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I currently have a GTX 560 TI and it seems to run the hanger at about 20 fps. It is a great card to run games like crysis 3 on high setting but i fear it is being outdated quickly. My question is would it be worth buying another GTX 560 ti and SLI mode it for combined power, or would it be better just to completely upgrade to a new video card like a 780Ti ? I want to be able to run star citizen on high setting.

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If I were you, I would wait until we get closer to the release of Star Citizen before upgrading anything, unless you just have a lot of money to spend. The GTX 800 series should be out soon, and by the time Star Citizen comes out, maybe even the 900 series. So buying anything now will pretty much be outdated again.

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I am a bit on the same side as you having a GTX 570 myself.

Have upgraded my whole PC except my GPU in december but waited with GPU upgrade.


Now I also want to play the DFM though at nice details. So I think I will wait for Release of DFM and I expect that we get DFM requirements around PAX. Then I will buy something moderate for that the week before actual release of DFM (not any day sooner) and probably upgrade again in 2015 for the full release.

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Everyone says wait...and that probably is good advice...no arguments with that.

However I went ahead and bought 2 Asus r9-290s and I am very happy with them.

Each card was $400 for a total of $800 and I don't think you can get better performance for that price.

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