do, upgrade it earlier, I thought I will have to wait till Crusader Day to find out. now I could adjust my CCU chains before ILW, which is really convienient Though I am very much disappointed with the C2's increase, I was really hoping for $60 to $100. And I am so sad I didn't get a chance to get a CCU for the Tonk,I could have gotten $15 savings for just $5, in that price range, the same with Talon CCU. The only remaining Future Flyable in that price range is the Hull B, hopefully I get a CCU for that in IAE2951 before it goes up. Looking at the Roadmap for the Hull B, looks like they have some tasks for it until Mid-Dec, if that doesn't change to an Earlier date, and hopefully CIG doesn't raise the price in IAE before release, I might still be able to get that CCU, hopefully before it goes up. Not so hopeful for the Hull C, thought the Hull C had already risen in price before, so not so sure how much higher it could go up, but my more immediate concern for the Hull C is that in the Roadmap tasks for it, ends in Mid-Oct, unless it gets delayed, it might release in 3.15.x or 3.16, where I might be too late to get the CCU before it goes up, so sad, but that's what I get for being this late in the CCU thingy.
  14. Oh really, I did not expect this. I thought, like in the Carrack ($500) to Hull E ($650) CCU example, that you gave earlier in this thread, that I could still buy the Carrack ($500) to Orion ($575) CCU from buy back. So that means 1. if the From ship has gone up but is still less than the To ship, you could still purchase and apply it, but still at the same price when you melted it, even though the price of the From ship had gone up, which should have reduced the price of the CCU. 2. And that if the From ship has gone up more the the To ship, then you simply cannot buy it back, like your Carrack to Hull E example. 3. But as long as I have the chain of CCUs from a Flight Ready ship all the way to the future flyable ship in my hangar, I could still apply them all in the future, even if either 1 or both ships increase in any amount of price. I have several Crucible ($350) to C2 ($360) and several Endeavor ($350) to C2 ($360) in my hangar, I should then make it my priority to secure all the Starfarer Gemini ($340) to Crucible and Endeavor ($350) CCUs to match the all the C2 CCUs I have in hangar, before either or both the Crucible or the Endeavor increases in price. That is exactly my plan, to play the long game 1. make sure to at least have all the Target ships for each CCU chain in hangar 2. collect future flyables into buy backs, then gradually buy them back, but from the info I gained in this thread, I don't have to buy back so aggressively, and just leave most in buy back hoping their price don't change. 3. Buy Warbond CCUs having good savings like the recent $5 MSR CCU with saving of $30 4. Apply only when CCU chain's Target ship gets released and if I am sure that I still want it. Oh no, I stocked a lot of C2 and M2 last Feb. sale, cause there were not much to put into Buy Back, I hope they do not change. I have 9 x Crucible to C2, 9 x Endeavor to C2, and 14 x 600i to M2, in Buy Back. Are those considered stocked already? Cause if Crucible Prices goes up this ILW I plan to replace the C2 CCUs with Endeavor to C2 CCUs from buy back, and on the the other hand if the Endeavor prices increase in IAE, I plan to replace with Crucible to C2. But if the buy back prices adjusts then probably it would be useless. It so sucks that I just learned all this CCU stuff right after the IAE, I have to wait for ILW and IAE to get everything I want to put into buy back and hangar. now this is a nice workaround, but would also mean too costly to stock that many FROM ships (with enough price gap) to induce a difference change in the CCU buy back. I'll make sure to look at it then. As I have learned SOOO many new things that I did not know about in this 1 thread alone.
  15. @vahadar Thanks very much for all your help, and you even managed to confirm a bug for me to bring up with CIG But I have just some more questions to ask you. I am planning to collect to buy back most if not all available future flyable CCUs that I could get this ILW, Alien Week and IAE, for each of my CCU chains. Now to maximize store credit utilization, I have some CCUs that I plan to buy that is an upgrade from a future flyable ship to another future flyable ship (like an upgrade from a vulcan to a corsair for example), which concerns me. So my question is, 1. lets say I have an old Carrack CCU when it was still worth $500 and also got a CCU from the Carrack ($500) to Orion ($575) CCU which only cost $75, back then. Both CCUs are in my hangar, for example. Could I still apply them both to upgrade to the Carrack and then upgrade to the Orion, even though the Carrack's price is now $600? 2. would the system allow me to do that? The thing is I don't have such CCUs so I could not try it (I only gave that scenario hoping to avoid confusion, since I am so good at asking confusing questions). But how I planned in collecting my CCUs will allow a similar scenario to happen in the future, where I could proceed with or totally avoid, if I know the answer to my questions above before I start collecting said CCUs I hope you or anybody who knows could answer
  16. The reason I melted my WB CCU of the MSR with a savings of $30, for just $5, was because I saw in a YT video the same thing you said, so I tried it. Well see for yourself There should have been an ADD link to be able to use Store Credit, just below the ADD link for the Coupon, but as you could see it is missing.
