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Printable Blanks For HOTAS And Other Controllers

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I have gone through several changes on my HOTAS over the past day.

Finally, I just printed a dozen blanks to make it easier to keep track of things until I stop moving things around and am happy with the setup.

I had previously made PRINTABLE defaults from the manual, but they are already obsolete, so no hope there.


I imagine that as the modules are released we will be expanding on what we can do with these controls. This may assist you in keeping track of any changes you or CIG make in the future.


So here are some Printable Blanks that you can fill in and use for reference as you set up your XML control files. - DRUM out

EDIT Sept 9,2016: Cheat Sheets added at:



Here are the Default FPS Keys in a printer friendly format. (May 11,2015) - Dec 12,2015 near end of PAGE 2






Blank Keypad Controller






Blank Joystick






Blank Warthog Hotas





NEW Detailed WARTHOG (thanks @typicalmale) 4-18-2015









Blank X52 Hotas






Blank X55 Hotas






Blank X55 Thruster ONLY




ADDED G940 7/3/2014:

Blank G940






NEW SCU 2.0 Flight Keyboard (Dec 12,2015)





ROLL YOUR OWN KEYBOARD - Total Blank for those heavy modified key binds...





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New defaults in printable format for the various controls as of AC_Manual-09-V6 (9/12/2014)


A new keyboard:























The blanks on the first thread are not changed, since they are only to place your customized changes to the layouts.


Enjoy – DRUM out

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The patch today moved some of the default keys around and added a few features.


As always, the blanks on the first entry can be used for custom builds. This layout can be printed to assist you while you are using//modifying your Sticks and Controls.


Here is the New Keyboard in Printable Format as of October 21, 2014. Enjoy. - DRUM out


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Minor changes to Default Keyboard - added to initial post and also below.


May come back and clean it up a little later - was a fast transform. Nothing changed on the other controllers in this thread since I just use the blanks and fill in changes.


Happy Trails - DRUM out


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NEW Keyboard default added here and Edit into first post.


Note that some lines seemed to have dissolved with color changes - seems legible when printed.

May work on it more once released. - DRUM out


PTU 1.1.0 (3/11/2015) Edition Keyboard.  obsolete - see March 20,2015 on first thread


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New KEYBOARD for version 1.1.0 added here and on first thread. ALL others to be considered obsolete. - DRUM out


New Default Keyboard March 20,2015 - NOW Alpha 1.1.1 (April 11,2015)



Larger Print Version



edit: made a larger print version so could put further away above monitor.. Added above - DRUM

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