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WTB: Fujitsu T2010/T2020 working or for parts

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I have some old T2010s, but they all have some broken stuff on them. I could probably scrap 3 of them and repair the other 3, but I kind of like having them around. They add a fun utility to my house to have convertible tablets in every room. 


2 of them need the screens replaced, 1 has a cracked screenguard and 2 have problems that are likely due to PCB failure. Also most of the pens are wonked out. 


If you have a fully functional one, I will give you $50 plus shipping.

If you have a slightly damaged one usable for parts (please specify what is damaged) I will give you $20 to $40 depending on the number of usable needed parts it has.


If you have a T2020, I will add an extra $5 on if the PCB and CPU are salvageable.

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