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Imperium Recruitment (StarCitizenBase.com Fleet)

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Hey guys, I'm really interested in joining the fleet. I live in the EU but I'm sure there are lots of other Europeans too. So, if you're planning to found a EU wing, I'm definitely in! If not, it might be a problem... due to work and stuff. But that's another story. I'll do my best to support you ;)

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Im in if you will have me! Ill help if I can and ive been involved in running/ recruiting for clans,squads etc since 98 so I know a bit about it. However I now have a family/work/house and dog so i am time limited when it comes to actually playing a game;) Cheers

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Hello guys, I would also love to be part of this fleet! I'm usually a casual gamer (this game will perhaps change that) pretty polyvalent : If there's a need for ressources, informations, transport, and I can do it, I'll do it, but I'm more focusing on good dogfights ! (that's where I feel really good, perhaps because I always wanted to be a pilot ^^) I also posted on the new arrival If you want anything else, feel free to ask ! ;)

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I hope its okay to jump from the introduction board straight to this thread because i really want to join you :)

As i said i am a veteran player from EVE online in many areas that could be important in Star Citizen PvP and PvE likewise. I know how a good pvp team works, how to squeeze and optimize the last penny out of the industrial sector (loved the part in both EVE and the X Series) and the inner workings of an alliance (i had an somewhat important seat in a 500 man Alliance back in 2010 so i experienced what what could go wrong on a daily basis).

Thanks to my work i can devote many hours a day to my hobby and if Star Citizen is the game i am hoping i will be online very often and almost reachable anytime for group and/or fleet action. So i think i could be a good addition to your group and i hope that everything turns out well

If you have any question, feel free to ask :)

So far


This is beggining to remind me of goonnswarm ;)

Which is not a bad thing, if you are on the right side ;)

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Alrighty this is looking awesome. I wish to join the fleet, that was my original intention in coming to this forum. Sign me up please. I am excited to see what plans are shaping up for this. I've pledged the "make mine a double". Also of relevance though probably more so for the fleet forum I will be living in the Australia timezone by the time this game comes out. So I will be looking for others in my time zone.

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