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Want to Sell Yu-Gi-Oh Card Collection(With Bonus Items)

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  • I do not ship before payment is received
  • Under no circumstances do I accept refurns
  • I only accept payments via Paypal
  • You pay for shipping unless otherwise stated
  • I cover shipping insurance fees

Addition sales information:





  • US $225.00 OBO


Item(s) Information:



This is the collections of all things Yu-Gi-Oh I have collected over the Years. It comes with 5 play mats, 2 sticker sheets(some are missing), 3 Beckett Collectors card magazines, 1 Exodus Poster, 3 rules books(one for Hexors rule books), 11 Hexors, 1 Yu-Gi-Oh digital mini game, one reflective Yu-Gi-Oh disk, 1 set of Yu-Gi-Oh dog tags with chain, assorted/random card protectors, and the two tins you pictured. As for the cards I will list all of the non-common cards, the commons will not be individually listed, I have so many which can be seen in the white in the picture, I don't have an exact count of them but as you can see there is A LOT of them, roughly 2,000 of them.. Please feel free to contact me about any information you may need, and please do not be afraid to send me your best offer, I'm looking to get these off to a new owner and I'm open to offers. Good luck, and happy shopping!


Secret Rare


·         Seiyaryu

·         Gamma the Magnet Warrior

·         Beta the Magnet Warrior

·         Alpha the Magnet Warrior

·         Acid Trap Hole

·         Skull Dice

·         Salamandra

·         Grateful Dice

·         Riryoku

·         Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

·         Lord of D. x2


Ultra Rare


  • Blackwing - Gram The Shining Star
  • Heroic Champion - Kusanagi
  • Mermail - Gaioabyss


·         Relinquished (w/ Super Rare Black Illusion Ritual)

·         Black Luster Soldier (w/ Super Rare Black Luster Ritual)

·         Thousand-Eyes Restrict

·         Left Arm of the Forbidden One

·         Beast of Talwar

·         Red-Eyes Black Dragon x2

·         Gaia the Fierce Knight

·         Royal Command

·         Seven Tools of the Bandit

·         Interdimensional Matter Transport

·         Inferno Fire Blast

·         Guardian Angel Joan x2

·         Helpoemer

·         Toon Mermaid

·         Andro Sphinx x2

·         Sphinx Teleia x2

·         Theinen the Great Sphinx x2

·         Insect Princess

·         The Agent of Judgment—Saturn

·         Barrel Dragon

·         Yamata Dragon

·         Dark Necrofear

·         Armed Dragon LV7


Super Rare

·         Dark Master—Zorc

·         YZ-Tank Dragon x2

·         Dark Balter the Terrible

·         Celtic Guardian

·         Takriminos

·         Barrel Behind the Door

·         Gryphon Wing

·         Trap Jammer

·         Mirror Wall

·         The First Sarcophagus

·         Riryoku Field

·         Spell Shield Type-8 x2

·         Graceful Charity

·         Card Destruction x2

·         Soul Exchange x3

·         The Flute of Summoning Dragon

·         Messenger of Peace

·         Toon World

·         Giant Trunade

·         Exiled Force

·         Lord of D. x3

·         Bazoo the Soul-Eater

·         Freed the Brave Wanderer

·         Different Dimension Dragon

·         Parasite Paracide

·         Z-Metal Tank

·         Catapult Turtle

·         Sanga of the Thunder

·         Sasuke Samurai

·         Banisher of the Light

·         Gravekeeper's Chief

·         D. D. Scout Plane

·         Mirage Knight

·         Goddess of Whim

·         Twin-Headed Behemoth

·         Asura Priest

·         Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

·         Penguin Soldier

·         Berserk Dragon



·         Legendary Flame Lord

·         Darkfire Dragon x2

·         Dragoness the Wicked Knight

·         Flower Wolf

·         Metal Dragon

·         Gokibore

·         Mad Dog of Darkness

·         Archfiend Soldier x4

·         Spirit of the Harp

·         Amphibian Beast x2

·         Opticlops x2

·         Hyozanryu x2

·         Giant Soldier of Stone

·         Dark Blade

·         Shift

·         Destruction Ring x3

·         Dark Scorpion Combination x3

·         Magic Drain

·         Destruction Punch x2

·         Pharaoh's Treasure x2

·         Compulsory Evacuation Device x2

·         Bottomless Trap Hole

·         Skull Invitation x2

·         Skill Drain x3

·         Reckless Greed

·         Lightforce Sword

·         Chthonian Blast

·         Soul Resurrection

·         Curse of Darkness

·         Forced Requisition

·         Blast with Chain x3

·         Contract with the Abyss

·         Dark Designator

·         Combination Attack

·         Stray Lambs

·         Spell Economics

·         Fissure

·         Wicked-Breaking Flamberge—Baou x2

·         Second Coin Toss

·         Stop Defense

·         Thousand Energy

·         Dark Core

·         Goblin's Secret Remedy

·         Monster Recovery

·         Jam Breeding Machine

·         The Shallow Grave

·         Ante

·         Rush Recklessly

·         Continuous Destruction Punch x3

·         Mega Ton Magical Cannon

·         Spirit Message “N”

·         Spirit Message “A”

·         Nobleman of Extermination

·         Spiritualism

·         Return of the Doomed

·         Dimensionhole x2

·         Ultra Evolution Pill

·         Infinite Cards

·         Morphing Jar #2 x2

·         Gravekeeper's Watcher

·         King's Knight

·         Brron, Mad King of Dark World

·         Ameba

·         Shadow Tamer

·         Giant Germ

·         Great Phantom Thief

·         Sasuke Samurai #3 x3

·         Darkbishop Archfiend x3

·         Marie the Fallen One

·         Infernalqueen Archfiend

·         The Agent of Wisdom—Mercury x2

·         Enraged Battle Ox

·         Witch of the Black Forest

·         Apprentice Magician x3

·         Cannon Soldier

·         Dark Driceratops x2

·         Armor Exe x3

·         Rafflesia Seduction

·         Mataza the Zapper

·         Des Feral Imp

·         Mermaid Knight

·         Wandering Mummy

·         Fear from the Dark x2

·         Mask of Darkness

·         Lekunga

·         Newdoria

·         Senju of the Thousand Hands

·         Star Boy x2

·         Gilasaurus

·         Winged Sage Falcos

·         Dark Jeroid

·         Dark Elf

·         Reaper of the Cards

·         Pyramid Turtle

·         Hayabusa Knight

·         UFO Turtle

·         Amazoness Tiger

·         Drillago

·         Witch's Apprentice

·         Great Moth

·         Lesser Fiend x2

·         Shadow Ghoul

·         Armed Dragon LV5

·         Susa Soldier x2

·         Helping Robo for Combat

·         Jowgen the Spiritualist x2

·         Tornado Bird

·         Mother Grizzly

·         Great Maju Garzett

·         Karate Man

·         Nimble Momonga

·         Spirit Reaper

·         Shining Angel

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      ● Buyer must be Paypal Verified - Instructions on how to do it: link
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      ● PayPal fees are included in the prices
      ● I accept only USD.
      ● After the invoice is paid and payment is cleared/trade confirmed, I will send your purchase as a gift to your paypal email (Delivery within maximum 24 hours, but usually it takes me 15-30 minutes)
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