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Toxin Website


Outfit Charter

Apply To Join Here

Join us on Teamspeak 3

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Other games we play are Battlefield 3, Heroes Of Newerth/DOTA 2, Guild Wars 2, FireFall Beta, Planetside 2 and several other FPS's, RTS's and MMO's

We highly encourage you to jump on Teamspeak 3 and games with us.


Toxin is an organized, active and mature Multi-Game Clan, based mainly in North America with a minority of Europeans. Toxin was officially formed during the fall of 2006 when a group of online gamers whose talents and ambition encouraged them to collaborate in creating a successful online community.

Since then, Toxin has evolved into a full, online gaming outfit.

Experience in the management and coordination of massive online tournaments, as well as online clan battles, has provided our leaders with the knowledge and ability to cope with the challenges of running an effective and structured Clan. Many of our members have had extended experience in playing Battlefield 2, involved a massive 30 vs. 30, 10 hours battles, twice a week, in a very military, organized and strategic manner.

Of course it isn't all serious! The point of any game is to have fun, and that is our end goal. We like to joke and mess around, but when it comes time to get down and dirty we take care of business..

We consist of adults between the ages of 18-50, a certain level of maturity is required.


To be honest, nothing is set in stone since the Alpha isn’t even out and the game is entirely in its infancy. However, several members of Toxin Gamers have already made the initial pledge to get into the Alpha/Beta of Star Citizen prior to the November 26th deadline. Our interest varies from hired mercs, trading, gas mining, military and of course exploration and dog fighting. At least one Toxin Member has purchased a Constellation and a Retaliator and we look forward to the fun of having them fully ran by Toxin members as opposed to NPC AI.

If you are looking for a well-established gaming community to play other online games as we wait for Star Citizen release, apply today!

Contact Toxin Officers

NazTheEternal@toxingamers.com - Founder

Bigcracker@toxingamers.com - Founder

BaconWithCheese@toxingamers.com - Recruitment Officer

IBurnMyCD@toxingamers.com - Commander/PR Officer

Gabage@toxingamers.com - Commander

Reizod@toxingamers.com - Commander

Ikasawak@toxingamers.com - Field Commander

GodsFire@toxingamers.com - Field Commander

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Top notch gaming community. Been in it for months. We are gearing up big for SC. If u want to dominate some other games, Planetside 2, join us! Jump on to our teamspeak and chat. Ikasawak - Toxin Raiders Officer

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I welcome you all in our community. It's great to see such a well established community is also interested in SC. We are mostly space sims fans but many of us are playing Planetside 2 (on another server than yours badfully), aswell as several other games. If you have any question or concern, feel free to send me a message. Talinko Montaro

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I might join up with you guys for some of the other games you play together.

Hey Clix, head over to www.toxingamers.com and fill out the application. Download TS3 and you should be good to go. Questions, u can email me Ikasawak@toxingamers.com

We already have a thread regarding SC on our forums and were talking about the new Stella pix on TS last night while playing PS2 lol.

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