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Imperium Recruitment (StarCitizenBase.com Fleet)

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After lurking in the shadows for some time on the SC forums I'm thinking that it will probably be in my interest to join this fleet. In the game I will focus on trading, smuggling and maybe some mercenary work. Mining is also something I'm considering. So hopefully there is a place for me in this fine fleet

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I would like to apply Name: David Brennan Origin: Germany (but can speak English very well) Rank: Bounty Hunter Position in the Fleet i am interested in: Miner, Scout i am very much interested in playing in a large Group.. If i am accepted i would love to request the source Files for your RSI image you have posted in the Thread.. to make myseld a Signature for the Squadron (Group, Guild, clan) If you like i would share it with you of course!

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I would like to apply as well

I haven't played any spaceflight game to much since WC 1-2 unless Battlefield 2 counts in which case I was mostly in the helicopters, so I am a bit rusty. Otherwise I play a mix of games all over the place. I also have a wife and 2 kids so I usually don't play until after 7pm most nights, with some nights going to games and others to the wife.

Leadership type skills would be limited to co-leading a WoW guild with 4 others (kind of a council) on the Lethon server about 4-5 years ago, maybe a little further back. We were back and forth competing as the top guild for the server with another guild. I was the guilds MT, a Pally, before they were buffed and actually considered by many to be a viable MT. I quit just before Wrath of the Lich King was released, the pre-release patch that gave the talent updates to the game had just hit, coincidentally which buffed Pally tanks.

I am vary attention to detail oriented and am very numbers based and like to break things down and understand how to get the most out of things. An example of this would be like creating a spreadsheet for WoW on Pally tanking before it was feasible. Everything is long gone now, but a quick google found this blog which references it and provides a broke download link: http://theholylight.wordpress.com/2007/05/21/defense/ (This was actually pretty cool to just find, no idea it went anywhere else other then the links I did to it on the forums WoW forums).

The last year or so I have enjoyed playing games in a stealthy like fashion. I will most likely end up playing this game in a similar fashion. Probably a 300i (or better suited ship) geared specifically for stealthy reconnaissance and a Hornet (or better suited ship) for stealthy offensivedefensive action. My Constellation, assuming to large for proper stealth functions would be determined as more information is released.

I started a spreadsheet in similar vein with known information for SC. There is a hidden weapons tab that will be made available once more info is released and I can better flesh it out. For now its tracking known systems and ships and their related information. As more info is released, I will add more speculative tabs to try and figure out how well things work, like stealth vs detection, weapon dmg vs defenses, etc.

For those interested, spreadsheet is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aospo0SJIG_adEp6WFVwX1Z2VEpyV3pqanQ2V0NjZEE#gid=3

–Orange background denotes something speculated, mouse hover for note on the field

–All ships have notes on their hard points listing default weapons, mouse hover to see

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I would like to join, I will go out and say I got the Wingnut Package, with the dog fighting combat ship, Hornet. I will do the military tours and gain as much experience in combat as I can. After that I wish to help out with any military operations. However, that said, college comes first, but i should be on 2-3 days a week at least (subject to change).

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Got room for another pilot? I'm primarily interested in combat. I look forward to working with others on perfecting tactics, fleet compositions, ship setups, communication methods and anything else that will help us get kills and have thrills. :P

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