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Synthetic Chimera

Name that ship!

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  1. 1. Have you named your ship(s)?

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Ship: Aurora

ID:  Quequeg

Role:  Dependable Workhorse


Ship: Hornet

ID:  ISS Cerberus

Role:  Escort


Ship:  315P

ID:  ISS Neil Armstrong

Role:  Exploration


Ship:  Freelancer Max

ID:  ISS Phonecia

Role:  Trade


Ship:  Constellation

ID:  ISS Vulpecula

Role:  Trade/Exploration/Escort


Ship:  Redeemer(When I can get one)

ID:  ISS Cheyenne

Role:  Defence, dropship and KATN

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Honestly Ive been thinking about 2 names for my Freelancer DUR.

the first idea would be Magellan, after the famous explorer (id call it "maggy for short ˆˆ )

the other would be Daedalus, after the architect/inventor from greek mythology


Haven't made up my mind yet...

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Also named them


MISC Freelancer DUR    [Albion]

Aegis Avenger             [Adrestia]

Anvil F7C-S Hornet      [Deimos]

Xi'An Khartu-al           [Kickback]

Aegis Gladius             [Talos]

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I have a Mustang Alpha at the moment, waiting hopefully for any re-releases of the Idris, or affordable purchase of someone's Javelin. Until then, I don't think I will name my ship. Not until the game opens fully.

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FreeLancer MAX

Role-Transport, Trade, Logistical And Hope to Retrofit her to explore 

ID: Daedric Paradox 

Got a Few Names i thought of if anyone see's them and likes em your welcome to em :) 

Anthrax Everbleed
Fragile Sigil

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One of the names Im sitting on is Stormcrow... a word I always liked since Grima Wormtongue called Gandalf stormcrow;)
it was going to be the name of my Sabre but I have since bought a Sabre to Reclaimer CCU so.. perhaps one day I'll buy a new fighter ingame:D
That or I'll use it on another ship:p

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