  17. @vahadar I really appreciate your reply, and so sorry for all the confusion
  18. Hi I really appreciate your reply and more importantly for confirming. I guess the only things that will be gone are any paints or flairs that came with the WB Standalone or WB Game Package, right? But in the case of the WB Game Packages, either or both the SC and SQ42 will still be included when bought back, right? Really, I could buy the WB MT with store credit? I haven't tried that, I only tried to buy back a WB CCU but there were no option to buy it back with store credit even though I had a buy back token, I didn't know that I could buy back a WB standalone with store credit though. Sorry for confusing you there. I will be buying all my LTI tokens by buying WB standalones with LTI but instead of my main acnt my alternate acnts will be buying them with real $ whenever there is a referral bonus like the current ES, just like what I did with my 3rd acnt, and then gift them to my main acnt after 30days, to use as another LTI token, that way I get 2 new LTI tokens for my main acnt, and 1 extra token for every alternate acnt that I make, that I could later offer to my friends, which will just require a game package. Now for the game packages, I plan to just buy them up using store credits when there are those with 10yrs insurance and melt to buy back, so that if my friends wants one of my alternate acnt that has an LTI ship from referral bonus included, they could just pay for the buy back and I gift it to them or if they want an game package with LTI then I could just give them the alternate acnt and they could then buy the LTI Game Package themselves with that acnt Thanks, but it is very unlikely that CIG will delete acnts' that had actually pledged with real money, even after I gift the ship to my main acnt. The issue on that thread was that when he came up with the money to buy a game package he couldn't access the old acnt he created for his dad in law (but just a prospect acnt, not a recruit nor pledged acnt). CIG mentioned in some FAQ that deleting a pledged acnt is a bit harder than an acnt that haven't pledge yet, and frankly they just should not delete pledged acnts even if it no longer has any ships in its hangar, except if the creator requests to delete the acnt of course. Because those acnts had actually pledged with real money, and deleting them is like un-acknowledging a backer, it is almost like a criminal offense. How would you like it if you gave money to an ice cream truck to buy ice cream but after giving the money the seller claims that you did not give any money. On the other hand, if the acnt had not pledged any money yet, CIG have every right to remove that acnt. Again sorry for the confusion, yes I understand that it is not going to be a referral, since that acnt that I will be giving to my friend was already a referral and was added to my list of recruits when I bought any pledge worth at least $40 using that alternate acnt, in that case the MT LTI WB, even though I will be gifting it to my main acnt. My hope is not to gain another referral using an already referred acnt, but to just give my friend an acnt that I don't need that has an LTI ship in it, that only requires a game package that I either gift to him or he buys his own using that acnt. Again sorry for the confusion, but the question there is that I should be able to buy back a game package using real money to gift and the SC and/or SQ42 should still be included, right? maybe I would loose some flair or some paints but the SC and/or SQ42 should still be included, right?
  19. @Vahadhar, I really appreciate your reply here as it has truly clarified how I must proceed with my CCU Chain. I had bought the Tumbril MT Warbond standalone for my 3rd acnt, instead of buying a game package this time, for the Referral Bonus, so that my main and my 3rd acnt will both get the Aurora ES with LTI, and plan to Gift the MT back to my main acnt in the future as another LTI Token and just buy a game package for the 3rd acnt once I plan to use it. In my defense, I have 4 kids that I hope will be playing with me in the future, so I plan to do this at least 2 more times to get 2 LTI tokens each time for my CCU chains. And I did the same thing with my 2nd acnt for the Dragonfly LTIs, but only bought game package without LTI which really sucked, but wasn't sure if buying standalone would count as a referral at that time. Don't get me wrong, On game release I've always planned to have 3 acnts even while playing solo (I use Shadow machines from Shadow.tech so I don't need to buy and upgrade expensive machines), I plan to always have 1 acnt keeping watch at my base, another acnt where my BMM will be or accompany me as my pilot, and my main acnt for Hauling, and whatever else I want to do in the verse. 1. So my question, sorry got lost back there, if I melt my MT Warbond Standalone, and later bought it back, the LTI and its price should be the same right? I mean the safest pledge to buy back based from what you said above is a Warbond Standalone, right? 'Cause I plan to keep buying LTI tokens this way (only if its a good bargain) until all my CCU chains have LTI tokens, but acnts after the 5th acnt I don't really need and not all CCU chains are really going to be bought, the later once are mostly just in case and just to keep helping CIG. So most likely I'll be melting some WB standalone LTI tokens until I'm sure that I will be using them, hence the reason why I would really like to confirm this with you, or anybody else who can confirm. 2. Another question, though not as safe as a WB standalone, I also plan to buy with store credits a couple of non-WB game packages, with at least 10yrs insurance, for each of the other acnts, and melt them, and later just in case someone wanted those acnts, like if a friend of mine wanted to get a game package I could offer him one of those acnts and he just needs to pay for the buy back, and he gets an extra LTI ship with the acnt because of the referral bonus. So I should be able to buy back the game packages with the 10yrs insurance intact and gift it to those acnt, right?
