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Destroyer, Javelin-class

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See, I really don't like the idea of CIG making the Javelin (or any ship) "invulnerable"....  


What they (in an ideal world) should have done is:

1. Make Retaliator owners pay for their torpedoes.  When the US buys a new fighter (or replaces one that crashed) it doesn't come with a free set of missiles thrown in. Especially torpedoes of the size that the Retaliator mounts, which are arguably some of the most expensive weapons in the game on a per missile basis). Why should any of the ships in Star Citizen?  Maybe the very first one could have some, but not a replacement or a rental. 

2. As soon as the Retaliator's turned on their fire control radar and started locking on to any of the ships, the entire UEE Fleet (NOT just the Destroyer, but both Frigates, and all of the fighters), should have immediately opened fire, or at least acquired missile locks of their own (on the attacking ships), with return fire happening immediately after the first torpedo was launched . 

3. More forces (probably just fighters at first, but maybe bigger ships if the battle lasted more than a few minutes) should have been Warped in to support them. 

4. Anyone who dies at the hand of the UEE because they were attacking the Navy, spends at least one full day (maybe even two) in Klescher Automated Prison. 

In the real world, every Navy treats threats and attacks against their warships VERY seriously.  If CIG truly wants to maintain their emphasis on fidelity & realism, then the UEE response to any (real or perceived) threat to one of their ships should be just as over-the-top 

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9 hours ago, Arcanus said:

See, I really don't like the idea of CIG making the Javelin (or any ship) "invulnerable"....  



Don't make the mistake of thinking that whatever happens with the AI controlled capital ship "husks" during the Invictus event has any bearing on how they will perform when players start flying them in the 'verse. How these ships currently operate is vastly simplified compared to how they will be later on; just assume the devs have only temporarily turned on "God mode" to stop players interrupting the fleet's flight path.

Rest assured, 50 tallys against a Javelin won't seem as ineffective as it is now.

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