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NewB dropping in.

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Hello, newb dropping in.
Im from Norway, play alot of games, most of the time Defiance, Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2 and Star Wars - The Old Republic.

I do not have many ships, looking more forward to being crew, I'm better soldier than the pilot, to put it quite honestly, but I got to learn sometime.


Hope to be a member, and serve in Imperium.

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welcome to imperium. please look into our squadrons we have posted for your viewing pleasure once you gain membership. though i will not say the name of the squadron ( half the fun is finding it) i will say however, there is three i know that would be the perfect fit for you. check them out and see what best fits your playstyle, and goals for star citizen. i hope to see you in the verse..... and above all....



have fun...it's a freaking game after all lol

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Thank you all for the great welcome.


I have an Aurora, may get some other ship soon, i think owning alot of ship dont make me a better player, must have something to work towards to look forward to.


Thanks for the information, I will find the right place for me, as long as it includes pew pew pew, i am happy.


I have a character on Watterson, but it is Vanu, i only using it to test out new stuff,  i play most TR on Cobalt.
It's no problem for me roll a new NC, that will be funn. Are you 117 or 13 ?, if you use the same name.

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