  20. Hi @Irres, thanks this is a great help, so this actually confirms what @Vahadhar mentioned above that not all the time a CCU (non-warbond) will retain the original price it was bought with, though for WB CCUs, it may make better sense that CIG just keep the price locked, but of course that is not a certainty unless it is sitting safely in your hangar, as you have also confirmed here. Thanks for that valuable info, I'll make sure to buy back my CCU's and even my WB CCUs that I most need ASAP, though it is a bit harder for me since my goal is to buy all my most needed ships in CCU chain in the most efficient and convenient way possible, but with this new knowledge I will make sure to do my best to buy them back ASAP.
  21. I kinda felt you were the kind that had bought those as well, I mean if I had 1K and the idris-M was on concept sale i'd probably buy it too, and then later regret buying it. Especially now where it's almost 8 yrs since people had bought it, well hopefully server meshing and SQ42 comes sooner so that people could actually appreciate what their money had bought them. I really love the Idris when I saw teller's walk-through and some SQ42 videos. But unless it goes to CCU'able I'd probably just grind to get it, or hopefully the AI will grind to get it for me, that's a big HOPEFULLY. And that's assuming, on game release the ship is relatively easy to purchase, just pricey, but since those ships are a big performance hit, it's probably hard to buy, and if 1 is available its probably for bidding, just all speculations of course. But probably on ship release on Alpha and Beta, its easy to just buy it in some store, if you manage to grind it of course. So which Idris did you had? Yeah, once I have just enough store credit I plan to do the same, in my case I just learned that buy back retains the original price, that's a really big nice to know right there. So do you have any store? if not any plans of setting one up to help those like me who just recently started to get a chance to get a hold on the original priced ones.😁 But I don't have plans of buying from the gray yet but if i do, I'd like to buy from someone I know or had chatted with enough, right. I agree, at first all my CCU chains are exclusively just the capital ships, i felt that it wasn't worth it to buy ships smaller than that with real money, and the LTI would be better spent on capital ships where the insurance must be substantially more expensive, and besides it's soooo much easier to grind for a smaller ship, as you said. Of course on release mining spots will not be as easy to find, Quantum point are not already set, you either have to explore or buy the info, well what I heard was CIG's plan. The 2 Solo ships are just recently added in case the price to pay AI crew is just too much, and will take several attempts to find a balance, and the AI crew trained enough to mine it, haul it and sell it in shops for me, of course I expect a lot of micromanagement, and 1 on my acnts will always join the Haul, while my other acnt would move between mining or shop crews, but that is the gameplay I am most hoping for, the managing of AI Crew. Of course the Level and Scope here are just very high, and are bordering in the most unlikely part of the meter, but I could hope right.
  22. Wow, that's 2 warnings already, that certainly means something. I most certainly will keep my spending very slow then, except for the 2 solo ships (prospector and refinery ship), before the next wipe, but after Invictus week, so that I could just melt and use store credits to get the CCU to prospector and the same with the refinery ship as soon as it get released, I just don't want to go through the grind without at least a prospector. I really appreciate the warning guys, i really do. I'm sorry about your regret, I hope do not get to that point as well. I love the MSR and the MOLE but I only plan to buy them in game even on release. I really love the MOLE so much more than the Prospector, especially since I have a 2nd account to pilot it for me, which makes it a LOT easier to work with. I once made 637K in 1 run and a more recent 515K, while on the prospectors the best I could do is 250K, plus its a homicidal serial killer, but once the refinery ship and icache gets released, I expect my mining gameplay will change dramatically, I will no longer be out looking for the best rock but just more like strip mining whatever I find, since the refinery ship is so much nearer than a refinery station, which should be a lot less frustrating, hence no need to have a large ore storage so using 2 prospectors both with lancet and passive modules that reduce the pickup of inert materials, might make better sense since you could both mine and pilot at the same time, unlike the mole when both acnts are on the turrets. Really, and i thought it had always been a hull limited ship, that's really interesting. Yeah I plan to get the WB CCU for the Polaris which hopefully will be much easier to get than store credit CCU, and I wouldn't mind getting a $75 savings doing so. Besides, before invictus I only have $165 worth CCUs in hangar and an $80 Nomad Package and another $40.5 MR package (2nd acnt), even if I ended up just buying the 2 Solo Ships and an Orion, I still have so much room to put in new money into WB CCUs and melting some to buy CCUs to buy back with store credits. If ever I succeed in getting a WB CCU for the Polaris, it will just be on hold or melted I want