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Hey Imperium members!


    I am looking to start a small group of fighters for the release of the dogfighting module.

    I am looking for 4 - 5 serious players who plan on flying the 325A fighter from origin.

    I am also looking for 1 commander with a command style ship or a ship used for boarding.


The team will be strictly focused around bounty hunting and military expeditions.

Some type of Microphone would be very helpful but not 100% necessary.


The times I'm available to be online are generally around 12AM-3AM EST

                                                                                      or   9AM - 4PM EST depending on the day.


If anyone is interested in being part of a small tight nit Strike Force please message me with questions!

I can't wait to start the dogfighting!  I can't wait to see you all in game!  Good Hunting!



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Are you looking for an established squadron or looking to make one?

If there is already an established squadron like the one I'm looking to make, then I would like to be part of it.  Either way would work to be honest...  I just want to fly with a few serious players who are focused more on protecting each other than kill counts...   people who are trustworthy you know?  Are you in a squadron?

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Yea I am in a  squadron. Shadow Falcons! What I would say is to look up the fleet recruitment/squadron thread and search for a Squadron first. There are soooo many inside the Imperium. Shadow Falcons want to play more of a Spec Ops role in the PU. Small squads hit and run tactics, bounty hunting, pirate hunting etc... If that is something that sounds good to you I can always give you more info!

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@ King Mohawk  Thank you for the invite.  I spoke with another member of you're squadron and you guys seem like the squadron for me.  I'm just looking for some trustworthy reliable players who will have my back, and I will in turn have theirs.  I feel like it will be more fun when you have people you can count on.  So I'm signing up!  Hopefully I'll see you in game real soon!

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