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Saubert ready for takeoff!

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Hi everybody,


I just wanted to introduce myself.


I am 21 years old and from Germany.


At the moment my pledge level is Rear Admiral.

The ships i got are: Constellation, Hornet F7C, Cutless, Avenger and Aurora LN.

Unfortunately i found out about the game just two month ago which means none of the ships is LTI :/. But i was so impressed by the amount of stuff going on so early in development that i had to buy some ships to do my bit. But im still planning on earning my stuff ingame all by myself and fly the Aurora in the beginning to feel the complete game and to suit the hardcore orientation Imperium offers.


I am a convinced PC-Gamer (PC Masterrace :D) - soz at all the console gamers :D. But i can´t even play the hangar module on High presets so i guess i will buy a new one later this year or early 2015.


When Star Citizen is released i want to play as an explorer but also do a lot of dogfighting and FPS in groups. My ultimate goal is to play racing ingame because as far as i understood CIG they are going to add racing courses like the ones described in "The Cup" in the Jumppoint Magazine. Sadly i got no M50 or 350R because i was not there when the anniversary sale happened. Hopefully they are going to offer them again later this year cause they are way to expensive on ebay or similiar sites.


Star Citizen is a fascinating project and im really looking forward to play with you and improve my english skills. Also the community is very mature so i think we are going to have great time in the BDSSE. :)


See you in the "verse"!



PS: I hope this was easy to understand. And im sorry if it wasn´t :D

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Greetings and welcome to the base, @Saubert !


Your post was very clear and very interesting. Your English is extremely good !


Your ultimate ambition to RACE in the 'Star Citizen' universe is refreshingly different to the usual "blow stuff up !".


Bravo sir !


Beau :)

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... im really looking forward to play with you and improve my english skills.

Getting into TeamSpeak conversations with other Imperium members is an amazing way to brush up your spoken language. I do it from time to time for that particular reason. Welcome to the fleet.

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