to get the BMM more, and believe despite what CIG said about all ships being available in game, the BMM is still going to be a rare ship to buy in game, if they plan to stick to its lore which is it being only passed on as an heirloom ship. which would make it almost impossible to get in game, which I expect it if ever to be in a bidding and will require certain reputations to gain access to bid, I know I may be WAY WAY over my head with assumptions but, that is what I think will happen. And I REALLy like to try the retail store gameplay, which could only be accessible if you have a ship like the BMM or Privateer, though unlike the BMM the privateer should be much easier to purchase, thought still pricey i bet, maybe just having a requirement of the right reputation or maybe not. I know someone that bought his BMM for just $140, and Polaris for $360, and I hope if I really take my time and apply when I believe I got the best savings I could, I hope to get really good savings, and still be able to further support CIG. Plus I plan to just pay with all this using Credit Card Rebates, believe it or not, I've already paid $90 in the last 5 months using just rebates, and I expect my rebates had already increased to $25 per month, in the last 3 months. The funny thing is I have a budget for all this, but decided to see if I could just pay it all eventually with just rebates, HAHAHA. In invictus I plan to have an extra $255 new money budget, to buy all WB CCUs and CCUs of the target ships, and the rest to put to Buy Back and with enough Store Credits for the 2 solo ships. How come you were able to buy this in April? Invictus was in end of May, from the Grey? The Polaris and the Exploration pack are both already costly, you may already be on Concierge then. I like the Vulture and the Hemmerhead too, but will buy them in game. the Vulture will probably melt a few things to buy with Store Credits just to try when it comes out but will just melt and buy in game. I like to try the Reclaimer once its functional, but will probably buy in game as well, depend on how I like the gameplay. The Crucible is also in my CCU Chain but is in the last one so most likely i will end up just buying it in Game, unless beta really really takes much longer to release. But the Endeavor is something I have multiple CCU Chains of but are of much lower priority to the Orion, BMM and Polaris, so that might not also happen, unless Beta comes too too late. Hopefully all paid by just Rebates hahaha.
  23. Thanks for the warning, but I understand that, I never planned to purchase them all in one go, but I do want to support the game in my little way so, all ships that I mentioned except for the prospector and solo refinery ship will be purchased 1 at a time and only once I've accumulated the most savings I could get in WB CCUs from each CCU Chain, which I expect will take several years, and even if I complete all WB CCUs for a chain, if that ship is not coming out anytime soon, I have no plans of applying any of its CCU until it does come out. Right now my only plan this invictus (if there is any) is to have the least budget needed to put most if not everything i need into buy back and only hold the CCUs / WB CCUs of the target ship of each CCU Chain and what is left will be reserved for a prospector in case of a wipe, or more importantly for a solo refinery ship once it comes out. After that it is just collecting WB CCUs for each chain, or buying back CCUs of soon to be release future flyable ships that gives the best savings for each chain. If beta comes too soon then that's fine, I'll just finalize my fleet from whatever CCUs I could melt from the lesser chains and just be happy with what I have, as long as I manage to get an Orion. Aside from possibility of wipes, the prospector and a solo refinery ship, are there to be able to build up the capital to run the Orion without having to loan from the in-game bank. the other ships in my CCU chains are just to support CIG long term, but as I said the process will span years and just gradually shelling out money to buy WB CCUs. That's really nice, in my case my pledge is a Nomad last Dec basically for the LTI, then in Jan I got myself a second acnt in case 1 of my kids wanted to play with me, but really I wanted the dragonfly LTI the comes with it in both accnts, then I grinded the holiday boxes until I got myself a prospector, but got frustrated at first with it using Helix so I went back to ROC but got griefetd a lot so then I tried the Lancet on the Prospector, and grinded my way to a Cat, but 3.12.0 killed the static trading and introduced dynamic trading, so couldn't benefit from trading. But this is the fun thing I got mad with CIG because I lost 1.5M of refinery jobs, when 1.12.1 came out but when xeno threat phase 2 came out and I learned I could earn a lot, so I grinded it, even had my second account tag along as my pilot, to double the payout. and got myself the MOLE, Pheonix, and the Prowler, just before phase 2 was over, so shame at me for being mad at CIG because I got so much more after that.
  24. Agreed, so I should have enough time to complete my fleet by then, if not, which is unlikely, as long as I have a prospector and a solo refinery ship, then if time still permits I'll add some capital ships, Orion, Polaris, BMM, Endeavors into my fleet. So what's your fleet now and what are you planning to get when you remake it?
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